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  • No worries, says Bridges, the world loves us
  • We're keen on renewables, says Bridges
  • Nats push green achievements
  •         International
  • Dutch court orders state to slash greenhouse emissions
  • If everyone lived in an ecovillage, the Earth would still be in trouble
  • WORLD TODAY: World’s aquifers losing replenishment race
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  •             Energy
  • Indian developer might junk giant Australian coal project
  • Renewable energy redoubles its global reach
  • Solar fuels: how planes and cars could be powered by the sun
  •             Agriculture
  • We must act now to save farming industry, says expert
  • Frustrated local farm adviser heads overseas
  • Waste to wealth: the hidden potential of waste from fruit
  •             Industry
  • Marlborough waste plant gets help
  • Additives to make plastic biodegradable don’t cut it
  • New company helps businesses to go green
  •             Transport
  • Desert farms could power flight with sunshine and seawater
  • Group aims to improve transport systems
  • Inter-island ferry tests cleaner fuels
  •             Forestry
  • Bio-waste boon for natives on poor pine soils
  • Forest policy action pleases timber industry
  • Forest grants scheme gets $22m injection
  •             Fishing
  •             Water
  • Next time you're in the shower, check what else is in there with you
  • Water crisis shows the failure of public-private deals
  • Water Man of India makes rivers flow again
  •         Technology
  • In search of a circular office
  • The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood
  • Skincare firm calls for ban on microbeads
  •             Latest science
  •         Policy Development
  • Financial pain ahead, warn climate-conscious Kiwis
  • Forget the courts, we must get to the politicians
  • Submissions numbers baffle Beehive
  •             ETS Bill hearings
  • Hope from Europe
  • NZ lags badly in marine protection
  • ETS bill has October deadline
  •                 ETS Review Submissions
  • ETS review panel wants YOUR input
  • Caygill crew meets business leaders
  • No special deals for NZ, Australian climate officials say
  •         Australia
  • Australia can halve emissions by 2030, says new analysis
  • The carbon tax wasn’t a ‘slug’ to the economy and Direct Action may be a waste of money
  • Australia's emissions figures wrong, says report
  •     Markets
  •         New Zealand
  • Quote of the week
  • Our universities get a D for divestment
  • Iwi leaders lose climate change champion
  •             CMS Carbon Commentary
  • Market liquid and steady, but slow
  • Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?
  • Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here
  •             OMF NZ Carbon Market Review
  • Spot carbon closes at $6.80
  • Tight quote for NZUs
  • Carbon trades higher
  •             Nitrogen trading
  • EUAs take a dive ... again
  • Nitrogen trading noticeboard starts for Taupo catchment
  •             Westpac Carbon Update
  • Carbon prices
  • It's all eyes on the election
  • Carbon world roundup
  •         Other Markets
  • What's happening on world markets
  • Mexican standoff continues
  • How the military's green energy transition can make you rich
  •         Analysis
  • ANALYSIS: Australians' vote will affect carbon market
  • News from Europe boosts prices
  • How they're stealing OPEC's trillion-dollar profits
  •         NZ ETS background
  • Copenhagen is 10-times bigger than Kyoto for business
  •     News Direct
  •         News Direct
  • Canon opens grants programme
  • Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan
  • Artificial grass goes green
  •     Trading
  •         Offset Markets
  • Wood wins at environmental awards
  • LPG – the cleaner, cheaper fuel of choice
  • CarboNZero hits the big time
  •         CDM
  • Aussie centre churns out leaders
  • BBC broadcasts investiation claiming billions wasted in CDM schemes
  • NEW: Guide to setting up a CDM project
  •         Renewal
  • Wellington City voters back direct water charges, Hutt in two minds and Porirua opposed
  • $11.75m for rural projects
  •         Market advice
  • Busy May sees register handle 42m credits
  • Register shows up changes in carbon market
  • Carbon prices hit two-year high
  •     Market Players
  •         Profiles
  • The Carbon Traders: Lizzie Chambers, Carbon Match
  • The Carbon Traders 4: Richard Hayes, EITG
  • The Carbon Traders 3: Wayne King, Carbon Market Solutions
  •         Appointments
  • Two join Green Building Council board
  • Pure Advantage has new man at the helm
  • Iwi appoints new environment chief
  •         Case Studies
  • Massive emission savings possible with supply chain changes
  •     Forum - your say
  •         Forum - your say
  • OPINION: New Zealand should be using its abundant renewable electricity generation capacity to power its transport fleet, argues BOB BINGHAM:
  • Why the Government's forestry policies are not working
  • Why we must join the clean energy race (and quickly)
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  • EMPLOYMENT: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Specialist
  • Carbon job market heating up fast
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  •         Events
  • Get answers at the Climathon
  • How to double your company income
  • Sustainability experts take to the stage
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News Direct
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Latest announcements: file yours right now to

Canon opens grants programme

8 Jun 15 - Canon New Zealand is calling for not-for-profit organisations and schools...

Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan

8 Jun 15 - Panasonic’s international tree-planting project has hit Japan and China.

Artificial grass goes green

8 Jun 15 - Artificial grass just went green with Eco Lawn providing new eco-friendly...

Bank's Auckland office wins green accolade

18 May 15 - Innovative design and exemplary waste minimisation has helped BNZ to achieve a...

Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

11 May 15 - Davis Funerals now uses caskets that are better for the environment.

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