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The world is waking up to the $5.3 trillion cost of fossil fuels

Today 2:00pm - Prospects for global energy markets have been reshaped by two recent pieces of news, one of which helps to explain the other.

Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies

Hydroelectric plants such as Shasta Dam, in California, would suffer from reduced water flow.

Today 2:00pm - Climate change could mean that things get really tough for people in the US west in the second half of this century, according to new research.

OPINION: New Zealand should be using its abundant renewable electricity generation capacity to power its transport fleet, argues BOB BINGHAM:

Bob Bingham ... we are very vulnerable.

Today 2:00pm - Oil is a fantastic high energy and very portable fuel and currently it’s very cheap In fact, it has almost always been cheap and plentiful and we have built a good life with it. So what’s the problem?

Farmers given early warning about hungry crop pest

The potato leafhopper is small, but can inflict big damage on many plants.

Today 2:00pm - It is small, bright green and an unwelcome visitor. But global warming means that this particular agricultural menace arrives earlier than ever − and consumes more than ever.

The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood

Photo Credit: The 34-storey timber tower planned for Stockholm.

Today 2:00pm - By PETER WILSON.- Vancouver architect Michael Green was unequivocal at a conference at which I heard him speak a while ago: “We grow trees in British Columbia that are 35 storeys tall, so why do our building codes restrict timber buildings to only five storeys?”

Wealthy nations overlook the dangers of climate change

Vanuatu damage ... poorer nations are more worried about climate change.

Today 2:00pm - By ALEX LO.- Do rich countries care more about the environment that poorer ones? In a recent study I found that’s not necessarily the case.

Farmers hold the key to nature conservation ... so give them a break

To have any chance of coaxing species like the Secretary bird back from the brink of extinction we must reconcile the pressures of food production with the need for nature conservation

Today 2:00pm - The town of Bethlehem in the Free State Province, South Africa, gets its name from the Hebrew words “Beit lechem” - house of bread. It is a fitting name for a town nestled within a patchwork of privately owned commercial farmland. Much can be learnt here about the challenges farmers face when conserving nature.

Hungarian leader first head of state to back climate campaign

Janos Ader ... Paris challenges.

Today 2:00pm - Hungarian president János Áder has become the first head of state to join the Live Earth: Road to Paris campaign that aims to ensure world leaders agree to a binding deal on tackling climate change.

WORLD TODAY: Dirty Dozen ... the fossil fuel industry’s polluting league table

Today 2:00pm - * Energy industry will decide climate battle, says Kerry * Canadian scientists say Government is muzzling them * Obama scales back ambitious goals for electric car use * Axa to divest from...

Brazil leads South American renewable energy charge

Today 2:00pm - Brazil will spearhead renewable energy development in South America to 2017, as the continent changes its energy profile.

Inter-island ferry tests cleaner fuels

Arahura ... test bed.

Today 2:00pm - KiwiRail is testing the viability of using cleaner fuels for its ferries.

How to double your company income

Today 2:00pm - Want to see eco-friendly business growth strategy in action? Be at Waikato University next Monday.

You must find a way, academics tell farmers

Nick Pyke ... feeding the world.

18 May 15 - Farmers must find ways of farming more sustainably while maintaining production, warns the Foundation for Arable Research.

Why the Government's forestry policies are not working

Megan Woods ... bullying tactics.

18 May 15 - Labour Party climate changes spokesperson MEGAN WOODS on why the Government’s forestry policies are failing:

Tesla's battery power could give Nevada a $100b jolt

Tesla's Powerwall.

18 May 15 - The new Tesla Motors factory being built outside Sparks, Nevada, was already on tap to produce 500,000 electric car batteries and become the largest battery factory in the world when chief executive...

Oceans generate rising tide of renewables ideas

La Rance tidal barrage in France.

18 May 15 - A race is on worldwide to harness the tides and waves for electrical power, with more than 100 different devices being tested by companies hoping to make a commercial breakthrough.

Will the presidential candidates have a substantive debate on climate change?

Hillary Clinton ... strong policy needed.

18 May 15 - Republican New Jersey governor and presidential hopeful Chris Christie briefly made news last week when he said that global warming is real and that “human activity contributes to it.”

World Bank advocates long-term thinking on climate change

18 May 15 - Switching to a zero-carbon economy is more than just a dream, according to the World Bank. But costs will be high for countries that fail to act quickly.

WORLD TODAY: Vast Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration, says Nasa

18 May 15 - * China is on track for the biggest reduction in coal use ever recorded * Merkel calls for global emissions trading system * Tar sands still full speed ahead, but Canada promises emissions cuts *...

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Bank's Auckland office wins green accolade

18 May 15 - Innovative design and exemplary waste minimisation has helped BNZ to achieve a...

Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

11 May 15 - Davis Funerals now uses caskets that are better for the environment.

Waste Warriors shift the waste

11 May 15 - Z Energy’s Waste Warriors competition has diverted 191 tonnes of waste - the...

Competitive edge the secret, say farm ambassadors

11 May 15 - New Zealand dairy farmers shouldn’t lose sight of their competitive advantage,...

Battery-maker claims world first

4 May 15 - Energizer has launched what it says is the world’s first high-performance...

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