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Northland iwi kicks off Billion Trees planting

31 May 18 - The first deal has been done under the Government’s Billion Trees programme.

Government pumps $15m into new forest service

11 May 18 - The Government will set aside an extra $15 million in next week’s Budget to boost the capacity of the new forestry fervice.

The wood world's talking about the Jones boy

22 Mar 18 - The wood industry is in love with its new forestry minister.

Foresters like the look of Billion Trees scheme

26 Feb 18 - Forest owners say they are starting to think the Government is serious about forestry.

OIO cutting rights role wrong move, say foresters

23 Jan 18 - Giving the Overseas Investment Office approval of the sale of forestry cutting rights will jeopardise the Government’s billion trees plan, forest owners say.

Mixed forests may not resist climate change

5 Dec 17 - Researchers have confirmed once again that a good forest is a mixed forest, a natural one, with a diversity of species.

AirNZ eyes paying landowners to plant trees

22 Nov 17 - Air New Zealand wants to set up a private afforestation scheme under the Emissions Trading Scheme to offset some of its greenhouse gas emissions.

TREE TALK: Why we need a better forest philosophy

9 Nov 17 - On November 6, 1217, Henry III’s Charter of the Forest gave ordinary English people back their traditional rights to use royal hunting grounds for livestock grazing and collecting firewood.

Forests can bring 1.5deg Paris target closer

3 Nov 17 - Protecting the world’s forests could achieve a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions cuts needed to meet the 1.5°C Paris target, scientists say.

Government planting target OK, say forest owners

Peter Clark

27 Oct 17 - The Government’s plan to plant an extra 50,000 hectares of new forest a year is “optimistic but achievable”, say forest owners.

High land prices key blocker to forest planting

7 Sep 17 - New Zealand won’t get more carbon-sequestering forests until land prices fall.

Greens want high-end wood products industry

5 Sep 17 - The Green Party wants a regional research institute to develop high-value wood products as part of a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Foresters hope next government will vote for trees

31 Aug 17 - Forest owners are hoping next month’s general election will lead to more forestry-friendly government policies – especially if New Zealand First is in the driving seat.

Fund wants to see 5283ha of new forest

10 Aug 17 - The Government’s reinstated Afforestation Grants Scheme will fund 5283 hectares of new forest this year.

Foresters greet environmental standards move

Peter Weir

8 Aug 17 - The introduction of a national environmental standard for plantation forestry is vitally needed, forest owners say.

Using forests to manage carbon still a heated debate

4 Aug 17 - The best way of managing trees and forests for climate change and accounting for contributions of forests and forestry activities in carbon budgets remains hotly contested.

PICKY PROBLEM: What makes a carbon forest?

3 Aug 17 - The regeneration of vast areas of carbon-storing native forests is being hampered by “pickiness” over the definition of carbon forests.

Foresters fine, but the ETS has some problems

Dr Suzi Kerr

2 Aug 17 - The forestry sector has behaved rationally in response to the Emissions Trading Scheme - but the scheme itself hasn’t always been rational, a new analysis shows.

ETS changes of little help, say foresters

James Treadwell

1 Aug 17 - The Government’s latest changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme will do nothing to get more trees in the ground, the forestry sector says.

It pays off to pay landowners to keep trees

25 Jul 17 - Paying landowners not to cut down trees is cheaper than the carbon-related costs the destruction of the forests would cause, new research shows.

