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Salt-poisoning a growing threat to crops

3 Nov 14 - Salt is poisoning around 2000 hectares of irrigated farm land every day Ė and has been doing so for the past 20 years, according to new research.

Honey hits the jackpot for steep-land believer

28 Oct 14 - In 2010, Taranaki farmer Neil Walker was enthusiastic about the potential for a combination of carbon farming and beekeeping to rejuvenate steep-land farming.

Soils SOS as cities gobble up our best growing land

20 Oct 14 - New Zealand is allowing its elite soils to be eaten up by cities Ė despite signing up to a new global campaign to protect valuable agricultural land.

A new agricultural economy is knocking on the door

Robert Wright ... leadership is needed.

20 Oct 14 - Europe should be pushing for the rapid expansion of its network of biorefineries, to produce European food, fuel and feed, as well as a range of other high-value products that replace fossil fuels,...

New Zealand is drying out ... and hereís why

13 Oct 14 - Over 2012 and 2013, parts of New Zealand experienced their worst drought in nearly 70 years.

Landcorp bio-generation scheme runs out of gas

13 Oct 14 - Landcorp's pulling of the plug on its BioGenCool manure-powered electricity generation ends the first, large-scale experiment in using milking shed cow dung to drive the milking shed itself.

We're wrong about waterways, admits Government

6 Oct 14 - The Government has admitted that official information on the state of New Zealandís waterways is wrong.

Listen to LUCI and keep land use on the level

Dr Bethanna Jackson ... managing the land.

6 Oct 14 - A computer-modelling programme designed by a Victoria University of Wellington academic is helping to ensure that farming practices here and overseas are as sustainable and environmentally friendly...

Use your phone to report water pollution

29 Sep 14 - Water pollution may soon be reported by the public over a phone app and investigated by an aerial robot.

Win some, lose some ... that's climate change

Northern Australia ... getting wetter.

29 Sep 14 - With climate change, you win some, you lose some. New research shows that suitable new cropland could become available in the high latitudes as the world warms − but tropical regions may become...

We're spending millions, say green-wise farmers

22 Sep 14 - Manawatu-Whanganui region farmers have spent an average $110,000 each over the past five years on measures to protect the environment, according to a Federated Farmers survey.

Pumped-up couple win energy award

David and Sarah Smith ... winners.

22 Sep 14 - The switch to a gravity-feed water system has resulted in huge cost-savings for Otago farmers David and Sarah Smith, winners of an energy excellence award in the 2014 Otago Ballance Farm Environment...

NZ scientists line up first lo-gas sheep

16 Sep 14 - Farmers could have access to low-methane-emitting sheep as early as 2016.

It makes no sense to rely on the same few crops

Bambara ... nutritious groundnut.

16 Sep 14 - We are in the middle of one of the biggest experiments in human history. At its core is the homogenisation of global food systems, which increasingly must deliver the same products to an expanding...

Drain the milk lake and create healthier, happier cows

Holsteins ... remarkable cows.

16 Sep 14 - Milk, a precious resource in many parts of the world, has become a throwaway commodity in wealthy countries.

Angry green-plan backers desert Horizon council

8 Sep 14 - Every member of the Horizonís Regional Council that worked on the controversial One Plan has left amid allegations of political interference in implementing the ground-breaking environmental rules.

Attention farmers: Stand by for a proliferation of pests

Cucumber beetle.

8 Sep 14 - Coming soon to a farm near you: just about every possible type of pest that could take advantage of the ripening harvest in the nearby fields.

Scientists claim fertiliser breakthrough

1 Sep 14 - Researchers in the UK think they may have found a way to produce fertilisers that should cut farmersí costs and at the same time boost some types of renewable energy.

Climate change increases the odds of a hungry world

4 Aug 14 - The odds on food production being unable to meet the needs of an expanding population are hard to predict, but a new study shows that the risk increases dramatically when man-made climate change is...

