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Paula Bennett

MEMO MINISTER: How to do it the Morgan Way

Friday - The Morgan Foundation is keeping up the pressure on the Government over the use of hot-air carbon credits.

Love thy neighbour and feel the power

Friday - A new peer-to-peer solar power platform could see people buying electricity generated by their friends and neighbours.

Is carbon farming the answer for clapped-out Australia?

Friday - Australia's Clean Energy Regulator this week will hold the third emissions reduction fund auction and farmers across the nation will move to the forefront of efforts to rescue a “clapped-out” country.

Venezuela orders two-day week to tackle energy crisis

Friday - Venezuela’s public sector has been ordered to work just two days a week to save energy.

Germany plans $1.4bn boost for e-cars

Friday - The German Government has reached a deal with automakers to jointly spend $1.4 billion on incentives to boost sluggish electric-car sales.

San Diego aims to be largest 100% renewable US city

Friday - San Diego is set to become the largest city in the United States to run on 100 per cent renewable energy after the mayor announced his support for a 2035 target.

Genesis extends life of Huntly coal-fired plant

Thursday - New Zealand’s coal-fired power station will remain open until 2022, but Genesis Energy says it is still committed to closing it.

Labor’s climate policy puts it back in the game

Thursday - The Australian Labor Party has announced the climate policy it will take to the federal election, including a return to carbon pricing under an emissions trading scheme.

Policy sounds good to us, say investors

Emma Herd

Thursday - The Australian Labor Party’s new climate change policy has many of the elements investors are looking for, including market-based carbon pricing, says the Investor Group on Climate Change.

How ancient warm periods can help to predict climate change

Thursday - Several more decades of increased carbon dioxide emissions could lead to melting ice sheets, mass extinctions and extreme weather becoming the norm. We can’t yet be certain of the exact impacts, but...

There's no need to fell forests to feed the world

Thursday - People don’t have to go hungry to conserve the planet’s forests. And farmers don’t have to bulldoze, burn or clear woodlands to make way for agriculture, according to new research.

France ready to go it alone on carbon price floor

Thursday - France is preparing to introduce a floor price for carbon emissions, even if the rest of Europe does not follow.

Chevron lobbied for controversial legal TTIP right

Thursday - Chevron lobbied the EU to give foreign investors the legal right to challenge government decisions in a major US-EU trade deal because it would act as a deterrent against laws such as fracking bans.

Warming ocean is frying the Great Barrier Reef

Thursday - The Great Barrier Reef’s coral is dying, and it may never be the same again. Last month, as historically high ocean temperatures bathed the waters around the reef, the Australian Government raised...

Stanford rejects students' call to divest

Thursday - Stanford University has rejected a bid backed by students, faculty and alumni to divest the school's $22.2 billion endowment from holdings in oil and gas companies.

Small meat producer wins help from the experts

Thursday - A specialist pork and beef producer has won a nationwide competition to have some of the country’s top experts help to promote the business.

Buffett faces pressure to invest for the climate

Warren Buffett

Wednesday - Thousands of bankers, investors, business journalists and just plain fans will flock to Omaha this weekend in a yearly pilgrimage to glean insight from the world's most famous investor: Warren...

Drought forecasting isn’t just about water

Wednesday - The Millennium Drought taught Australians many lessons about living under extremely dry conditions – not just about how to conserve water, but also about human suffering.

Labor promises emissions trading scheme

Wednesday - A Labor government in Australia would slash carbon emissions by about 50 per cent more than the Turnbull-led Coalition by 2030, introduce a broad-based emissions trading scheme, and block states like...

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Small meat producer wins help from the experts

Thursday - A specialist pork and beef producer has won a nationwide competition to have...

Business incubator has high hopes for Northland

7 Apr 16 - Ranui Sustainable, a Whangarei-based business incubator with the mission to...

Sunny days bring out new storage battery

1 Apr 16 - Wellington’s sunny weather has attracted a nationwide solar power company to...

Kaimira wins wines sustainability award

31 Mar 16 - The debut Organic Wine Awards Sustainable Vineyard of the Year title has been...

Eco tours operators win Marlborough accolade

31 Mar 16 - Will and Rose Parsons have long known that good environmental practice is good...

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