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Dr Jim Salinger

How climate change has taken a turn for the worse

23 Nov 15 - The world is now in abrupt climate change, says a New Zealander who was one of the first scientists in the world to talk about human-induced climate change.

It's easy ... now you can be your own climate scientist

12 Oct 15 - Want to know what the world will look like if we stay on our current track toward doubling greenhouse gas emissions in the next 30 years? Run your own climate model.

Arctic thaw would cost half of world's annual earnings

Melting permafrost has made this Alaskan road sink by 10 feet

28 Sep 15 - If Arctic soils melt and release frozen carbon, the impact would cost almost half the world’s annual gross domestic product, researchers say.

The global warming slowdown is an illusion

Candles wilt on Melbourne’s hottest recorded day, in 2009 (46.4°) ... 2014 was the hottest year recorded globally

21 Sep 15 - Researchers say the world is continuing to warm, and evidence shows claims of a slowdown are unequivocally illusory.

Smart modelling to help with aquifer management

7 Sep 15 - Smart modelling techniques will provide the horsepower behind a range of new methods to improve the management of New Zealand’s aquifers.

Greener cities are best at taming urban heat

7 Sep 15 - As humans become an urban species researchers find evidence that cities with more green space are best for human wellbeing.

Scientists to probe ocean acidification

7 Sep 15 - NIWA scientists are carrying out a major research project to determine how New Zealand’s marine ecosystems are faring under climate change.

Man-made climate change increases extinction dangers

4 May 15 - Climate change threatens one in six of the world’s species with extinction, according to new research.

Extremes a concern as planet gets hotter and colder

22 Dec 14 - Scientists predict that lethal heat waves in Europe, and ice storms and big freezes across the globe, could become regular events if greenhouse gas emissions are not controlled.

It doesn't take much to turn up the temperature

8 Dec 14 - Start the car, turn on the gas under the kettle, shovel some coal on the fire. Each time that happens, another pulse of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

NZ carbon measuring project turns 60

24 Nov 14 - Sixty years ago, New Zealand scientists started the world’s first long time-series of atmospheric radiocarbon measurements.

Climate change will send pollen count soaring

10 Nov 14 - Scientists have identified a new hazard that will arrive as a result of climate change: a huge increase in hay fever and pollen allergies.

Move over, Queensland, here comes the Great Sydney Reef

22 Sep 14 - Welcome to tropical Sydney, where colourful surgeonfishes and parrotfishes are plentiful, corals have replaced kelp forests, and underwater life seems brighter, more colourful and all-round better....

Drought now could be drought forever in California

22 Sep 14 - Things could soon get worse for drought-hit California. New research predicts that, by the close of the century, global warming could have reduced the flow of water from the Sierra Nevada mountains...

We can make a good life for most in the doughnut

22 Sep 14 - Is it possible for humans to fulfil their needs without also destroying the environment? It’s a question we need to find an answer to soon, as the world’s poorer regions demand the same perks that...

Twister terror coming earlier in Tornado Alley

22 Sep 14 - The terrifying whirlwinds that punctuate the mid-Western summer in the United States so frequently as to earn the nickname Tornado Alley for the southern plains region states such as Nebraska,...

New facts show importance of Antarctic ice

Robert Deconto ... new figures.

25 Aug 14 - The IPCC is under-estimating the impact that melting of the Antarctic ice sheet will have on global sea-level rise, a visiting American scientist says.

It's happened before ... a long, long time ago

25 Aug 14 - It doesn’t take much to change a planet’s climate – just a little shift in the Northern hemisphere glacial ice sheet and a bit more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. After that, the response is rapid.

Climate change the enemy of ancient cities

18 Aug 14 - New research supports the growing body of evidence that many past civilisations have collapsed because of climate change. So is history repeating itself?

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