20 Jun 17  Scientists fear EU rules will hide forest carbon loss

26 May 17  BUDGET: No boost for tree-planting

11 May 17  Foresters want carbon price range and ETS promise

5 May 17  One power station deal eats up Govt forest fund

27 Apr 17  Deadline looms for forest planting grants

26 Apr 17  Native forests have potential to earn millions

29 Mar 17  Farmers join in as landowners return to planting

15 Mar 17  Smaller forests get financial helping hand

9 Mar 17  Magic tricks in the forest can make carbon emissions vanish

10 Feb 17  Forest bonds seen as way for long-term green investment

27 Jan 17  Can we learn to leave our wild forests alone?

8 Dec 16  Sort out bioenergy, industry tells Government

24 Nov 16  California counts 102 million trees dead from drought

11 Nov 16  New funding round will see 5.5m trees planted

7 Nov 16  Hopes rise for solution to forest-split problem

3 Nov 16  Government getting serious about forestry

2 Nov 16  Is the Government cooking the forestry books?

1 Nov 16  Govt wants to break new ground for tree planting

27 Oct 16  $2.5b carbon bill hanging over heads of Treelords iwi

27 Oct 16  Netherlands to increase forests by a quarter

26 Oct 16  NGAI TAHU: We're giving away our forest benefits

20 Sep 16  Why are millions of trees dying across the US?

15 Sep 16  Modified wood aims to save forests from the axe

2 Sep 16  FOREST FIX: Will the government play ball?

31 Aug 16  Forestry up for Prince of Wales awards

11 Aug 16  Carbon-farming case lawyer under investigation

10 Aug 16  Europe aims to close loophole on wood energy

1 Aug 16  Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

25 Jul 16  How forestry can make as much money as dairying

25 Jul 16  AGS forests will bank million tonnes of carbon

18 Jul 16  Major nations spend billions saving forests

12 Jul 16  Forester urges Govt to remove carbon market risks

20 Jun 16  Portal holds our plantation forest facts

31 May 16  Norway commits to zero deforestation

31 May 16  Forests to cover 25% of China in eco project

30 May 16  More work still needed on ETS, say foresters

6 May 16  Wary forest investors watch climbing carbon price

28 Apr 16  Purse strings now open for forest planting

26 Apr 16  Foresters welcome call for more tree-planting

21 Apr 16  NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

15 Apr 16  Why carbon price is key to forestry worth billions

15 Apr 16  Norway fund drops deforestation firms

1 Apr 16  WHAT A WASTE! Native forests key to cutting carbon

21 Mar 16  Minister's reminder: Trees are really, really important

18 Mar 16  Welcome aboard, iwi adviser tells Air New Zealand

14 Mar 16  Processors in ETS could pose problem, says industry

14 Mar 16  Study to look at alternatives to radiata pine

8 Mar 16  Foresters laud Landcorp's change of mind

4 Mar 16  Wood processors could get the nod with ETS changes

3 Mar 16  OIO-action company sells NZ carbon assets

23 Feb 16  Angry foresters want end to 1:2 subsidy

15 Feb 16  Planting rate drops by a million seedlings

15 Feb 16  Forest owners eye manuka as crop of future

9 Feb 16  Foresters will do deal on carbon price cap

25 Jan 16  Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

15 Dec 15  We're beginning to see the wood despite the trees

15 Dec 15  Pacific forester grabs Paris incentive

15 Dec 15  Foresters likely have cover for fire losses

23 Nov 15  Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target

27 Oct 15  Facts show forestry and dairying can be equal earners

14 Sep 15  Foresters suggest harvesting bans as solution

7 Sep 15  Global tree census highlights need to restore forests

31 Aug 15  Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

24 Aug 15  New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

10 Aug 15  Foresters sidestep Government and go it alone

3 Aug 15  Wildfire threat spreads across warming world

13 Jul 15  Foresters see need for big ETS changes

7 Jul 15  PFSI consultation meeting today