Why swimmable rivers are a bridge too far

1 Aug 14 - Federated Farmers environment spokesman IAN MACKENZIE on why making rivers swimmable isn't practical.

1 Aug 14  Organic farming growing rapidly, says EU

1 Aug 14  Warming world wake-up call for Asia

25 Jul 14  Scientist sees smart farmers already changing systems

25 Jul 14  Big thinking, fresh thinking key to our future

11 Jul 14  Savvy farmers back push for clean-tech economy

11 Jul 14  Australian farmers led astray on carbon farming

4 Jul 14  Why carbon tax proposal won't work

27 Jun 14  Climate crisis puts pressure on King Corn

27 Jun 14  Green award finds top farmers

6 Jun 14  Fonterra and DOC join hands for green growth

30 May 14  Learn new ways to manage pests

23 May 14  Seeds for all seasons when farmers get together

16 May 14  Drought lines up corn for a fall

16 May 14  You could bill the beef, scientists tell Brazil

9 May 14  Food crops might lose their bite, says report

24 Apr 14  Farmers earn environment awards

17 Apr 14  Agriculture gas emissions on the rise, warns UN

17 Apr 14  More CO2 could limit plants' protein output

17 Apr 14  Maori agribusiness gets $2m boost

11 Apr 14  Academic gets funds for drought studies

28 Mar 14  Heat extremes put major crops at risk, say scientists

28 Mar 14  California goes nuts for water

21 Mar 14  Water is the key in a hungry world

21 Mar 14  Burger chain goes free-range

21 Mar 14  Canberra outlines new farm opportunities

14 Mar 14  Public wary of DOC's new business role

14 Mar 14  Farmers remain free of emissions obligations

14 Mar 14  Now you can check it out before you buy ... by phone

14 Mar 14  Eight ways to better manage our livestock

28 Feb 14  Morgan going to public with water campaign

28 Feb 14  Taxpaper faces $500,000 bill for lake clean-up

28 Feb 14  Energy-wise dairy farmers could save millions

14 Feb 14  British farmers keen on Kiwi scientist's no-tillage methods

7 Feb 14  New water moves not enough, says commissioner

7 Feb 14  Dilmah founder bankrolls 'green' tea to save the planet

24 Jan 14  Drought message is clear, says climate study

24 Jan 14  Study doubts value of land abatements

24 Jan 14  Tiny sensors will allow bees to tell us their troubles

24 Jan 14  Farmers put weight behind water storage

20 Dec 13  Don't burn crop rubble, says scholar

6 Dec 13  Mix rice straw with wool and you get ... Mibu

22 Nov 13  Local bodies need no-till, says scientist

15 Nov 13  Smartrafts ... smart way to treat waterways

15 Nov 13  Palm oil group agrees on new rules

1 Nov 13  Winemakers serious about sustainability

1 Nov 13  How new food forest courses will add to our larder

18 Oct 13  NZ turns away Australian carbon units

18 Oct 13  Would you like cadmium with that?

4 Oct 13  Pressure grows to act on Maui's dolphin

27 Sep 13  Dung beetles dig in down south

27 Sep 13  High Court throws out One Plan appeals

20 Sep 13  Scientist gets $2m for dairy research

23 Aug 13  Interest in eels pleases green watchdog

2 Aug 13  Apiarists beg Government to bee serious

19 Jul 13  EDITORIAL: Is the water accord greenwash ... or hogwash?

19 Jul 13  GE scientists deliver clear message to NZ

5 Jul 13  Nation is green-obsessed, says farming chief

5 Jul 13  It's not all about profit, says farm report

28 Jun 13  Pollution puzzle: We're using more water than we've got

14 Jun 13  Farming in ETS is madness, says Groser

7 Jun 13  Farmers slam fracking opposition

7 Jun 13  Solar power access gets easier for farmers

7 Jun 13  Farmers elect green president

31 May 13  Dole agrees to remove controversial stickers

24 May 13  Biofuels + Food = farming winner

17 May 13  Farm couple finds Asia an eye-opener

26 Apr 13  Eco report points finger at fishing

26 Apr 13  No word yet on tree-planting plans

19 Apr 13  Women want out of the barn and into the boardroom

12 Apr 13  Fracking waste danger to food, say Greens

28 Mar 13  Science claims victory in beetle battle

8 Mar 13  Critics uneasy with Fonterra-DOC deal

22 Feb 13  Voluntary deals don't work, say Greens

8 Feb 13  Gas research centre gets more funding

25 Jan 13  Southern lignite stupid idea, says farmer

18 Jan 13  Bio crop could put money in the margins

18 Jan 13  Research scientists eye funding for funds

