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Spain's Gemasolar power plant spied from the historic Solar Impulse round-the-world flight in July

WHAT'S COOKING: Paris isn't the only game in town

Tuesday - Luckily for the chances of avoiding global warming, the Paris climate deal isn’t the only game in town. Here’s a rundown of what else is cooking.

Welcome to the Anthropocene epoch ...

Tuesday - Humanity’s impact on the Earth is now so profound that a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene – needs to be declared, according to an official expert group.

The fact is eco housing is not expensive

Tuesday - Low-energy or zero-energy housing is international best practice, but is still considered costly. Part of the problem is that studies of housing standards typically use only cost-benefit analysis to assess their value, and so often wrongly conclude that sustainable housing is unaffordable.

Americans face rising hurricane bills

Tuesday - German scientists have just issued a financial weather forecast that in a world of unmitigated climate change, the financial losses for the US per hurricane could triple, and annual losses due to hurricanes could rise eightfold.

Climate sceptic to chair environment body

Craig Kelly

Tuesday - Australian climate sceptic Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been appointed chairman of the backbench environment and energy committee.

So the Paris deal enters into force, then what?

Monday - Excitement is building over the likely entry into force of the UN’s climate deal – but that will only be the start of a new set of tricky negotiations.

Paris check: Australia’s climate plans in focus

Monday - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said tackling climate change “inspires and energises” him, but has he delivered?

How long weekends can help to save the world

Monday - Three-day weekends might be one of the easiest steps we can take to radically reduce our environmental impact – and future-proof our economy.

Asia gets its own back ... soot, that is

Monday - Black carbon – soot particles that absorb sunlight, spread by fossil fuel combustion – are thought to accelerate the thinning of the glaciers of Himalaya and Tibet. Scientists have just identified...

Japan to make Olympic medals from electronic waste

Monday - Japan is planning to make medals for the 2020 Olympic Games out of electronic waste and junked home appliances.

KILL KRILL: Climate could put tiny fish at risk

Monday - As climate change warms the Southern Ocean and alters sea ice patterns, the area of Antarctic water suitable for krill to hatch and grow could drop sharply.

Experts demand Turnbull take climate action

Friday - More than 150 Australian experts have signed on open letter to the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, demanding urgent action on climate change that matches the dire warnings coming from climate...

CLIMATE CLUES: It all began a long, long time ago

Friday - Continents and oceans in the northern hemisphere began to warm with industrial-era fossil fuel emissions nearly 200 years ago, pushing back the origins of human-induced climate change to the mid-19th...

Four ways technology will change commuting

Friday - Columbus, Ohio, is a mid-size city known primarily as the home of Ohio State University, not as a hub of cutting edge technology for public transportation. But that is exactly what this city of...

Let's give ecosystems a helping hand

Friday - Australia’s ecosystems are already showing the signs of climate change, from the recent death of mangrove forests in northern Australia, to the decline in birds in eastern Australia, to the inability...

Paris Agreement could lock in warming for centuries

Friday - The world has warmed about a degree since the Industrial Revolution, and on our current emissions trajectory we will likely breach these limits within decades.

DE-GROWTH D-DAY: Why we must shrink the economy

Thursday - What is so refreshing about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is that they recognise the inherent tension between economic development and the ecology of our planet. Or so it seems.

Rich investors call on G20 leaders to ratify Paris

Thursday - A group of 130 institutions that control $13 trillion of investments have called on G20 nations to ratify the Paris Agreement this year and accelerate investment in clean energy and forced disclosure...

Human impact might be slowing down

Thursday - Human activities have taken a heavy toll on our environment. But there may be some hope.

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Karen Walker

12 Aug 16 - Kiwi clothing designer Karen Walker has certified that none of its garments are...

Farm trust honours regional winners

8 Jun 16 - Supreme winners from the 11 regions participating in the 2016 Ballance Farm...

Canon offers prizes to environmentalists

7 Jun 16 - Canon New Zealand’s 2016 Environmental Grants Programme is open.

School gets first Powerwall battery

16 May 16 - New Zealand’s first Tesla Energy Powerwall battery has been switched on at a...

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28 Apr 16 - A specialist pork and beef producer has won a nationwide competition to have...

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