8 Jun 15  Bio-waste boon for natives on poor pine soils

18 May 15  Forest policy action pleases timber industry

11 May 15  Forest grants scheme gets $22m injection

30 Mar 15  Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

23 Mar 15  Memo Jo: Foresters need a bit more than praise

23 Mar 15  Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

16 Mar 15  Forest planting heads for even more pitiful levels

16 Mar 15  Foresters draw up wishlist for ETS review

16 Mar 15  Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

9 Mar 15  Beehive breaking our climate change pledge

22 Dec 14  World wood production just grows and grows

17 Nov 14  Launchpad jury likes wilding pines project

13 Oct 14  Anxious foresters await review of foreign credits ban

6 Oct 14  Controlling deforestation will take more than words

1 Sep 14  Forest owners welcome return of grant scheme

1 Sep 14  Foresters like look of climate commission

1 Sep 14  Sarawak’s logging roads would go round the Earth … twice

4 Aug 14  Frustrated forest owners quit trading scheme

27 Jun 14  Foresters leave scheme

27 Jun 14  The many reasons why wood is the way to go

30 May 14  Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

16 May 14  New environment rules keep foresters in line

9 May 14  Scientists answer soil microbes questions

2 May 14  NZUs issued to post-1989 forest owners

24 Apr 14  At last, we're moving on wood carbon rules

11 Apr 14  Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

28 Mar 14  We need a price target range, says forest expert

28 Mar 14  Not worth it, say international traders

21 Mar 14  Carbon price inaction could hurt Nats at poll

21 Mar 14  Post-89 emissions returns trickle in

21 Mar 14  Greens have plans for timber buildings

14 Mar 14  Wood foam joins the list of insulations

7 Mar 14  Reluctant PM fends off $600m iwi ultimatum

7 Mar 14  Government says no to national forest policy

7 Mar 14  Labour plan aims to boost forestry

28 Feb 14  Government knows how we can be carbon-neutral

28 Feb 14  Big Wood keen on iwi carbon price action

14 Feb 14  Iwi forest plan key to processing boom

14 Feb 14  Pine nurseries got it wrong, says Groser

31 Jan 14  We're willing to pay for an ecosystem, says study

24 Jan 14  More forest owners decide to leave ETS

20 Dec 13  ETS dysfunctional, says forestry academic

20 Dec 13  Search is on for native forests carbon

13 Dec 13  Errors in forest returns could be costly, says expert

13 Dec 13  Move on carbon units worries foresters

22 Nov 13  Business needs to back deforestation battle

1 Nov 13  World foresters go face to face in Rotorua

25 Oct 13  Young forester happy to play the long game

11 Oct 13  Forest trust for all seeks board members

6 Sep 13  BOC boasts fumigant is ozone safe

16 Aug 13  Foresters in the know eye big profits

16 Aug 13  Forest figures meaningless, say growers

26 Jul 13  Foresters cool on wood fuel project support

26 Jul 13  Beehive backs Stump to Pump project

21 Jun 13  Prices force rethink of forestry carbon rules

21 Jun 13  Deadline looms for forest owners

14 Jun 13  Woodies want large-scale biofuel plant

24 May 13  Govt vow ‘huge news’ for foresters

24 May 13  Bring back natives, says tree scientist

26 Apr 13  Co-operate or crash, warns forests expert

19 Apr 13  IT’S OFFICIAL: Forests make way for dairying

8 Mar 13  Wood industry report shows the way

22 Feb 13  Forests emissions returns due soon

8 Feb 13  Wood-waste plant idea excites biofuel pioneer

1 Feb 13  Forest grants could make return

25 Jan 13  Low prices way out for pre-90 foresters

25 Jan 13  Second tranche units make an appearance

18 Jan 13  Profit-rich foresters might quit ETS

18 Jan 13  Forest returns dragging the chain

18 Jan 13  Forest owners to vote on industry voice

23 Nov 12  Everyman's guide to Tiger Country

2 Nov 12  Govt eyes better planting policies

26 Oct 12  Dunne seems deaf to foresters' pleas

28 Sep 12  Worried forest owners urge Key to act

28 Sep 12  Government lying to us, says forester