18 Jan 13  Early seasons spring plant surprises

7 Dec 12  Agriculture: It's not all bad news

30 Nov 12  Environment watchdog questions fracking

23 Nov 12  Winemaker walks off with world award

26 Oct 12  Cheap price to pay, says Labour

26 Oct 12  Care of our oceans lacking, say experts

26 Oct 12  Philippines wins NZ geothermal help

26 Oct 12  Speak up for our seabirds

19 Oct 12  Farmers want action on water quality

19 Oct 12  OPINION: There's no free lunch with water

5 Oct 12  Scientists out to develop better seeds

28 Sep 12  Farmers see plan as a step too far

21 Sep 12  Fund backs war on wilding pines

14 Sep 12  Ross Sea plan embarrassing, say Greens

7 Sep 12  Bold farm plan: Let's trade in effluent

7 Sep 12  Discharge rules inevitable, says farmer

31 Aug 12  Coconut compound does the trick

24 Aug 12  Transpower wins energy award

17 Aug 12  NZ farmers impress soil scientist

17 Aug 12  We must value water, say irrigators

3 Aug 12  Don't stand back, environment adviser tells NZ

3 Aug 12  Ministry offers $8m sustainability boost

27 Jul 12  Sustainability must on menu, says report

27 Jul 12  Sheep emissions loophole to close

13 Jul 12  Fisheries report gives NZ a nod

6 Jul 12  Bio-farming pays the bills, says study

15 Jun 12  Court fines sharemilker $25,000

25 May 12  Science out to solve carbon mystery

25 May 12  Tool measures hort gas emissions

27 Apr 12  View of oceans must change, says expert

13 Apr 12  It's good to be GE-free, says council

11 Apr 12  Agriculture might get 2018 reprieve

5 Apr 12  Don't be a chimp this Easter, says zoo

30 Mar 12  Agriculture key to ETS credibility

23 Mar 12  Protect fresh water sources, says report

2 Mar 12  Gas technology lines Aussie pockets

24 Feb 12  Converting farmers like low carbon

17 Feb 12  Why sludge is starting to look sexy

10 Feb 12  Lignite could fight cadmium, says study

10 Feb 12  Stand by ... the weather will get worse

27 Jan 12  $500m boost if farm emissions cut

16 Dec 11  Clean streams progress just a trickle

2 Dec 11  Cadmium, compaction, carbon ... our soil is under attack

2 Dec 11  Fonterra forces farmers to fence

2 Dec 11  Smart meters need study, says expert

25 Nov 11  Biological farming gets cash boost

18 Nov 11  Farmers growing keen on sustainability

11 Nov 11  Pig gas turns into nice little earner

28 Oct 11  Greens air milk disposal worries

30 Sep 11  Scientist: PM didn't tell the whole story

30 Sep 11  Reward inhibitor farmers, says study group

30 Sep 11  Eggs deserve a break, says committee

23 Sep 11  Taupo diffuses water time-bomb

16 Sep 11  Farmers could make money from new-deal ETS

12 Aug 11  Ag emissions move difficult, says minister

24 Jun 11  ETS review looks at rewards for farmers

24 Jun 11  NZ spearheads agri-emissions research

17 Jun 11  Science eyes new way to measure farm gases

17 Jun 11  Try incentives for farmers, says broker

27 May 11  Labour might sweeten ETS deal for farmers

27 May 11  Green science centre could be a loser

27 May 11  Estimates pinpoint cost of ETS to farmers

13 May 11  ETS reviewers eye Australian farm plan

13 May 11  Figures show we're not so bad, say farmers

8 Apr 11  New centre gets up close to nitrous oxide

8 Apr 11  Study suggests bio-farming does the job

8 Apr 11  Greens question Fonterra over water action

25 Mar 11  Scientists show biochar slashes animal gas

25 Mar 11  New centre will test gas samples

18 Mar 11  Jilted Fonterra to plead case at ETS review

11 Mar 11  Fertiliser firm wins battle over inhibitor

25 Feb 11  NZ farmers happy with omission of agriculture

25 Feb 11  Science key to the future, says Gluckman

18 Feb 11  Fewer emissions aid rural sector, says Garnaut

11 Feb 11  Ag emissions calculator updated

28 Jan 11  Animal emissions going under microscope

21 Jan 11  Some growers qualify for free carbon credits

17 Dec 10  CANCUN: Give money to research, says FedFarm

26 Nov 10  Top dairy farmers to talk sustainability

19 Nov 10  Farmers must come first, says Dairy group

19 Nov 10  What Nick Smith said to farmers

19 Nov 10  Farming call vital for forests, says scientist

19 Nov 10  ETS leading to farm subsidies, warns Fed head

12 Nov 10  Dairying gets head around the environment

12 Nov 10  ETS not the way to go, says FedFarm

