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Sachs condemns BBC framing of climate vs human rights

Monday - The BBC's framing of upcoming talks between the US and China as a contest between human rights concerns and climate action came in for a blistering attack from Jeffrey Sachs, a former director of the Earth Institute and professor of economics at Columbia University.

Five culinary winners and losers of climate change

Monday - From wines in Canada to mushrooms in the Czech Republic, some foods will fare better than others on a hot planet.

Just 3 per cent of world’s ecosystems remain intact

Friday - Just three per cent of the world’s land remains ecologically intact with healthy populations of all its original animals and undisturbed habitat, a study suggests.

Youth of the world unite

Thursday - Youth activists are uniting to form a list of demands before President Biden’s Earth Day summit.

Scientists of the world unite

Thursday - Thirteen thousands scientists have declared that climate change is the biggest environmental emergency to beset the earth in millennia.

Soil inoculation accelerate carbon sequestration

Wednesday - Landscape News reports that the newly popular field of soil microbiome restoration research could provide a major new tool for carbon capture.

Third of Antarctic ice shelf at risk of collapse

13 Apr 21 - Over a third of the Antarctic ice shelf is at risk of collapsing as Earth continues to warm.

Emissions and economy decoupling

12 Apr 21 - A new study has found that economic growth and total greenhouse gas emission have been decoupled in 32 developed nations - including New Zealand... just.

EU carbon tariffs discriminatory - developing nations say

12 Apr 21 - European Union plans to impose taxes on carbon at its border are “discriminatory” and unfair to developing nations, ministers from Brazil, South Africa, India and China have warned.

Spike in Arctic lightening could be due to climate change

9 Apr 21 - Climate change may be sparking more lightning in the Arctic, a study has found.

Half of methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems

7 Apr 21 - Methane — a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide — plays a major role in controlling the Earth’s climate. But methane concentrations in the atmosphere today are 150% higher than before...

Active travel must be built for women too

Anne Cronin believes city planning needs to  focus on how mobility patterns differ for women, children, the elderly, those with a disability and different ethnic minorities.
Photo Credit: Irish Examiner

7 Apr 21 - While the pandemic has seen more of us get out of cars and onto our two feet or our bikes, it’s also highlighted the differences in the availability of public spaces to men and women. As our cities...

Indigenous pressure scuttles Gates' geoengineering plan

6 Apr 21 - The first stratospheric test of geoengineering research technology, funded by Bill Gates, has been suspended under pressure from the indigenous people over whose heads it would take place, the Saami...

ConsciousCupid: Coupling sustainable singles

1 Apr 21 - Tired of being in relationships with people who don't live up to your sustainability credentials? ConsciousCupid matches earth-friendly singles with suitably woke partners.

Climate change will deepen rich-poor global divide, economists warn

31 Mar 21 - Nearly nine in 10 leading global climate economists think climate change will deepen income inequality between rich and poor countries, with most calling for urgent action to cut planet-warming...

Fifth of large companies back net-zero

24 Mar 21 - One in five of the world's 2000 largest publicly listed companies have now committed to a "net-zero" emissions target to help tackle climate change, researchers said on Tuesday.

Top emitters a long way from Paris goals - report

23 Mar 21 - The world's biggest carbon-emitting companies are far from aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement, a report by the leading climate-focused investor group shows.

Climate polluters accused of 'sportswashing'

23 Mar 21 - Polluting industries are pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into sports sponsorship in an attempt to “sports-wash” their role in the climate crisis, according to the authors of a report published...

Carbfix turns emissions into stone

19 Mar 21 - An Icelandic startup has an intriguing solution to the emissions problem: turn carbon into stone.

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UN chief calls for revolution in city planning

Monday - Media release - The United Nations Secretary-General, on Friday, called for a...

Sustainability despite Covid-19

Friday - Media Release - Oxygen Consulting in collaboration with the Sustainable...

Free range forest hens

Thursday - MEDIA RELEASE - A leading forest free range farm will open today near Tokoroa...

New climate indices launched

Wednesday - MEDIA RELEASE - Scientific Beta launches unique series of pure climate indices...

Climate change study win marine biologist a PM science prize

Wednesday - Media Release - When Dr Christopher Cornwall began his biological research...

Covering Climate Again

13 Apr 21 - MEDIA RELEASE: Covering Climate Now, a global journalism consortium of more...

Nats call for ClimCom report back time extension

12 Apr 21 - Media release - National has written to Climate Change Minister James Shaw...

15000 ClimCom submissions

9 Apr 21 - Just over a week since submissions closed on the Climate Change Commission’s...

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