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Treasury maps out our path to a low-carbon enconomy

27 Jul 15 - A strong carbon price, better urban planning, a climate commission and systematic assessment of how government policies affect climate change would help New Zealandís transition to a low-carbon economy, Treasury says.

Key: It's our climate policy and we're sticking with it

John Key ... we've got it right.

27 Jul 15 - Prime Minister John Key has rejected calls for cross-party agreement on climate change policy.

Recycling trial aims to solve plastic bags problem

20 Jul 15 - The packaging sector and the Government are working together to find a way to recycle supermarket bags and other soft plastic.

'Failed' NZ could be walking into trap at Paris climate summit

Professor Bill Hare ... fail mark for NZ.

13 Jul 15 - New Zealand could be in trouble with its post-2020 emissions reduction target if the world doesnít allow us to continue to use creative accounting to meet our obligations, international scientists are warning.

Businesses put brakes on climate action, says study

13 Jul 15 - Fewer businesses are taking action on greenhouse gases than two years ago, Waikato Universityís latest sustainability report shows.

Groser off on climate-talking tour

Tim Groser ... on tour.

13 Jul 15 - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser is off to climate talks in Paris, Luxembourg and Dublin.

Why our cuts will be an embarrassment in Paris

Prof Ralph Chapman ... NZ not in a good light.

8 Jul 15 - The 2030 emissions reduction target announced yesterday will damage New Zealandís credibility at this yearís Paris climate talks, says the man who negotiated for us in Kyoto.

11% cut ... follow us down the path to catastrophe

Dr James Renwick ... leadership timid.

8 Jul 15 - New Zealand will face droughts, floods, fires, social upheaval and catastrophic global economic damage if the world follows the countryís lead on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, says one of our...

We're still undecided on ETS, says minister

Tim Groser ... taking a look.

8 Jul 15 - The terms of reference for the review of the Emissions Trading Scheme have not yet been set, says Climate Change Minister Tim Groser.

NZ sets post 2030 target

7 Jul 15 - The Government has just announced the emissions reduction target New Zealand will take to international climate talks in Paris - 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Is our target ambitious, or just spin?

7 Jul 15 - Climate Change Minister Tim Groser is describing the new target as ambitious and a significant increase on the current target of five per cent below 1990 levels by 2020.

We need a plan to get there, says business

7 Jul 15 - Business groups say they want to know how the Government is going to make sure New Zealand achieves the 2030 emissions reduction target announced today.

Best brains tell the story ... but will the Government act?

Dr Janet Stephenson ... we're vulnerable.

6 Jul 15 - Will the Government order Treasury to prepare an analysis of the economic, environmental and social risks posed by climate change?

Business eyes local climate coalition roundtable

Gary Taylor ... serious thinking.

6 Jul 15 - New Zealand could get its own version of Australiaís business-driven climate change coalition, say the organisers of a climate change business conference scheduled for Auckland in October.

We could still be a carbon leader, says trader

Nigel Brunel ... we're in an ideal position

6 Jul 15 - Itís not too late for New Zealand to become an international carbon trading hub, says pioneer carbon trader Nigel Brunel.

We should push climate case at UN, say Greens

Kennedy Graham ... key threat.

6 Jul 15 - New Zealand should use its presidency of the United Nations Security Council to raise the issue of climate change as a security risk, the Green Party says.

Financial pain ahead, warn climate-conscious Kiwis

Sir Alan Mark ... leading the charge.

29 Jun 15 - Eminent New Zealanders who fear the country is on track for a climate change-induced financial crisis take their case to Parliament this week.

Forget the courts, we must get to the politicians

Sir Geoffrey Palmer ... we're in a dire position.

29 Jun 15 - A court case ordering the Dutch Government to slash greenhouse gas emissions is ground breaking Ė but unlikely to be replicated in New Zealand.

Submissions numbers baffle Beehive

29 Jun 15 - It is unclear just how many submissions the Government has received on New Zealand's post-2020 emissions reduction target.

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