1 Oct 10  Former MP heads agriculture advisory group

20 Aug 10  Inaugural National Winner Features In 2011 Ballance Farm Environment Awards

6 Aug 10  Now's the time to apply to farming fund

30 Jul 10  No country for farmers? ... what Federated Farmers said on carbon forestry

9 Jul 10  Soil saviour Flannery to tell our farmers how

9 Jul 10  'Bogus' food miles theory still a concern, says food council

25 Jun 10  We won't dump you in it, minister tells farmers

18 Jun 10  Clover breakthrough could cut farm emissions

11 Jun 10  Organic farmer: We're not all the same

11 Jun 10  You had enough time, MAF tells farmers

11 Jun 10  NIWA scientists put better nitrogen management on the farm to the test

4 Jun 10  Help us make money from carbon, pleads dairyman

4 Jun 10  ...and what Federated Farmers says about sheep farms and the ETS

4 Jun 10  Vital ETS rules for agriculture emissions being prepared

21 May 10  Fonterra vows to fight on for free credits share

7 May 10  Government takes ETS hardline with farmers

9 Apr 10  Countries expected to agree on animal-emissions action

1 Apr 10  Kiwi dollars might fund overseas research

26 Feb 10  Scientists aim to unlock ag-gas emissions secrets

19 Feb 10  Australian firms eye biochar production

29 Jan 10  Scientists hot on the trail of burp-maker

18 Dec 09  NZ might get its way, says business council head

18 Dec 09  NZ pours $45m into global research fund

11 Dec 09  Indoor dairying cuts emissions, says expert

11 Dec 09  Organic farming key to cutting emissions

4 Dec 09  No-go Nicolson: It's best I stay down on the farm

27 Nov 09  Soil sequestration seen as cash boost for farmers

20 Nov 09  Frustrated farmers: The tractors are coming

6 Nov 09  Farmers might move offshore, warns Fonterra

6 Nov 09  Methane scare: NZ urged to watch and wait

23 Oct 09  Farming opportunites huge, says recruiter

23 Sep 09  Switch to trees pays off for carbon-conscious farmer

23 Sep 09  Let farmers opt in to ETS, says expert

18 Sep 09  World is listening to us, says Groser

21 Aug 09  New tech means farmers can turn dung into dollars

31 Jul 09  Fruit producers lead way in carbon footprinting

24 Jul 09  Our ag emissions in the spotlight, says minister

17 Jul 09  Agriculture (at last) on world emissions agenda

17 Jul 09  Govt sees NZ as leader in ag emissions research

14 Jul 09  Need for balance in climate change targets, says Meat & Wool New Zealand

10 Jul 09  Soil carbon question difficult, says minister

10 Jul 09  We're no climate deniers, says farm leader

7 Jul 09  Voluntary soil carbon market on the way

7 Jul 09  Kiwifruit wins share of $8m carbon fund

7 Jul 09  Avocado growers look for carbon answers

5 Jun 09  Climate change: Where there's a Wills there's a way

2 Jun 09  New centre to study agriculture gas emissions

2 Jun 09  MAF's message: Our way of farming must change

2 Jun 09  Organics campaigner sends key message to farmers

29 May 09  Budget investment brings hope for sustainability science, says OANZ

15 May 09  Organic fruit growing gets carbon clearance

1 May 09  Zespri aims high as carbon-clean producer

28 Apr 09  You must adapt, minister tells farmers

24 Apr 09  Kiwi researchers in major cow methane breakthrough

24 Apr 09  Coastal Farmers take environment award

21 Apr 09  Inhibitors no silver bullet, warn farmers

7 Apr 09  Welsh firm claims answer to methane emissions

3 Apr 09  Agricultural emissions can be cut 13% today - at a profit, says Sustainability Council

27 Mar 09  Follow the Danes on animal tax, say farmers

17 Mar 09  Farmers want agriculture, food out of ETS

10 Mar 09  Rising tides seen as threat to our wetlands

20 Feb 09  Canadians woo our farmers with cash-for-carbon deal

17 Feb 09  New grass could wipe out cattle gas emissions

17 Feb 09  Biochar pioneer recruits top Australian scientist

13 Feb 09  NZ could take lead on climate-saving biochar, says scientist

3 Feb 09  Kyoto soil carbon rules don't fit NZ, says official

30 Jan 09  JATROPHA: Everyone should plant it, says grower

27 Jan 09  Dairy farmers place orders for local biogas system

20 Jan 09  It's all win-win for no-till farmers, says scientist

16 Jan 09  Farming attitude change could slash NZ emissions

2 Dec 08  ETS review could damage farming, says Pedersen

