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Europe needs its own Green New Deal

Thursday - Europe needs its own Green New Deal to stave off the perfect storm of populism, climate change and economic crisis.

Finns vote for party against climate action

Wednesday - A Finnish political party that campaigned against ambitious climate change policies has won the second-highest number of seats in parliamentary elections.

Europe’s food imports devour rainforests

10 Apr 19 - Human appetites drive global rainforest destruction. Now science has measured how Europe’s food imports leave scorched tropical soils and greenhouse gases.

German Greens want to become the people’s party

4 Apr 19 - Germany’s Greens want to stabilise their steep rise in popularity and formulate new basic principles. What do they want to do differently?

EU on track for 50% emission cuts by 2030

Miguel Arias Cañete

3 Apr 19 - While Germany and Eastern European countries continue to oppose raising the EU’s 40 per cent emission reduction target for 2030, a new analysis insists the bloc will actually manage at least 50 per cent cuts under a business-as-usual scenario.

Ryanair joins what used to be the EU's all-coal polluters' club

3 Apr 19 - Low-cost carrier Ryanair has made it to the list of Europe’s top 10 carbon emitters, meaning it now ranks as high as the continent’s coal power plants in terms of pollution.

Slovakia's new leader will fight Big Coal

2 Apr 19 - Slovakia’s first female president, Zuzana Èaputová, will challenge long-standing industrial interests and the financing of coal mining after being elected at the weekend.

EU votes for 55% emissions cuts by 2030

18 Mar 19 - The European Parliament have voted in favour of increasing the EU’s 2030 emission cuts target to 55 per cent and a net-zero mid-century target, bringing an end to weeks of infighting.

Norway to ditch some oil and gas stocks

11 Mar 19 - Norway is planning to ditch some oil and gas stocks from the country’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund, but has exempted majors like Shell and Exxon Mobil.

Greenland’s winter rain washing away the icecap

11 Mar 19 - The largest body of ice in the northern hemisphere faces a problem scientists had not identified before: Greenland’s winter rain is accelerating the loss of its vast store of ice.

Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest

6 Mar 19 - Extreme weather events have been the “main driver” of an olive harvest collapse that could leave Italy dependent on imports.

Climate-neutral EU can jumpstart economy

6 Mar 19 - Top business leaders believe that the transition to a climate neutral economy will create new opportunities for Europe.

Finland approves ban on coal from 2029

4 Mar 19 - The Finnish parliament has approved a government proposal to ban the use of coal to produce energy from May 1, 2029.

EU invests €10b in low-carbon tech

4 Mar 19 - The European Commission has invested more than €10 billion in clean technology to boost its global competitiveness.

Plastic trash will get youngsters a free book in southern Italy

1 Mar 19 - An Italian who run a bookshop cafe is giving free books to children in exchange for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

EU experts eye trillion-euro climate pact

27 Feb 19 - A group of experts has published a draft treaty for a sweeping European climate finance pact, to inject more than a trillion euros into the fight against global warming.

Germany eyes net-zero emissions by 2050

26 Feb 19 - The German environment ministry is calling for an ambitious goal to cut emissions by “at least 95 per cent” by 2050 and remove the remainder from the atmosphere.

Back the science, Greta tells EU politicians

Greta Thunberg

25 Feb 19 - Schoolkids are on climate strike “because we have done our homework” and listened to science, 16-year-old green activist Greta Thunberg has told EU policymakers in Brussels. “Just unite behind the...

Majority of European firms have no reduction targets

20 Feb 19 - Most European companies have no target for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even though 80% see climate change as a business risk, a survey has found.

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