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Spot NZUs hold the mid $5s

Wednesday - NZUs seesawed yesterday, opening at $5.40, dipping to $5.25, then climbing to $5.55, before closing at $5.50. OMFinancial reports:

Climate talks off on the rocky road to Paris

Monday - A deal struck in Lima between 196 nations today leaves open the possibility of saving the planet from dangerous overheating. But its critics say the prospects of success are now slim.

Carbon trade in Beijing tops 100 million yuan

Monday - Carbon trade volume in Beijing has reached 105 million yuan ($NZ21.8 million) since a carbon emissions trading scheme was launched in the city a year ago.

What did the Romans ever do for us? They left a water warning

Monday - As all good Monty Python fans know, water technologies feature large in the legacy of benefits left by Roman civilisation.

WORLD WEB: Meet the world’s greatest climate wrecker … Australia

SBS photo.

Monday - * Welcome to Planet Oz: Julie Bishop’s speech to Lima climate talks * Change of heart: Abbott government commits $200m to Green Climate Fund * Cutting carbon a good business opportunity, private sector told * EU court nails Austria, Poland over breaches to green energy rules * Scots' renewable energy offsets a million tonnes of CO2 every month * How to harvest energy from everything that moves

UN launches new coalition to promote renewable energy

Monday - The launch of a new coalition spearheaded by the United Nations Environment Programme will focus on boosting renewable energy usage around the world.

Australia takes action on energy market reform

Monday - The Australian Government is leading a new focus on reforms to put downward pressure on electricity prices and give Australian consumers greater power over their energy bills.

Our new energy mix is a game-changer, says India

Monday - While the political spotlight focused on the world’s two biggest polluters − China and the US − in the run-up to the Lima climate talks, pressure is mounting on India to set emissions...

Bank of England probes risk of fossil fuel assets

Monday - In a move that’s likely to cause consternation in some of the world’s most powerful corporate boardrooms, the Bank of England has disclosed that it is launching an inquiry into the risks fossil fuel...

Eels worth the effort, says environment watchdog

Monday - New Zealand needs to put more effort into protecting long-fin eels, or tuna, says the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Spot NZUs hit two-year high

Monday - Carbon ended the week slightly down, though prices remain above $5 with spot NZUs closing at $5.40 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

Spotlight turns on roadway illumination

Monday - Local authorities are out to halve the energy and cost involved in lighting public roads.

Ocean heat drives surge to global warming record

8 Dec 14 - It’s official, even though it won’t be conclusive for a few months yet: if present trends continue, 2014 will be one of the hottest years on record − and quite possibly the hottest of them all.

Why our ‘silent ally’ soils are on the endangered list

8 Dec 14 - The world is not paying enough attention to its soil – our silent ally – says the United Nations.

WORLD WEB: 'They say that in 30 years maybe Kiribati will disappear'

Remi Chauvan photo

8 Dec 14 - * Adapting to a warmer climate could cost almost three times as much as thought, says UN report * German government approves €80 billion climate package * Local buddy scheme to help boost...

Outlook bright for UK’s solar power potential

8 Dec 14 - Solar energy is sometimes dismissed as a fanciful idea with little to offer so far in such a cloudy country as the United Kingdom, but a new report says power from the sun could thrive in Britain in...

It doesn't take much to turn up the temperature

8 Dec 14 - Start the car, turn on the gas under the kettle, shovel some coal on the fire. Each time that happens, another pulse of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

Australia should export more ideas and fewer greenhouse emissions

Seaspout photo

8 Dec 14 - As climate negotiators meet at the US-China climate deal United Nations' Lima summit, which comes hot on the heels of the landmark

Paper mill sets new benchmarks for best practice

8 Dec 14 - Manufacturing benchmarks achieved by a rural South Australian factory are being shared and instituted across the world by global manufacturing giant Kimberly-Clark.

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Environment projects win financial boost

8 Dec 14 - A travelling caravan collecting environmental pledges, an inner-city school...

You'll never run out of printer paper

25 Aug 14 - A printer which reuses the same paper over again has won Toshiba two awards

Canon offers environment prizes

18 Aug 14 - Canon New Zealand is calling for Kiwis to get creative and apply for its annual...

CRL Energy wins environment award

1 Aug 14 - CRL Energy is the winner of the 2014 Minerals West Coast Environment...

Evolution show home opens in the south

20 Jun 14 - Award-winning Rilean Construction this week unveiled its first energy-efficient...

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