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Geology’s human footprint is enough to spur rage

Thursday - Once again science has presented evidence that a new geological epoch is here. This human footprint is all our own work.

Rising heat means more heat and more methane

Wednesday - Nights are warmer. So are northern lakes. And farm livestock are at greater risk of disease, thanks to rising heat.

Sharp rise is extreme weather, says UN

13 Oct 20 - Extreme weather events have increased dramatically in the past 20 years, taking a heavy human and economic toll worldwide, and are likely to wreak further havoc, the UN has said.

Want some eco-friendly tips? A new study says no, you don’t

13 Oct 20 - Hearing eco-friendly tips such as riding bikes instead of driving and going vegan to save the planet actually makes people less likely to do anything about climate change, new research shows.

Scientists didn’t expect wildfires this terrible for another 30 years

7 Oct 20 - This year has been hell on earth, in more ways than one. Catastrophic blazes have spanned the planet from Australia to the Arctic, and wildfires have torched large swaths of the western United States, all fulfilling forecasts much faster than scientists had predicted. It’s as if the wildfires of 2050 are already here.

Super-enzyme eats plastic super-fast

1 Oct 20 - A super-enzyme that degrades plastic bottles six times faster than before has been created by scientists and could be used for recycling within a year or two.

Shorter lifespan of faster-growing trees will add to climate crisis, study finds

9 Sep 20 - Live fast, die young is a truism often applied to rock stars but could just as easily describe trees, according to new research. Trees that grow rapidly have a shorter lifespan, which could spell bad news for tackling the climate crisis.

Warming climate brings record winter temperatures

4 Sep 20 - This winter was the warmest on record in New Zealand and is in line with scientific predictions about climate change, scientists say.

Plant world feels effect of growing climate heat

3 Sep 20 - From one end of the Americas to the other, climate heating is subjecting the plant world to radical change, with cold-resistant species increasingly yielding place to those that welcome the rising...

Arctic fires have released 205 megatonnes of CO2 this year alone

2 Sep 20 - The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by Arctic wildfires this year is already 35 per cent higher than the figure for the whole of 2019.

Changing oceans reveal clear human thumbprint

27 Aug 20 - Humankind has already begun to reshape the biggest available living space on the planet and to leave its mark in the changing oceans.

Children raised in greener areas have higher IQ, study finds

26 Aug 20 - Growing up in a greener urban environment boosts children’s intelligence and lowers levels of difficult behaviour, a study has found.

Covid-19 pushes back global overshoot day

17 Aug 20 - Earth Overshoot Day – the day each year on which human activity has used up all the resources the planet generates in a year and is moving into debt – has been pushed back by the covid-19 pandemic...

Woolly rhinos wiped out by climate change

14 Aug 20 - Although overhunting led to the demise of some prehistoric megafauna after the last ice age, a new study found that the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros may have been caused by climate change.

REPORT: Climate change will mean we get more diseases from animals

14 Aug 20 - As the new coronavirus continues to turn the world upside down, crashing economies and overextending health care systems, epidemiologists and infectious disease experts are increasingly focusing on...

CLIMATE CRISIS: Last decade was the hottest on record

13 Aug 20 - The past decade was the hottest ever recorded globally, with 2019 either the second or third warmest year on record, as the climate crisis accelerated temperatures upwards worldwide, scientists have...

Cod are disappearing because of global warming

13 Aug 20 - PEOPLE who love eating cod might have to change their preferences soon - according to new research published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, global warming may cause a decline in cod populations.

Climate science’s worst case is today’s reality

11 Aug 20 - A trio of US researchers has grim news for people worried about climate science’s worst case outcome. Forget about the other options. The worst case is already happening.

Diseases from wildlife thrive when nature is destroyed, study finds

7 Aug 20 - The human destruction of natural ecosystems increases the numbers of rats, bats and other animals that harbour diseases that can lead to pandemics such as Covid-19, a comprehensive analysis has found

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