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Airlines bailouts should come with climate conditions

Monday - Financial help from taxpayers to airlines hit by the coronavirus crisis must come with strict conditions on their future climate impact, green campaigners have said.

It's official, e-cars produce less CO2

25 Mar 20 - Electric vehicles produce less carbon dioxide than petrol cars across the vast majority of the globe – contrary to the claims of some detractors, who have alleged that the CO2 emitted in the production of electricity and their manufacture outweighs the benefits.

General Motors wants to go big on EVs

20 Mar 20 - General Motors' Bolt and Volt models never sold well, but now the company is touting a battery that has more range than Tesla’s.

Ride-hailing operations highly carbon intensive

27 Feb 20 - A new study finds the ride-hailing companies emit nearly 70 percent more carbon thanks largely to a practice known as “deadheading.”

Pricey carbon could push up prices at the pump

26 Feb 20 - Carbon prices of $50 a tonne – the figure the Government is putting forward as the new price cap – could put the price of diesel up 13c a litre and petrol up 7c a litre.

Air NZ joins space agency in climate watch

25 Feb 20 - Air New Zealand is working with the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration to monitor climate change in New Zealand.

Fertiliser could power ocean-going ships

25 Feb 20 - Ocean-going ships could be powered by ammonia within the decade as the shipping industry takes action to curb carbon emissions.

Billions are pouring into mobility technology

25 Feb 20 - Over the past decade, almost $US200 billion has been invested globally in mobility technology that promises to improve our ability to get around.

Wellington again plugs electric buses

21 Feb 20 - Wellington will get more electric buses as part of a drive to slash emissions.

Aucklanders take to public transport

21 Feb 20 - Auckland’s public transport system is finally as popular as it was in the 1950s – albeit with five times the population.

Tesla creeps closer to 640-mile mark

21 Feb 20 - Tesla has announced an increased range as a step toward bringing electric vehicles — and their contribution to combating climate change — into the mainstream.

Funds back 110 more EV-charging stations

19 Feb 20 - Money towards another 110 electric-vehicle-charging stations has been announced this morning, bringing the number of Government-funded stations to more than 1000.

Auckland's CityLink buses going electric

19 Feb 20 - Buses in downtown Auckland are going electric.

There's more to it than just trucks, says Volvo

18 Feb 20 - Shifting the heavy transport sector from diesel to electricity will take more than just the availability of trucks, says Swedish auto maker Volvo.

Green transport set to rule cities by 2030

13 Feb 20 - From public transport to cycling, sustainable transport is on course to overtake driving in the world’s biggest cities within a decade, according to a new study.

We hate flight shame – but not enough to quit flying

7 Feb 20 - Despite flying being the single-fastest way to grow individual carbon footprints, people still want to fly. Passenger numbers even grew by 3.3 per cent globally last year alone.

Electric vehicle sales triple in Australia

7 Feb 20 - Electric vehicle sales in Australia more than tripled last year but were still far lower than in a majority of developed countries, industry data shows.

Rome airport pioneers eco-friendly tarmac

5 Feb 20 - Rome’s Fiumicino airport is testing a pioneering tarmac developed by an Italian company, made of a material that has twice the lifespan of traditional asphalt and is better for the environment.

GO ELECTRIC: The secret's in the sums

Professor Robert McLauchlan

4 Feb 20 - Do the maths, says Massey University applied mathematician Professor Robert McLauchlan, it really does make sense to get rid of your fossil-fueled car.

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YHA celebrates carbon footprint reduction

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