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Meat processor aims high to curb emissions

Monday - One of the world’s largest processors of sheep meat, Alliance Group Limited, aims to reduce carbon emissions by 3300 tonnes over the next three years.

New Sydney waste effort rakes in the e-rubbish

Monday - The City of Sydney has delivered a trailblazing e-waste programme to apartment blocks, with special recycling bins in six large apartment buildings serving 1500 apartments as part of an on-going trial.

Rather than divest, advocate for carbon balancing

Another way to reduce the carbon balance: trees

Monday - At many universities and other institutions, heartfelt campaigns are under way to divest from fossil fuel companies as a way to address climate change.

Teslas, in one place at least, aren’t greener than diesels

Tesla Model S ... mean, and green?

Monday - By NIRAJ LAL.- The Tesla in front of me was shiny, sleek and silent, but my daydreams were interrupted with a question: does a Tesla charged by Australian electricity emit less CO2 per kilometre than an efficient diesel car?

Man-made climate change increases extinction dangers

Monday - Climate change threatens one in six of the world’s species with extinction, according to new research.

Commitment to end flaring is boost for climate talks

Monday - Companies and governments responsible for 40 per cent of global gas flaring have made a commitment to stop their climate-damaging activities within the next 15 years.

US braces itself for even worse wildfire season

Monday - The firefighters are primed, hoses at the ready. May and June are often the peak months for forest fires in the southwest of the US, and the outlook for this year is grim.

Europe sets timetable to slash plastic bag use

Monday - Single-use plastic bags could soon become a thing of the past in European supermarkets.

WORLD TODAY: Church of England ends investments in heavily polluting fossil fuels

Monday - * Tesla unveils home battery to rev up low carbon transition * US, Japan and Canada miss Green Climate Fund donation deadline * Obama signs energy efficiency bill into law * Solar power plant...

Malaysian authorities seize book on timber corruption

Monday - Malaysia’s Home Ministry has seized an explosive book on timber corruption in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Companies sold themselves short, says analyst

Monday - Many companies bidding for carbon credits in Australia’s first auction sold themselves short, says market analyst Reputex.

LanzaTech lines up more commercial plants

28 Apr 15 - LanzaTech, the New Zealand-founded carbon recycling company, says it has other full-scale commercial plants in the pipeline following this week’s announcement that China Steel Corp will invest US$46...

So, where's the carbon auction money going?

Growth industry: forestry will account for much of the carbon reductions under the first round of Emissions Reduction Fund contracts.

28 Apr 15 - The results of the Australian Government’s first reverse auction ( of carbon-cutting projects have been...

Watchdog calls for 30% emissions cut by 2025

28 Apr 15 - Australia should pledge far deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions than its current target if it is to do its fair share in tackling climate change, according to a report by the Climate Change...

Unburnable carbon: why we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground

28 Apr 15 - Ninety per cent of Australia’s current coal reserves will need to be left in the ground for Australia to play its role in limiting warming to no more than 2C.

Major changes in store for electricity industry

Storage reservoir for a pumped-water hydroelectricity plant on Zar mountain, southern Poland.

28 Apr 15 - Inventors are in a race to find the best way of storing electricity to make the most of renewables and cut the use of fossil fuels.

Scientists again raise carbon storage hopes

28 Apr 15 - Two groups of US scientists are exploring new ways of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

It's up to central banks to back the climate change fight

28 Apr 15 - In the aftermath of the 2008/9 global financial crisis central banks around the world pumped billions of dollars into the monetary system to safeguard the world economy.

Call for an end to ‘business as usual’ option on climate

Mary Robinson ... now is the moment.

28 Apr 15 - The whole issue of climate is much too important to be left to governments and their leaders, says Mary Robinson, the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy on climate change.

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Battery-maker claims world first

Monday - Energizer has launched what it says is the world’s first high-performance...

No need for some soil additives, says report

28 Apr 15 - New research shows that farmers don’t need to add humic and fulvic acid...

Tuvalu awards contract for solar power plants

20 Apr 15 - Solarcity and Infratec Renewables have been awarded a $780,000 contract to...

Drink bottle recycle campaign gets more funding

20 Apr 15 - The annual Keep New Zealand Beautiful drink bottle recycling scheme will see...

Carpooler chases crowd funding

30 Mar 15 - Chariot, New Zealand’s first carpooling and ride sharing app, has launched an...

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