24 Aug 12  Foresters put faith in new technology

24 Aug 12  Tasman pact aims to fight illegal logging

10 Aug 12  We'll need years to get going, says forester

10 Aug 12  Conference urges Govt to act on carbon

3 Aug 12  Foresters slam academic's pines attack

27 Jul 12  Forester forms safe haven for kiwi

20 Jul 12  Foresters might swap carbon for cows

20 Jul 12  ETS a Clayton's scheme, says forester

6 Jul 12  What about us, ask forest owners

6 Jul 12  Trading pioneer waits and watches

8 Jun 12  Industry eyes mega wood-fuel plant

1 Jun 12  Foresters doing nicely, thank you

18 May 12  Carbon low brings halt to forest planting

11 May 12  ETS changing forestry, says minister

4 May 12  Deadlines loom for forest owners

4 May 12  Partners eye Havard forest share

27 Apr 12  NZUs close to 12 million mark

11 Apr 12  Some foresters might lose allocation

23 Mar 12  Build pulp-biofuel plant, urges expert

23 Mar 12  Market revival in PFSI credits

9 Mar 12  Storm damage could cost foresters

27 Jan 12  Door to Europe could open for foresters

20 Jan 12  Smart growers profit from low carbon prices

20 Jan 12  Forest owners fast out of the blocks

20 Jan 12  Prices force major forester to rethink

9 Dec 11  Durban knows our foresters are there

25 Nov 11  Europe a turn-off for our forest owners

11 Nov 11  Offsetting OK ... but there's a catch

4 Nov 11  Some forest owners offered a break

21 Oct 11  Innocent forest owners will pay price

21 Oct 11  Now you can smartphone your carbon content

14 Oct 11  Investors sniff out NZ forest fortunes

7 Oct 11  Pre-1990 credits near 10 million mark

2 Sep 11  Forest calculations get accurate

22 Jul 11  Clear ETS signals bring in the money

15 Jul 11  Scientists pinpoint vital role of forests

1 Jul 11  2013 still deadline, Goff tells farmers

10 Jun 11  Aboretum gets OK to sell carbon credits

3 Jun 11  Progress on Kyoto forestry rules, says industry

20 May 11  Forestry credits near 22 million mark

20 May 11  Rules change for forest carbon storage

6 May 11  Banks coming to the carbon party

6 May 11  Nervous foresters unsure about ETS

6 May 11  Smallholders miss out on new carbon measure

15 Apr 11  Forest-planting rates still low post-ETS

8 Apr 11  Foresters see way to reduce ETS risk

8 Apr 11  Wood processors want slice of the pie

25 Mar 11  New carbon measurement regime for large forests

4 Mar 11  Forest owners pick up three million credits

11 Feb 11  Foresters' champion plants trees for carbon

4 Feb 11  Time running out for say on forest schemes

28 Jan 11  Northland iwi top credits allocations

28 Jan 11  Forestry credits close on 10m mark

23 Dec 10  California gives nod to timber carbon case

17 Dec 10  Forestry credits pioneer set to sell more

17 Dec 10  Second chance on wilding trees exemptions

10 Dec 10  CANCUN: We're getting somewhere, say foresters

3 Dec 10  Why carbon can mean money for Maori

3 Dec 10  NZ at heart of Cancun row over tree carbon

3 Dec 10  Cancun will learn why Kiwi way is the best

5 Nov 10  NZ teams with Australia and Brazil for Cancun

22 Oct 10  Manuka gets more muscle as a carbon crop

19 Oct 10  Forest owners get positive ETS message from Government

15 Oct 10  First pre-1990 forest credits due ... millions to follow

15 Oct 10  Forest owners might get a carbon bonus

8 Oct 10  New planting rules could cost forest owners

8 Oct 10  Canada's $1b bonus sparks NZ forest interest

17 Sep 10  NZ wood eyes future in Europe's buildings

10 Sep 10  Foresters check trees for quake damage

10 Sep 10  Owners await NZU allocations

10 Sep 10  Forest owners call for roadshow encore

27 Aug 10  Iwi join Aussies in carbon forestry venture

20 Aug 10  Govt might have to boost new plantings

30 Jul 10  Farm leader angers 'foreign-owned' foresters

30 Jul 10  Credits due for pre-1990 forests

16 Jul 10  Foresters: Farmers can't see wood for the trees

9 Jul 10  Credits market growing, says carbon pioneer

2 Jul 10  Foresters seek timber imports safeguard

