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Forum: How Israel watches its water

25 Mar 11 - Israel’s estimated US$3.5 billion in annual water technology-related exports helps countries around the world squeeze the most out of every drop, writes Shemi Tzur, Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand.

Forum: Why we must focus on the whole environment

Professor Bob Evans ... cheap petrol won't last.

25 Mar 11 - Waikato University’s new professor of environmental planning, Bob Evans, is concerned at the way in which New Zealand, like the world’s other prosperous economies, is continuing to pursue economic...

FORUM: Signs of change

21 Jan 11 - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Susan Krumdieck, of Canterbury University, reflects on a sustainability conference which was, in itself, sustainable.

Cancun: The electricity isn't there

3 Dec 10 - John Carnegie, BusinessNZ’s manager for energy, environment and infrastructure, is a member of the New Zealand Government's official delegation to the international climate change negotiations in...

Peak Oil: We've been lying to you

24 Sep 10 - By Ian Cooper.- Peak oil isn't real. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

FORUM: Can feed-in tariffs let everyone be an energy generator?

10 Sep 10 - Electricity generation is still the province of a few big players - and the current Government seems determined to rely on fossil fuels generation, says the Sustainable Energy Forum.

A nation run by cowards and thieves

30 Jul 10 - By Jeff Siegel. - Well, once again, politics have trumped progress.

Money-making Goldman Sachs points way to mass solar

2 Jul 10 - By Nick Hodge.- For all the perceived evil, you have to give them credit.... Goldman Sachs knows how to make money — lots of it.

FORUM: Half the story

2 Jul 10 - Terry Dunleavy, of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, takes issue with a story in last Friday's Carbon News.

Seven days that will forever change the energy game (and your portfolio)

18 Jun 10 - By Nick Hodge. - The fossil fuel industry has shown us its even uglier side this year.

FORUM: Federated Farmers on the ETS and more ...

4 Jun 10 - You can't implement a problem, only a solution, says Conor English, Federated Farmers' chief executive:

Should we have tax cuts or extend emissions subsidies beyond 95%?

14 May 10 - ANALYSIS: Now the Government has shut the front door on delaying the ETS, the country’s largest emitters are knocking on the back one to get more free emission credits.

Why the Gulf oil spill doesn't matter

7 May 10 - By Jeff Siegel.- While environmentalists rally and politicians chase opinion polls, investors are now trying to gauge how BP’s Gulf oil incident will affect energy and climate change legislation.

Two smart grid companies with IPO implications

30 Apr 10 - By Nick Hodge. - By now, everyone knows of the smart grid. But few know about the smart grid.

Three green stocks that could double your money

Geothermal power ... shares in some could double
Photo Credit: ThinkGeoEnergy

16 Apr 10 - By Jeff Siegel.- Every year, as Earth Day noisily approaches, the traffic to our site increases dramatically. And with that traffic comes an avalanche of e-mails and questions.

COMMENT: It makes sense to do something

Keith Hunter ... timely lesson for scientists.

9 Apr 10 - Commonsense and prudence says we should respond and not ignore the evidence about climate change as it currently stands; the risks of doing nothing are too great, warns Royal Society of New Zealand...

Where the real investment action is in off-shore energy

9 Apr 10 - By Sam Hopkins.- A week after Obama's offshore drilling announcement, debate is running at full steam — even if new exploration and production haven't started

Cleantech investment: the numbers

1 Apr 10 - By Nick Hodge.- If you're a cleantech investor, perhaps the release of 2009 investment and installation data has something to do with your improving sentiment. I know it does mine.

The best way to profit from the electric car movement

The new Tesla sedan .. but don't put all your eggs in one basket

26 Mar 10 - By Jeff Siegel.- I remember a few years ago, at a conference in California, I got my first peek at the all-electric Tesla Roadster.

US diddles while China sizzles

19 Feb 10 - By Nick Hodge.- The United States is rarely referred to as a silver-medal nation. But that's exactly what it's becoming with respect to the race for clean energy.

