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Carbon closing in on $10 mark

18 Jan 16 - Carbon has started the year with a bang, trading good volume at prices pushing toward $10.

Target in sight ... but we're dining on leftovers

18 Jan 16 - New Zealand will meet its 2020 emissions reduction target – thanks to a surplus of units left over from 2012, latest government figures show.

Carbon prices lift 50% since beginning of year

15 Dec 15 - Carbon prices are closing the year 50 per cent up on where they started the 12 months.

Charles calls for switch to low carbon investment

Prince Charles

2 Nov 15 - Prince Charles urges investors to play a key role as future-makers by pressuring governments to take decisive action on climate change.

UN offers Kyoto credits direct to public

28 Sep 15 - The United Nations is offering Kyoto-compliant carbon credits directly to the public.

Fewer units pass through register

10 Aug 15 - Fewer than four million units passed through the New Zealand register last month – less than half than in July last year.

Linking carbon unit values poses major problem

13 Jul 15 - Figuring out how carbon units from different jurisdictions relate to each other is one of the biggest challenges facing the emerging global carbon market.

Million-credit tender attracts strong interest

8 Jul 15 - A tender for up to a million credits that came to the market yesterday is drawing strong interest, OMFinancial says.

Large parcel of NZUs for tender

7 Jul 15 - Two hundred thousand – and potentially a million – spot NZUs have come to the market this morning.

Busy May sees register handle 42m credits

22 Jun 15 - Forty-two million carbon credits changed hands in New Zealand last month, as emitters finalised their 2014 returns.

Register shows up changes in carbon market

7 Apr 15 - Changes to the New Zealand carbon market are showing up in traffic through the emissions unit register.

Carbon prices hit two-year high

27 Jan 15 - New Zealand carbon is at its highest price in more than two years.

Mighty River contests paying for carbon units

1 Dec 14 - MightyRiverPower has claimed in the High Court that it shouldn’t have to pay for carbon units issued for years prior to the start of its contract with New Zealand Carbon Farming in 2013, which it...

Carbon units traffic slows to 3m trickle

10 Nov 14 - Just 3.4 million carbon units passed through the New Zealand Emissions Units Register last month.

Emissions register in low gear

6 Oct 14 - Activity on the New Zealand Emissions Unit Register was slow again last month.

European carbon prices look set to rise

25 Aug 14 - An international energy market watcher is predicting price rises in European carbon.

Register holds 150 million NZUs

11 Aug 14 - More than 150 million NZUs are being held in accounts in the Emissions Units Register.

Low surrender shows emitters using foreign units

4 Aug 14 - Just 0.5 per cent of the more than 45 million carbon units surrender for the 2013 emissions year were our home-grown units.

Register handles 10 million units

4 Jul 14 - More than 10 million carbon units were transferred on the New Zealand register last month – the lowest number since January.

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