18 Jun 10  NZ forest credits sell to Danish Government

11 Jun 10  Carbon forestry can work, say tree growers

4 Jun 10  US climate bill key to Pacific carbon market

4 Jun 10  Clued-up investors move on forestry blocks

4 Jun 10  NZ owners sitting pretty, says forest chief

14 May 10  Ministry clears up status of carbon brokers

7 May 10  Forest owner pockets second round of millions

30 Apr 10  We'd sue Government, say forest owners

23 Apr 10  Land use information goes online

16 Apr 10  Why farming chief is turning his back on $30,000

9 Apr 10  ETS delay comes at a cost, warn foresters

9 Apr 10  Forest owners flood ministry with returns

26 Mar 10  Land lies idle as foresters fear conversion

19 Mar 10  Insurer backs off forest-damage protection

12 Mar 10  EXCLUSIVE: Why it's not worth planting trees

5 Mar 10  Foresters begin to see wood for the trees

26 Feb 10  Burning southern forest shows up carbon risk

26 Feb 10  Have your say on forest credits allocations

12 Feb 10  Carbon changes face of forest economics, says scientist

5 Feb 10  City forester trebles profits with sale of credits

5 Feb 10  Mighty River wants more after Maori carbon deal

11 Dec 09  Copenhagen time running out, says forester

11 Dec 09  Forest owners gear up to sell Kyoto credits

4 Dec 09  Forester: Our credits attracting world interest

4 Dec 09  At last, the forestry show can hit the road

4 Dec 09  Greens see jobs aplenty in carbon storage bonanza

13 Nov 09  Treasury says it hasn't got Kyoto accounts wrong

23 Oct 09  Japan casts keen eye on NZ forest credits

9 Oct 09  Smith: No costings on deal with Maori

9 Oct 09  How trees can give us fuel freedom ... and 'plastic' bonanza

2 Oct 09  Domestic NZUs price likely to settle at $23 a tonne, says trader

4 Sep 09  Planting season lost, but foresters cling to hopes

14 Aug 09  Cap-and-ban could kill carbon market, warns broker

10 Aug 09  Tree-planting key to meeting target, says expert

7 Aug 09  Hands off price and trade ties, foresters tell Government

31 Jul 09  Carbon potential huge, says multi-million dollar seller

17 Jul 09  NZ to target forest offsets issue in Denmark

14 Jul 09  Forester forges link with carbon manager

7 Jul 09  Hard-up Harvard eyes sale of NZ forests

3 Jul 09  Rules change, but forest owners still obligated

3 Jul 09  Goverment needs to wake up, say foresters

26 Jun 09  Forest owners notch Copenhagen victory

26 Jun 09  Government inaction worries foresters

26 Jun 09  ETS 'alienates' Maori forest land, says MP

16 Jun 09  Carter quiet on potential of forest carbon credits

16 Jun 09  US forests stand crucial for NZ growers

12 Jun 09  World first as Japan buys NZ carbon credits

12 Jun 09  Where are our carbon credits, asks tribal group

12 Jun 09  NZUs should be staggered, says trading group

9 Jun 09  US trading plans excite NZ forest owners

5 Jun 09  Huge boost in wood, says report

2 Jun 09  Forestry owners plead for level playing field

29 May 09  Beware of 'carbon cowboys', foresters warned

26 May 09  Uncertainty means forest industry taking a beating

19 May 09  Suspending ETS punishes forestry, says grower

28 Apr 09  ETS will close mills, warn wood processors

24 Apr 09  Forestry sector has date with ETS review

21 Apr 09  Forest industry fears carbon deficit blow-out

17 Apr 09  Forest owners in plea for more tree-planting

24 Mar 09  Happy forest owners now look for better NZUs price

17 Mar 09  World gets interested in our forestry NZUs

17 Mar 09  Greens call for forest industry to diversify

10 Mar 09  Foresters: We've had enough of uncertainty

6 Mar 09  Credit freeze forces foresters to stall harvests

3 Mar 09  Foresters might end milling to earn carbon credits

27 Feb 09  Confused foresters lament lack of Government direction

10 Feb 09  First bio-oil plant offers boost for foresters

3 Feb 09  Forest owners close to getting first NZUs

3 Feb 09  Council targets marginal land for forest planting

30 Jan 09  Deforestation returns running late

