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Straterra wants better mineral industry rules

Friday - By PATTRICK SMELLIE.- Mining industry lobbyist Straterra is calling for improved administration of New Zealand’s environmental and minerals regulations and wants the low-impact activities of mineral prospecting and exploration made automatically permissible.

Alpha Coal ruling breaks new ground for mining

Friday - By MATHEW CURRELL.- This week's court ruling on the future of the $A6.4 billion Alpha coal project in Queensland - set to be one of the biggest coal mines in the world - is of major significance for how mining projects are assessed in Australia.

How sail is catching up with the fossil-fuel ships

Maersk's Triple-E ... 18,000 containers.

Friday - Ship transport is energy efficient, but it is also a significant source of emissions because of the globalised world huge transportation needs. In large measure, these vessels are powered with high-sulphur fossil fuels.

Indiana Jones (and others) take the spotlight as Hollywood goes big on climate change

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones ... news from the jungle.

Friday - By KIERAN COOKE.- There’s Harrison Ford in the jungles of Indonesia, investigating deforestation and the plight of orangutans. There’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, battling wildfires in California, Don Cheadle seeing the impact of drought in Texas, and Matt Damon examining the consequences of a heat wave.

NZ climate change film goes global

Simon Lamb ... happy film-maker.

Friday - A global agreement for the educational market has been secured for the New Zealand film Thin Ice – the Inside Story of Climate Science.

Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

Friday - By TIM RADFORD.- US scientists have a new green solution to urban construction: chop down trees and use the wood for buildings.

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

Friday - * UK green bank invests £460m in offshore windfarms * Climate action only way to grow economy, says Unilever * Toyota launches world-first metal recycling scheme * Climate change worries Chinese businesses

UN to promote sustainable energy for all

Friday - The United Nations has launched the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, an initiative aimed at promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency worldwide

Academic gets funds for drought studies

Friday - A Waikato University doctoral student has won a scholarship to investigate the on-going inpacts of drought on dry-land farming.

Tyres can save fuel, says consumer watchdog

Friday - Choosing tyres which grip well but are also fuel efficient can save money and reduce carbon emissions, says Consumer NZ.

Airlines wrestle with demands of climate change

Friday - By LYNETTE DRAY.- Although aviation emissions contribute only 3 to 5 per cent of the total impact on the planet’s climate, this is steadily growing and is a surprisingly intractable problem to solve.

Biofuels not a lasting solution, warns report

4 Apr 14 - By DOUGLAS CRAWFORD-BROWN.- Biofuels alone are unsustainable, but can still help to combat climate change.

Europe puts off decision on aviation emissions

4 Apr 14 - EUROPE has postponed action to regulate international aviation emissions.

Make sure you watch your back when the heat goes on

4 Apr 14 - By ALEX KIRBY.- A warming climate is closely related to political and social instability and a higher risk of conflict, according to American scientists.

No-action Abbott stalls climate policy decisions

Tony Abbott ... no response.

4 Apr 14 - By PROF NICK ROWLEY.- In Australia, any sense of the need for an urgent policy response has stalled, despite this week’s reminder from the IPCC of the threats the country faces – not to mention the...

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

4 Apr 14 - * US, China and EU agree to cooperate on UN climate treaty * Hubei starts China’s second-biggest carbon exchange * Social media explosion powered by dirty energy, report warns * California pays...

UN chief praises Pacific islands' climate change actions

4 Apr 14 - THE COMMITMENT of small islands in the Pacific to low-carbon development has been praised by the head of the United Nations.

New aid rules offer big emitters $2b windfall

4 Apr 14 - BIG ENERGY-guzzling companies will get a handout of up to $US2.75 billion under proposed new state aid rules due to be finalised by the European Commission by April 9, according to an analysis by...

Why climate change is not a matter of cost

4 Apr 14 - TWO researchers who tried to work out the economics of reducing global climate change to a tolerable level have come up with a perhaps surprising answer: essentially, we do not and cannot know what...

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6 Dec 13 - Rilean Construction has started work on its first permanent evolution series...

Takapuna park wins concrete plaudit

11 Oct 13 - The makeover of an inner-city park in Takapuna has won an Auckland company this...

Law firm names student prizewinner

11 Oct 13 - Mason Gilles is the winner of the Simpson Grierson Environmental Law Prize for...

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