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Whole ecosystems could fail within 10 years

Today 11:00am - Global warming is about to tear big holes into Earth's delicate web of life, pushing temperatures beyond the tolerance of thousands of animals at the same time.

Atmospheric methane increase greatest in five years

Wednesday - The average level of methane in the atmosphere increased last year by the highest amount in five years, according to new data.

Tropical forest damage spreads catastrophically

Wednesday - Human inroads into tropical forests stretch far beyond oil plantations or the edge of cattle ranches and are a wider threat to conservation.

A second Dust Bowl would hit world food stocks

Monday - The next time the fertile soils of North America turn to dust, the consequences will hit food stocks worldwide.

Will this coronavirus kill off the oil industry?

3 Apr 20 - Analysts say the coronavirus pandemic and a savage price war means the oil and gas sector will never be the same again.

Barclays bows to investor pressure

2 Apr 20 - Barclays has bowed to investor pressure over its climate track record and announced plans to shrink its carbon footprint to net zero by 2050.

What will the world be like after coronavirus?

1 Apr 20 - From an economic perspective, there are four possible futures post-covid-19: a descent into barbarism, a robust state capitalism, a radical state socialism, and a transformation into a big society built on mutual aid.

Report reveals massive plastic pollution of drinks firms

1 Apr 20 - Four global drinks giants are responsible for more than half-a-million tonnes of plastic pollution in six developing countries each year, enough to cover 83 football pitches every day, according to a...

Our war with the environment is leading to pandemics

31 Mar 20 - The Global covid-19 crisis and the climate and biodiversity crises are deeply connected, health experts say.

Pandemic recovery needs green strings attached

30 Mar 20 - Governments and financial institutions are under growing pressure to make economic bailouts designed to counter the coronavirus pandemic dependent on climate action in the longer term.

Scientists seek signs of economic shock on CO2 levels

27 Mar 20 - Scientists are monitoring the atmosphere at a mountaintop in Hawaii for clues that the coronavirus will be the first economic shock in more than 60 years to slow a rise in carbon dioxide levels that...

Pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

27 Mar 20 - The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and temporarily slashing air pollution levels around the world, satellite imagery shows.

Too early to predict impact, says WMO

26 Mar 20 - The World Meteorological Organisation says it’s too soon to predict the impact the covid-19 pandemic will have on climate change.

Oil eyes $10 as world runs out of storage space

26 Mar 20 - The world might soon run out of space to store its extra oil as Saudi Arabia prepares to increase fossil fuel production.

Shell to slash $9 billion from spending

25 Mar 20 - Royal Dutch Shell plans to slash $9 billion from its spending plans to weather the collapse in oil market prices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Closures will cut emissions - but not by much

Prof James Renwick

24 Mar 20 - Shutting down the global airline industry for good would deliver only a fraction of the emissions reductions needed in a year to avert disastrous levels of climate change, an expert says.

Climate change is harder to spot in some places

24 Mar 20 - Changeable weather in mid-latitude countries might have masked the impact of climate crisis up to now, a new study finds.

Why planners must look beyond history to judge risks

24 Mar 20 - Predictions based on past weather extremes are dramatically underestimating growing threats of extreme heat and rain linked to warming, researchers find.

Virus forces climate activists to rethink tactics

23 Mar 20 - The coronavirus pandemic has created a quandary for the climate activists just as the movement has achieved unprecedented momentum.

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NZ winery commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 80 per cent

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - YEALAND WINE GROUP: Yealands Wine Group has today announced its...

Wind energy crucial to EU's carbon neutrality

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE GLOBALDATA: The European Union, whose 28 members collectively...

Mercury Quarterly Operational Update - 3 months to Dec 31, 2019

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE MERCURY: Mercury maintained a prudent approach to risk management...

Vegetarianism in schools is entirely appropriate

21 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE NZ VEGETARIAN SOCIETY: The NZ Vegetarian Society has responded to...

Westpac NZ and Contact Energy agree first sustainability-linked loan

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE WESTPAC NZ & CONTACT ENERGY: Westpac NZ and Contact Energy have...

European cement industry strives for carbon-neutrality by 2050

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE CEMBUREAU: CEMBUREAU, the Association of the European cement...

Air NZ wins sustainable business award

25 Oct 19 - Air New Zealand has been recognised at the New Zealand Tourism Awards for its...

YHA celebrates carbon footprint reduction

23 Oct 19 - YHA New Zealand has reconfirmed its carboNZero certification by celebrating a...

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