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Spot NZUs $4.40 bid

Tuesday - Spot NZUs remain relatively quiet. OMFinancial reports:

New York talked the talk, but we’ll have to wait and see who heard

Monday - At the end of his summit meeting on the climate crisis, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put out a list of accomplishments festooned with 46 bullet points, some of them marking concrete new pledges, others diaphanous phrases.

MIA ... but it doesn't mean China's not interested

Xi Jinping ... forging ahead.

Monday - There were a few notable absentees among the more than 120 world leaders gathered in New York for last week's United Nations Climate Summit - and perhaps most notable of all was the head of the world’s highest-emitting nation, China’s President Xi Jinping.

Do something, big business warns political leaders

Monday - Many of the biggest hitters in the global financial community, together managing an eye-watering $24 trillion of investment funds, have issued a powerful warning to political leaders about the risks of failing to establish clear policy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cities in the spotlight at Climate Week summit

Monday - Even as nations gathered in New York to discuss global-level action on climate change, there was strong recognition that cities, not countries, have so far played the pivotal role in the world's fight against climate change—and will continue to do so.

Have a say in energy development

Monday - New Zealanders can have a say on the type of energy development they want, thanks to a Victoria University summer project.

Kiwisavers might get to have say in green investment

Monday - Research showing how many New Zealanders want their retirement funds invested in sustainable businesses will be unveiled next month.

WORLD WEB ... Obama’s drive for carbon pricing fails to win at home

Monday - * Chile becomes the first South American country to tax carbon * UK to introduce fracking drilling law despite 99% opposition * US Homeland Security moves to tackle climate change risks * Hawaii's...

New market pact keeps Australians on the ball

Andrew Petersen ... rapid momentum.

Monday - Australian businesses wanting to keep up to date with the international carbon market during their country’s retreat from carbon pricing have formed a new regional agreement.

How to save the planet ... bike, walk or take a bus

Monday - Here’s a way to save $100 trillion and stop 1700 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from getting into the atmosphere every year by 2050: cycle, walk or take public transport.

Clear skies for aviation industry, says Boeing report

Monday - The business outlook for civil aviation is bright thanks mainly to rising Asian demand for aircraft. But airlines are expected to have a harder time, with tougher competition in Europe leading to a...

Use your phone to report water pollution

Monday - Water pollution may soon be reported by the public over a phone app and investigated by an aerial robot.

Win some, lose some ... that's climate change

Northern Australia ... getting wetter.

Monday - With climate change, you win some, you lose some. New research shows that suitable new cropland could become available in the high latitudes as the world warms − but tropical regions may become...

Australia seems to be overlooking bioenergy

Monday - When we think of renewable energy, it’s easy to picture spinning wind turbines or rooftop solar panels. But what about bioenergy?

Would a climate change treaty be enough?

Monday - Do we need a climate treaty, or could a simple political deal based on national pledges work just as well?


Monday - New Zealand scientist Simon Lamb's award-winning film Thin Ice will have a public screening in Hamilton next week. Lamb, a geologist, filmed the documentary himself, with a view to finding out...

Study will reveal our use of water

Monday - The nature of domestic water demand is being measured.

Off to the tip ... 33,000 polystyrene cups

Monday - Waikato University every year sends 33,000 polystyrene cups to the landfill.

Market sure to rally

26 Sep 14 - Another quiet day for spot NZUs, with a small trade at $4.42. OMFinancial reports:

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