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'Green' cement step closer to cutting emissions

Wednesday - Scientists have developed a “green” cement that could go a long way to cutting the construction industry’s emissions and making it more sustainable.

Amazon deforestation soars to 11-year high

Wednesday - Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest this year rose to its highest in over a decade.

Casualties mount in Bolivia's battle for white gold

Wednesday - The overthrow of Bolivian president Evo Morales shows how the politics of environmentalism and social justice intersect in a silvery-white metal.

DIRTY SECRETS: Space camera tells tale of shipping pollution

Wednesday - Exhausts from dirty heavy oils used in ships leave a telltale trail of such dense cloud that they can be tracked from space.

Crisis might have triggered faster wind speeds

Wednesday - The global climate crisis could lead to more renewable electricity being generated by spurring faster wind speeds for the growing number of windfarms.

Green new-dealers go all out on housing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Tuesday - US political firebrands Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have unveiled the next step to their Green New Deal plan with a bill focused entirely on reimagining public housing.

Germany approves climate protection law

Tuesday - The German lower house has approved a major climate protection package which aims to ensure the country will meet its 2030 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

BARS NOT CARS: What to do with your old parking buildings

Tuesday - Shopper numbers in UK city centres are falling, leaving car parks empty – and councils are finding innovative ways to repurpose the space.

Even Nobel Prize winners can get it wrong

Tuesday - William Nordhause was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics. But his predictions of what global heating will cost us are dangerously at odds with the science.

THAT'S THE SPIRIT: Vodka made from CO2

Tuesday - In Brooklyn, they're making vodka without potatoes or grains. The key ingredients are hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide.

No more money for fossil-fuel projects, says EIB

Monday - The European Investment Bank will stop funding fossil-fuel projects at the end of 2021, a landmark decision that potentially deals a blow to billions of dollars of gas projects in the pipeline.

Jet stream battle raging above our heads

Monday - When prolonged periods of severe weather strike, two things often get the blame these days: climate change and the jet stream.

Mines belching out as much methane as ships and planes

Monday - Methane emissions leaking from the world’s coalmines could be stoking the global climate crisis at the same rate as the shipping and aviation industries combined.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Suburbs take to solar

Monday - Australians are embracing the ‘virtual power plant’, which advocates say can protect the grid, save money and combat the climate crisis.

China's energy-sector emissions still on the rise

Friday - China’s energy-sector emissions are expected to increase this year and next, driven by rising oil and gas consumption instead of by coal.

IEA points finger at gas-guzzling SUVs

Friday - The world’s thirst for oil will continue to grow over the next two decades, with climate-damaging emissions climbing until at least 2040, the IEA says.

Myanmar hands over forests to oil palm producers

Friday - Myanmar has handed out more than 400,000 hectares of oil palm concessions to 44 companies, some of the land overlapping with proposed national parks.

How climate change will rule the health of future children

Friday - In a world that has failed to address climate change, children will face increased risk of developing asthma, greater exposure to vector-borne disease, and anxiety.

What's driving the Antarctic meltdown?

14 Nov 19 - Along with warmer water eating away at Antarctic ice shelves from below, atmospheric rivers are causing trouble from above.

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