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UK gives Jaguar Land Rover loan for e-cars

Wednesday - THE UK Government has handed Jaguar Land Rover a loan guarantee of more than $NZ900,000 to help to accelerate its progress in the global electric vehicle race.

Government cuts its fleet emissions

Tuesday - Emissions from government vehicles are falling.

Government pushes plans for cleaner cars

9 Jul 19 - New emissions standards for cars could cut New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions by more than five million tonnes over 20 years.

Air NZ jettisons plastic products

9 Jul 19 - The removal of plastic from Air New Zealandís in-flight service is cutting its carbon emissions, the airline says.

Costly aircraft contrails are going sky-high

3 Jul 19 - The clouds created by jet engine pollution have a surprisingly powerful short-term impact on global warming.

Let's include pollution deaths in road toll

1 Jul 19 - Deaths from air pollution caused by vehicles should be included in the road toll, doctors and electric vehicle campaigners say.

Few Air NZ passengers offset emissions

28 Jun 19 - Only a fraction of people flying to and from New Zealand are offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from their flights, according to Air New Zealand figures.

'Rugby, big cars and beer' worries expert

Ralph Sims

28 Jun 19 - Energy and climate expert Professor Ralph Sims has been trying for years to get the message across to New Zealanders that driving cars is our climate downfall.

Storms threaten billions in road-rail damage

26 Jun 19 - Countries are being told to urgently upgrade their road and rail networks in the wake of a report predicting billions of dollars a year in damage from natural disasters.

Aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

17 Jun 19 - Aerospace companies gathering for the Paris air show this week are turning their thoughts to a future run on electricity rather than fossil fuels.

Florida clears path for autonomous vehicles

17 Jun 19 - Florida establishes a clear legal framework for self-driving cars to operate within the state.

Largest hybrid-electric aircraft takes flight

12 Jun 19 - The highest-capacity hybrid-electric aircraft has taken to the skies in California on its first test flight.

Teslaís electric-car dream will soon come crashing down

30 May 19 - Tesla completely transformed the car landscape when it introduced the Roadster, pioneering the mass-market electric car. Now, it is doomed.

These strange beasts are our cars

17 May 19 - Widespread automation, electrification, and connectivity are set to revolutionise the car of the future.

What Daimlerís move means for carbon-neutral car industry

15 May 19 - Daimler, one of the worldís leading producers of premium cars and commercial vehicles, is engineering a new future for the sector with a bold new climate commitment.

Origami navy carries kids' SOS to the global shipping industry

9 May 19 - Schoolchildren launched a fleet of origami boats carrying messages about climate change to delegates at UN shipping talks in London.

Why people should come first in transport future

30 Apr 19 - People using public transport or walking or cycling should be given priority over cars and that might mean limiting traffic speeds to 30kmh, a new report says.

How will we cope with vehicles that do our driving for us?

30 Apr 19 - Billions of dollars are being poured into autonomous vehicle research - but not much thought is going into how humans will respond to the new-fangled transport.

Ford under criminal probe over emissions

29 Apr 19 - The US Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into Fordís emissions certification process.

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New plant makes food packaging from recycled plastic

Tuesday - A new plant to make New Zealandís first range of food packaging from recycled...

Energy agency welcomes Government moves on e-vehicles

11 Jul 19 - Proposals to get more low-emission vehicles on New Zealand roads could be a...

Wood industry centre wins more funding

10 Jul 19 - A project to foster the wood industry on East Cape has won another injection of...

YHA and Sunshine in line for energy excellence award

10 Jul 19 - YHA New Zealand and partners Sunshine Solar have been recognised as finalists...

Kangaroo Island shows rock-solid promise for lithium

25 Jun 19 - Mining and energy company Lithium Australia has reported it has found anomalous...

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