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  • Little strengthens climate change muscle
  • Groser: I've given no advice on stranded assets
  • This week ...
  •         International
  • UN report counts human cost of changing climate
  • What in the world's going on ...
  • Reporters risk lives on environment front line
  •             COP 21
  • Russia will use forests as a Paris bargaining chip
  • How to ensure nations stick to Paris commitments
  • What will be top of mind for Africa at climate talks?
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  •             Energy
  • Oil-hunter Key calls for end to fossil fuel help
  • Perfect storm heads for fossil fuel assets
  • Just what is solar thermal electricity, anyway?
  •             Agriculture
  • Plant to beat emissions, expert tells farmers
  • Taupo farmers take sustainability award
  • Can eating less meat really tackle climate change?
  •             Industry
  • When gumboots became a lightbulb moment ...
  • Travel industry slashes carbon emissions
  • Industrial waste could offset climate emissions
  •             Transport
  • Breakthrough ushers in era of guilt-free gas
  • Greens show green light to electric vehicles
  • Lexus launches hydrogen 'bomb'
  •             Forestry
  • Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target
  • Facts show forestry and dairying can be equal earners
  • Foresters suggest harvesting bans as solution
  •             Fishing
  •             Water
  • Water meters see the taps turned off
  • Iwi leaders sign up to water partnership
  • Water talks aim to get answers
  •         Technology
  • Power of alcohol might be the answer
  • The green-tech future is a flawed vision of sustainability
  • Barriers, canals and fake islands ... how we can save cities from rising sea levels
  •             Latest science
  •             The Innovators
  • NEW SERIES ... The Innovators. Who are they and what are they doing?
  •         Policy Development
  • $400m cost attached to keeping 1:2 subsidy
  • Treat agriculture like anyone else, says Caygill
  • Government launches review of ETS
  •             ETS Bill hearings
  • Hope from Europe
  • NZ lags badly in marine protection
  • ETS bill has October deadline
  •                 ETS Review Submissions
  • ETS review panel wants YOUR input
  • Caygill crew meets business leaders
  • No special deals for NZ, Australian climate officials say
  •         Australia
  • Wind, solar, coal and gas will reach similar costs by 2030
  • Bushfires overlap strains fire-fighting resources
  • How this agreement deals another blow to coal
  •     Markets
  •         New Zealand
  • Rising sea levels ... we've been there before
  • TPP has good news for environment
  • Worried health workers call for climate action
  •             CMS Carbon Commentary
  • Market liquid and steady, but slow
  • Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?
  • Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here
  •             OMF NZ Carbon Market Review
  • NZUs offered at $8.35
  • Carbon closes at $8.20
  • NZUs smash through $8 to a high of $8.20
  •             Nitrogen trading
  • EUAs take a dive ... again
  • Nitrogen trading noticeboard starts for Taupo catchment
  •             Westpac Carbon Update
  • Carbon prices
  • It's all eyes on the election
  • Carbon world roundup
  •         Other Markets
  • What's happening on world markets
  • Mexican standoff continues
  • How the military's green energy transition can make you rich
  •         Analysis
  • ANALYSIS: Australians' vote will affect carbon market
  • News from Europe boosts prices
  • How they're stealing OPEC's trillion-dollar profits
  •         NZ ETS background
  • Copenhagen is 10-times bigger than Kyoto for business
  •     News Direct
  •         News Direct
  • Toyota dealers save on energy costs
  • Eco tours operator impresses judges
  • Green cleaners no better than water, says watchdog
  •     Trading
  •         Offset Markets
  • Wood wins at environmental awards
  • LPG – the cleaner, cheaper fuel of choice
  • CarboNZero hits the big time
  •         CDM
  • Aussie centre churns out leaders
  • BBC broadcasts investiation claiming billions wasted in CDM schemes
  • NEW: Guide to setting up a CDM project
  •         Renewal
  • Wellington City voters back direct water charges, Hutt in two minds and Porirua opposed
  • $11.75m for rural projects
  •         Market advice
  • Charles calls for switch to low carbon investment
  • UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public
  • Fewer units pass through register
  •     Market Players
  •         Profiles
  • Norman hopes for more action ... this time for real
  • The Carbon Traders: Lizzie Chambers, Carbon Match
  • The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG
  •         Appointments
  • Investor group names new chief executive
  • Two join Green Building Council board
  • Pure Advantage has new man at the helm
  •         Case Studies
  • Massive emission savings possible with supply chain changes
  •     Forum - your say
  •         Forum - your say
  • The VW affair: It's about honesty and transparency
  • Our climate plan is inadequate
  • What really happened with Kyoto ERUs
  •     Job opportunities
  •         Employment
  • EMPLOYMENT: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Specialist
  • Carbon job market heating up fast
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  •         Events
  • Five chase energy management prize
  • Hamilton hosts 'Greatest Show on Earth'
  • Solar innovator takes to the stage
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  • How we see ourselves in the year 2100
  • Lucky Lotte wins Professor Tim's new book
  • Tim Flannery gives us hope ... and we're giving away a of copy of his new book

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Toyota dealers save on energy costs

Monday - Toyota dealers around the country have saved a total of $125,000 in energy...

Eco tours operator impresses judges

12 Oct 15 - A successful business driven by the ethos of inspiration through adventure is...

Green cleaners no better than water, says watchdog

7 Sep 15 - Manufacturers of laundry balls market them as an “environmentally friendly”...

Kia remains our only CarboNZero certified car company

7 Sep 15 - Kia is the only car company in New Zealand that has gained certification by...

Accounting for your Meridian bill takes Xero energy

7 Sep 15 - Xero and Meridian Energy have announced a partnership that will save Kiwi...

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