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Climate change threatens financial crash, says banker

Monday - The world’s most influential banker says an orderly switch from fossil fuels to renewables is needed to avoid turmoil on world stock markets.

Islands play vital climate change role, says UN chief

Monday - Pacific island nations have a crucial role to play in efforts to advance a sustainable future, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the region’s leaders as they met at United Nations Headquarters.

What in the world's going on ...

Monday - * The highs and (mostly) lows of Shell’s failed Arctic adventure * Climate pledges by 140 countries will not be enough * India unveils climate change plan * Netherlands enters appeal against climate ruling * Offer investors in booming renewables security, says IEA * Volkswagen to refit cars affected by emissions scandal * Europe’s largest solar park connected to the grid * Blame an FAA blunder for the lack of electric planes

China unveils trading plan and joins hands with US

28 Sep 15 - China, the world’s largest carbon polluter, has reiterated its carbon trading commitment and has pledged $3.1 billion in climate financing to assist developing countries.

UN adopts bold new sustainability goals

28 Sep 15 - The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a set of bold new global goals, which Ban Ki-moon hailed as a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world.

Forests move centre stage in India’s climate plan

28 Sep 15 - India, the world’s third-largest polluter, is planning to balance development with environment protection as it tackles climate change.

What in the world's going on ...

28 Sep 15 - * Q&A: Obama opens up on climate change * Pope to Congress: Act on issues of life and death, including climate * Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change * BP tops the list of firms obstructing climate action in Europe * Fading coal industry in China may offer chance to aid climate * Renewable energy outstrips coal for first time in UK electricity mix * Brewery turns utility into Texas-size solar art

Let’s take the market out of conservation

21 Sep 15 - For years, scientists and environmentalists have debated the best ways to conserve and protect natural resources from pollution and over-exploitation.

What in the world's going on ...

21 Sep 15 - * Australian homes among first to get Tesla's Powerwall solar-energy battery * Ministers unite on mandate for Paris climate talks * Canada having a green energy boom — with or without PM Harper *...

Climate change efforts are hurting Africa’s rural poor

21 Sep 15 - In recent years there has been significant movement toward land acquisition in developing countries to establish forestry plantations for offsetting carbon pollution elsewhere in the. This is often...

Copenhagen chair fears Paris talks outcome

Connie Hedegaard ... Paris worries.

14 Sep 15 - At the world’s last blockbuster climate summit, in Copenhagen in 2009, the person in the president’s chair was former EU climate commissioner and Danish environment minister Connie Hedegaard.

We need cities to make the most of urban ecosystems

14 Sep 15 - Back in 1839, public health expert J. F. Murray published his article The Lungs of London, in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine. Even then, city dwellers appreciated the advantages of open, green spaces.

What in the world's happening ...

14 Sep 15 - * Australian solar farms given $350m push * Civil aviation falling short of climate commitments * Southern Ocean showing revival in carbon absorption ability * Israel's 300 days of sun no help as...

Clean water musn't send climate targets down the gurgler

7 Sep 15 - Much of the world still lacks clean, safe water. Progress on sanitation is falling far short of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.

Top musicians release love song to Earth

Paul McCartney ... earth song

7 Sep 15 - Internationally renowned artists have released a song urging world leaders to reach a global agreement during the Paris climate conference in December to limit the impacts of climate change.

What in the world's happening ...

7 Sep 15 - * Shell to axe thousands of jobs amid $7 billion in spending cuts * What do chief executives really think about climate change? * Climate action will reduce risk of heart disease, say experts *...

Hurricane Katrina: what have we learned?

31 Aug 15 - Two academic papers inspired a media firestorm, polarising popular opinion and scientists, on whether global warming was in some way responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

What in the world's going on ...

Shanghai skyline.

31 Aug 15 - * What does China’s Black Monday mean for the climate? * Total brings down the curtain on coal operations * You can fight climate change and grow the economy, says Lord Stern * Government accused...

Islamic climate experts urge 1.5° limit on warming

24 Aug 15 - A far-reaching call to avoid runaway climate change and to build a more just and sustainable global society has been launched by Islamic leaders.

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