5 Feb 10  US cleantech stocks fall despite major market growth

5 Feb 10  Copenhagen - a letter from Gordon Brown

29 Jan 10  Will this senator kill renewables?

22 Jan 10  Come on, Kiwis, let’s ride the green wave

22 Jan 10  An alternative lesson from Copenhagen

4 Dec 09  The truth about climate change making you rich

27 Nov 09  Cleantech bigger money-maker than the internet

27 Nov 09  ETS: What Climate Change Minister Nick Smith says

27 Nov 09  ETS: Forest owners say deal is unjust

27 Nov 09  ETS: Federated Farmers praise handiwork

20 Nov 09  Forum: Taking agriculture forward with the Emissions Trading Scheme

13 Nov 09  FORUM: Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with Maldives on climate change

6 Nov 09  Forum: Why must New Zealand adopt the limitations of the Australian CPRS, asks EITG's Richard Hayes

6 Nov 09  FORUM: Country needs a change of focus

6 Nov 09  Environmental priorities must connect the dots, say Greens

9 Oct 09  COMMENT: Are farmers still denying climate change?

2 Oct 09  OPINION: The ETS and your business

23 Sep 09  FORUM: ETS is farmers' ball and chain

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Nick Smith doesn’t get it

7 Aug 09  FORUM: Chris Bryant, UK Foreign Affairs under-secretary

31 Jul 09  Forum: Cool heads still needed on global warming

24 Jul 09  Forum: Excluding agriculture from ETS neither principled nor smart

29 May 09  Forum: Cooler weather heats up debate

24 Apr 09  Opinion:

10 Mar 09  Forum: M-co chief on electricity review

6 Mar 09  FORUM: In praise of urban forests

27 Feb 09  Business NZ stance may not give Government support it needs on ETS

2 Dec 08  FORUM: Billions in benefits to flow from curing our million sick homes

28 Nov 08  FORUM: May our representatives not make us a laughing stock in Poznan

28 Nov 08  FORUM: How the world will look in 2025

25 Nov 08  FORUM: more wind means more power

21 Nov 08  FORUM: Run cars on green electricity

14 Nov 08  FORUM: O'Reilly on leadership group

31 Oct 08  FORUM: The flawed economics of nuclear power

10 Oct 08  FORUM: Institute of Forestry reply

19 Sep 08  FORUM: Is the door open for a carbon tax?

12 Sep 08  LETTER: Bad news for Ngai Tahu

12 Sep 08  LETTER: Crests' Poutu power project

11 Sep 08  FORUM: Biochar holds many of the answers for climate change

26 Aug 08  FORUM: The Cartarets - report from a sinking world

1 Aug 08  OPINION: Tackling climate change: who should pay?

18 Jul 08  Spending on science and innovation is best for combating climate change

18 Jul 08  Tracking the price of carbon

11 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: The NZIER and friends' poll slip is showing

8 Jul 08  Did the ETS really cause big business to leak?: the Dutch evidence

20 Jun 08  Letter to the editor: 'Carbon dioxide pollution'

17 Jun 08  Environmental sceptics overwhelmingly politicised, says study

10 Jun 08  FORUM: Despite global warming gloom, every cloud has a green lining

10 Jun 08  M-co: story on First Rand Bank-backed launch of NZ trading platform wrong

9 Jun 08  Guilt-free flying with carbon offsets - buyer beware

5 Jun 08  Widely varying figures on new jobs created by renewables

3 Jun 08  FORUM: Dog and Lemon man says electric car owners exposed to power shortage issues

30 May 08  Letter to the Editor: Wairarapa councils' backdoor windfarm ban irks

30 May 08  FORUM: Climate change sceptics call Government scientists "propagandists"

28 May 08  Parker's full speech on climate change effects and impacts assessment

27 May 08  Low-carbon economy – millions of new jobs?

22 May 08  Behind Latin America's Food Crisis

20 May 08  Who pays for climate change?

15 May 08  OPINION: Wind Farms: Powering Future or Destroying Past?

13 May 08  The Business Roundtable writes

12 May 08  Can National really make the tough calls on climate change?

7 May 08  Pandering, polluting, unprincipled – and popular

1 May 08  ANALYSIS: What you are not hearing from the NZIER and heavy emitters

23 Apr 08  ANALYSIS: Potential political fall out from Green’s shock coal policy

18 Apr 08  ANALYSIS: World food problem: Business as usual not an option

8 Apr 08  OPINION: The beginning of the end for coal

8 Apr 08  CARBON NEWS OPINION: How Goff and our food miles fretters are losing the consumer

31 Mar 08  OPINION - Mapp: No reason for local authorities to take over Vector

31 Mar 08  Roger Kerr: Saving the Planet Must Not Cost the Earth

25 Mar 08  Kelpie Wilson: The Rising Price of Coal

19 Mar 08  CARBON NEWS FORUM: BP Chief Executive - Action needed now to smooth transition to low carbon economy

12 Mar 08  Climate Change natural - unstoppable


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Law firm names student prizewinner

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