2 Dec 08  British bulldog snarls Kyoto message Downunder

2 Dec 08  We're risking our clean reputation, says organics chief

4 Nov 08  Key ETS agriculture decisions out this month

28 Oct 08  ETS will put us out of business, says horticulture chief

24 Oct 08  MAFís master tool for farm emissions measurement in doubt

14 Oct 08  Anderton vows to shelter farmers troubled by ETS

30 Sep 08  Kiwi company claims world first for charcoal

16 Sep 08  Entrepreneur finds use for dairy effluent

16 Sep 08  Grab the opportunities, UK expert tells our farmers

12 Sep 08  Disappointed farmers vow to fight on ... but how?

12 Sep 08  Hemp (not the smoking kind) might be next wonder crop

2 Sep 08  We've done the hard yards, say frustrated farmers

22 Aug 08  Bamboo can be a lucrative friend, pioneer tells Kiwis

5 Aug 08  Stop the plough and save the world, says prairie professor

22 Jul 08  Fertiliser companies' carbon move could cost consumers

22 Jul 08  Local councils doing the best they can with water, says Neilson

18 Jul 08  Australia gets ETS agriculture right, say New Zealand farmers

18 Jul 08  Carbon trader helps landowner win funding for gas emissions study

8 Jul 08  NZ farmers welcome Garnaut reportís cautionary note on agriculture

1 Jul 08  Fonterra hits 15-per-cent energy reduction target

13 Jun 08  Another major breakthrough: Cashew-nut oil might cut animal emissions

13 Jun 08  Cut out the conflict says (forgetful?) Fed Farmers

13 Jun 08  New animal id and tracing system launched

13 Jun 08  Unique cross-sector roundtable forms to discuss sustainable agriculture

12 Jun 08  Fonterra refuses to rush into gas-reducing nitrogen inhibitors

12 Jun 08  Smart software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto obligations

11 Jun 08  Major breakthrough in NZ animal methane research

6 Jun 08  Food prices will remain high over next decade, UN report says

5 Jun 08  Ferrier meets Taylor on the question on taxpayers subsidising high earning farmers

5 Jun 08  Maize silage makes the most of dairy effluent

4 Jun 08  Farmers calculate carbon emissions online

4 Jun 08  US farmers told they're in a sustainability race

30 May 08  Go carefully on soil carbon sequestration - officials

30 May 08  New Zealand food imports still the greenest option for UK

29 May 08  Brtish Gas wants NZ as green test bench

29 May 08  Farmers: It's not just us who need to adapt to predicted water shortages

28 May 08  New climate change report: Worse-ever droughts main NZ worry

28 May 08  Canterbury prepares water plan to cope with temperatures up to 3.3deg higher

26 May 08  Red tape consent process may still sink solar hot water incentive system

21 May 08  Get soil recognised as carbon storer, say scientists

20 May 08  Fed Farmers pushes to have soil carbon sequestration included in ETS

19 May 08  Worried farmers: We want to be part of the ETS

12 May 08  Dairy operator eyes $75m loss without forestry offset scheme

12 May 08  Celebrity chef could cook up a storm for our food exporters

2 May 08  Exporter: Food miles ploy major threat to UK halal meat trade

1 May 08  Are our cattle killing the orangutan?

28 Apr 08  Champion farmers: We have to think differently

28 Apr 08  City waste handy down on the farm

24 Apr 08  NZ expert questions US praise of feedlot cattle

23 Apr 08  Carbon storage in soil being researched: Major benefits possible for landowners

22 Apr 08  Farming leadership criticised: industry at enormous risk

22 Apr 08  Climate change 'a problem for now'

22 Apr 08  Kiwis dither while Aussie farmers pounce on carbon-trading scheme

21 Apr 08  Farm leaders, Agriculture Minister trade words on impact of ETS

21 Apr 08  Farmer leadership slips back into attack on climate change science

16 Apr 08  MAF report prompts call to include agriculture in ETS "now"

14 Apr 08  EXCLUSIVE: 'Surprise' MAF report shows some farms will profit from ETS

9 Apr 08  FEATURE: NZ's biggest coprorate dairy venture putting water quality first

2 Apr 08  Greens won't back off ban on new thermal baseload power

19 Mar 08  Nitrification inhibitors critical to clean dairying

16 Mar 08  Agricultural emission rumours discounted

12 Mar 08  Rabobank's annual Ag report: fine balance needed on climate change


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