23 Jan 09  Deadline looms for owners to report deforestation

20 Jan 09  Obey the law, minister tells confused forest owners

19 Dec 08  Confused forest owners keep planting plans on hold

12 Dec 08  Forest owners 'positive' after meeting new minister

9 Dec 08  DOC has carbon credits deal for private companies

9 Dec 08  Foresters have high hopes for Kyoto proposal

9 Dec 08  Wairarapa pine planters mourn loss of ETS millions

9 Dec 08  At last, forest owners get a date with the minister

5 Dec 08  World listens to NZ forest owners' Kyoto case

5 Dec 08  Wait for trading road to clear, foresters told

2 Dec 08  Foresters fear trading advice is a waste of time

25 Nov 08  Forest owners to confront new minister with facts

25 Nov 08  Don't panic, emissions expert tells NZUs sellers

18 Nov 08  ETS delay deal scuppers forestry project worth millions

4 Nov 08  EXCLUSIVE: Forest owners make Kyoto advance

31 Oct 08  Nervous foresters: We don't want policy flip-flops

28 Oct 08  Forest owners could benefit from weak carbon prices

14 Oct 08  We're wasting our wood resource, says biofuel innovator

26 Sep 08  Nats vow to sweep new broom through forest industry

26 Sep 08  ANALYSIS: Our future under K2 bleak without forestry

23 Sep 08  Market readies as NZUs about to go on line

19 Sep 08  Promises, promises ... but what are the costs, asks forester

16 Sep 08  ETS picture becoming clearer for forest owners

12 Sep 08  Forest owners: Problems have not gone away

11 Sep 08  Forest owners first to feel effects of ETS

5 Sep 08  Parker: Not the time to move on offset planting

5 Sep 08  Govt: ETS forestry compo benefits large number of iwi

29 Aug 08  Carbon credit sharing fails to impress wood processors

12 Aug 08  Greenair: Forestry carbon opportunities are real

5 Aug 08  Forester warns farmers of get-rich-quick carbon hucksters

25 Jul 08  We'll fight for our forest rights, owners warn ETS policy-makers

25 Jul 08  ANALYSIS: Heavy emitters and National scoring major own goal

16 Jul 08  REACTION: NZ emission scheme should pick up some Aussie ideas, say forest owners

8 Jul 08  Paper giant might fold and flee if NZ emissions scheme 'hostile'

8 Jul 08  Forest owners urge NZ to follow Garnaut carbon storage action

1 Jul 08  New report: more carbon credits needed to protect native forests

27 Jun 08  Report underestimates benefits of increased forestry planting, say forest owners

20 Jun 08  Tree planting will have little effect on carbon - report

17 Jun 08  Government forestry policies costly mistake, say owners

13 Jun 08  Forestry owners: Ministers claim of liabilities warning not true

11 Jun 08  Major deforestation reported, but MAF survey shows ETS will lift replanting rates

28 May 08  Major policy clamp down on climate-warming illegal wood imports?

27 May 08  Kiwis embrace the chop-down-trees environmental message

27 May 08  MAF: wood supply to jump about 3 million cu m a year

22 May 08  Aggressive EU move to use Fiji as carbon sink, vital for NZ forest interests

21 May 08  Deforestation Risk Overstated

13 May 08  Forest owners tell ETS body: Our burden is unfair

5 May 08  Forest giant could be carbon-saving crop of the future

2 May 08  Tree-mendous ... Charles to check on our forests

24 Apr 08  Deer hunters stalk carbon sink scheme

23 Apr 08  Small-forest scheme open for business

21 Apr 08  Wellington City decides on carbon credit revenue plan from town belts, forests

9 Apr 08  New indicators predict productivity of forestry sites

8 Apr 08  GreenAir Fund pitches for major new forestry emision unit business

3 Apr 08  Professor reviewing forestry offset scheme proposal

1 Apr 08  Insolvency threatens Maori forest owners

20 Mar 08  "Energy Forests" could meet all future NZ transport and heat needs

20 Mar 08  Greens support for forestry offset conditional

19 Mar 08  Deforestation in 2007 exceeds Anderton’s expectations

17 Mar 08  Calculate your deforestation liability


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