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Figures show we're heading into a hot 2019

Today 11:00am - Global surface temperatures in 2019 are on track to be either the second or third warmest since records began in the mid-1800s, behind only 2016 and possibly 2017.

How will climate warming patterns look in future?

Today 11:00am - Regions such as the Arctic and most land areas have warmed more quickly than the global average, while many ocean regions have warmed only a little.

Climate warming might boost economic inequality

Today 11:00am - Warmer temperatures are widening the chasm separating richer and poorer countries.

Dutch building string of solar islands

Today 11:00am - Dutch engineers are building what will be the world’s largest archipelago of islands made up of sun-tracking solar panels.

Dying bananas signal we've got our global food system wrong

Today 11:00am - Panama disease, an infection ravaging banana plants globally, is a warning that we are growing our food in an unsustainable way.

OPINION: We must believe in humans again

Bill McKibben

Wednesday - By BILL McKIBBEN | We have the technology to prevent climate crisis. But now we need to unleash mass resistance too – because collective action does work.

New study pushes global deal for nature

Wednesday - For years, experts in conservation and climate science have urgently pursued two parallel paths—one to interrupt a large-scale extinction event, the other to avert a runaway climate crisis.

IT'S NO JOKE: Laughing gas is leaking from Alaska permafrost

Wednesday - US scientists have identified yet another hazard linked to the thawing permafrost - laughing gas.

Pacific cities call for rethink of climate resilience

Wednesday - Climate change planning for Pacific Islands cities and towns has been limited, despite their rapid growth.

Climate scientists support youth protests

Wednesday - The youth protests urging political action on climate change have won strong global backing from climatologists, as more than 6000 scientists express their support.

Banks hear they can't ignore climate dangers

Mark Carney

Tuesday - The global financial system faces an existential threat from climate change and must take urgent steps to reform, the governors of the Bank of England and France’s central bank have warned.

Greta goes for climate change general strike

Greta Thunberg

Tuesday - Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, has given her support for a general strike for the climate.

Flygskam (that's flight shame) is spreading across Europe

Tuesday - Fears over climate change have led many to rethink the way they travel and, in Sweden, they've even invented a new word for the shame associated with flying.

New York sets ambitious climate rules

Tuesday - New York City has set an ambitious new standard for combating greenhouse gas emissions, approving a package of climate policies designed to slash energy use in big buildings.

New studies show it could be even hotter than we thought

18 Apr 19 - Global climate models developed for the UN are running hotter than they have in the past. Soon the world could be, too.

Europe needs its own Green New Deal

18 Apr 19 - Europe needs its own Green New Deal to stave off the perfect storm of populism, climate change and economic crisis.

Finance ministers pledge climate action

18 Apr 19 - Finance ministers from 23 countries have pledged to back climate action through their policy, tax and spending decisions.

Asian voters want environmental action

18 Apr 19 - Voters across Asia are most likely to usher in governments that take a stronger stance on climate change and other environmental issues, according to surveys released in the lead-up to national...

China eyes nuclear fusion power by 2040

17 Apr 19 - China aims to complete and start generating power from an experimental nuclear fusion reactor by around 2040.

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Adidas launches 100% recyclable footwear

Today 11:00am - Adidas has launched a 100 per cent recyclable shoe aimed at unlocking a...

Whangarei likes electric vehicles

16 Aug 18 - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand...

Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

7 Mar 18 - Mercury has taken a step to inspire New Zealanders to embrace the future of...

Calix gets finance for carbon-captue project

1 Feb 18 - Australian technology company Calix says it has secured 3.4 million euros in...

Minesto eyes first ocean current electricity generation

24 Jan 18 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is intensifying activities in Taiwan to...

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