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McDonald's ... old and tired.

In the new war of the worlds, the old world is losing

Monday - The power of traditional companies is declining in the face of sustainable and techno companies, new research shows.

Storm shows we haven't got the message, say weather experts

Monday - Reaction to last week’s Wellington floods shows that New Zealanders are not prepared for the impacts of climate change, scientists say.

Where's the clean-tech economy talk, Mr Little?

Andrew Little ... houses and milk.

Monday - Labour leader Andrew Little is blasting the Government for failing to diversify the economy, but he is still not talking about a low-carbon, clean-tech economy.

Why lack of leadership breeds lack of concern

Monday - A lack of leadership on climate change is probably behind a drop in public concern over the issue, says a lecturer in science communication.

At last, Government reveals cost of gases reduction

11 May 15 - The Government has revealed how much it thinks cutting greenhouse gases might cost the country.

Public voice to be heard on NZ's 2030 emissions target

7 May 15 - The Government is calling for submissions on New Zealand’s post-2020 emissions reduction target.

Our best brains to take a look at climate change

Dr David Wratt ... in the chair.

4 May 15 - New Zealand’s leading scientists are putting their heads together to predict how climate change will affect New Zealanders.

Why we must remember our debt to the natural world

28 Apr 15 - New Zealand might fail to recognise just how economically dependent it is on the natural world until it’s too late, a new Government report warns.

Apparently, we're going to slash thousands of tonnes of emissions by 2020

Factory smoke and winter smog above Christchurch.
Photo Credit: AFP.

28 Apr 15 - The Government expects the Emissions Trading Scheme to cut New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10,000 kilotonnes in 2020.

Govt tells world: Here's how we're going to cut emissions

Jo Tyndall ... NZ committed.

20 Apr 15 - New Zealand will use domestic emissions reductions, forestry carbon sinks, international credits and its CP1 surplus to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target, it has told the world.

NZ's fine on fossil-fuel subsidies, says Groser

Gareth Hughes ... easy win.

20 Apr 15 - New Zealand has been given a clean bill-of-health on fossil-fuel subsidies, the Government says.

Treasury COO to be new voice for the environment

Vicky Robertson ... change needed.

20 Apr 15 - New Zealand has a new Secretary for the Environment.

We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

Professor Ralph Sims ... rugby, big cars and beer.

13 Apr 15 - New Zealand’s “rugby, big cars and beer” culture could leave the country with an annual carbon hangover edging into the billions of dollars.

NZ city leaders lie low on new climate pact

13 Apr 15 - New Zealand cities are not among those signing up to a new compact on climate change.

NZ hangs back as countries commit to carbon cuts

7 Apr 15 - Russia did it. The United States did it. All the countries in the European Union have done it, as have Mexico, Norway, Switzerland and Latvia. Even oil-and-mineral-exporting Gabon, population 1.3...

New environment reporting to sidestep gases

7 Apr 15 - The Government’s new environmental reporting regime will not include greenhouse gas emissions.

How the US’s post-2020 climate target could fit into a global deal

7 Apr 15 - The United States' formal submission this week of its intended post 2020 climate target raises several questions for this year’s global climate talks.

Worth reading ...

7 Apr 15 - Local Government New Zealand chief executive Malcolm Alexander tells MPs that some New Zealand communities are going to have to move as a result of climate change.

Worth listening to ...

7 Apr 15 - Can the world get richer for ever? A BBC report on whether continued economic growth is possible on a physically finite planet, and if it’s not, how should we be living?

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Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

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Waste Warriors shift the waste

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Competitive edge the secret, say farm ambassadors

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