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Farmers fight build-up of salt in soils

Tuesday - Irrigation, drought, sea-level rise and more are causing salt to build up in soils around the world.

Don't rule out GE as a solution, say farmers

8 Apr 19 - Genetic modification should not be ruled out by the Government as a solution for climate change and other environmental issues, Federated Farmers says.

FLY FEAR: Fruit pest will enjoy warming climate

27 Feb 19 - The risk of Queensland fruit flies establishing in New Zealand is expecting to increase as the climate warms, threatening the country’s horticultural industry.

Farmers put climate worries on back burner

15 Feb 19 - Climate change and the Emissions Trading Scheme have fallen down the list of things worrying farmers.

Why we must have climate-smart farming

31 Jan 19 - Food shocks are becoming more frequent as the climate changes, prompting calls for “climate-smart” farming systems and the building up of global food reserves.

We must farm fewer animals, say scientists

29 Nov 18 - A new science paper spelling out why animal agriculture will have to be severely curtailed if the Paris Agreement targets are to be met could have huge implications for New Zealand.

Use of nitrogen must be curbed, says OECD

23 Nov 18 - Nitrogen use – responsible for a large chunk of New Zealand’s pollution and greenhouse gas emissions – needs curbing, the OECD is warning.

Nitrogen inhibitors could return to the farm

5 Nov 18 - Nitrogen inhibitors could be in use on New Zealand farms again by 2020, farmers say.

Emissions failure will hurt farmers, says Fonterra

31 Oct 18 - A global failure to cut greenhouse gas emissions will see New Zealand farmers face demands for major production cuts, the world’s largest milk-producer is warning.

TINY TRACTORS: Welcome to the rise of the robot farmer

23 Oct 18 - Tiny automated machines could soon take care of the entire growing process down on the farm. Fewer chemicals, more efficient – where’s the downside?

How the world dairy herd could be brought to its knees

16 Oct 18 - The drive for genetic selection means cattle are increasingly vulnerable to deadly new epidemics that could emerge as the climate warms.

Farms can grow more and slow climate change

17 Sep 18 - New ways of digging the dirt could both deliver more food and slow climate change. And farmers in the developing world are making a difference.

Vertical farming sounds great but it eats energy

13 Sep 18 - A company in Scotland has unveiled what it claims is the world’s most technically advanced indoor farm.

Fewer cows can mean more profit, says scientist

Mike Joy

10 Sep 18 - Cutting stock numbers on farms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect waterways would actually boost farm profits, says the lead author of research out today.

Europe climate strategy forgets about soil

17 Jul 18 - While climate change takes a toll on agriculture and land use contributes to warming the planet, soils still find little attention from policymakers in their climate strategies.

The what, where, when and why of food production

17 Jul 18 - Researchers have compiled a database on food production around the world in order to determine the best means of reducing the environmental impacts of what we eat.

Seaweed slashes cow emissions, say scientists

31 May 18 - A small amount of marine algae added to cattle food can reduce their methane emissions by as much as 99 per cent, scientists say.

Sheep and beef farmers make carbon-neutral call

16 May 18 - New Zealand’s beef and sheep sector says it will be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Get ready for longer droughts, warn scientists

10 May 18 - New Zealand’s land-based primary industries need to get ready for more serious crop diseases as climate change causes longer droughts, warns new research.

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