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INDUSTRY: cut emissions by improving rubbish collection

26 Aug 20 - Cutting collection of household rubbish to fortnightly instead of weekly would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the industry says.

Using microbes to clean up electronic waste

20 Aug 20 - If you were to stack up all the electronic waste produced annually around the world it would weigh as much as all the commercial aircrafts ever produced, or 5000 Eiffel towers.

Ban looming for more plastic things

12 Aug 20 - Plastic items including straws, plates and branding stickers on fruit are likely to go the way of single-use plastic bags and be banned.

Nation's first waste-to-gas plant proves a point

6 Aug 20 - Construction of New Zealand’s first large-scale waste-to-biogas plant shows the country could eliminate greenhouse gas emission caused by food rotting in rubbish dumps, the Bioenergy Association says.

Mandatory product stewardship on the way

30 Jul 20 - A shake-up of the waste management system means six industries will have to take responsibility for their products once consumers have finished with them.

How plastic pollution problem could look by 2040

28 Jul 20 - We’re bombarded by information on the topic of marine litter and plastic pollution, but how much do we really know about the problem?


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