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Dutch judges deliver their decision.

Dutch court orders state to slash greenhouse emissions

Monday - A Dutch court has ordered the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions nationwide by at least 25 per cent by 2020, in a case that could serve as a blueprint for activists around the world.

If everyone lived in an ecovillage, the Earth would still be in trouble

Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland.

Monday - We are used to hearing that if everyone lived in the same way as North Americans or Australians, we would need four or five planet Earths to sustain us.

WORLD TODAY: World’s aquifers losing replenishment race

Monday - * Outcry as UK plans to privatise green bank * Climate change can destroy 50 years of health and development * Gates to invest $2bn in breakthrough renewable energy projects * Obama sets sizzling climate action pace in push to leave legacy * Why Cisco is buying solar energy

Prospect of warmer winters doesn’t mean fewer deaths

Winters may get milder in cities such as Paris, but respiratory diseases are a greater danger than cold.

Monday - Global warming is unlikely to mean that fewer people in northern latitudes will die from cold during the winter, according to a study by scientists in the United States.

What the Pope said about the trouble we're in

Pope Francis ... we are not God.

22 Jun 15 - In a document remarkable for its sweep and its depth, Pope Francis last week unveiled his long-awaited encyclical on the environment, in essence calling on humanity to address a climate and environmental crisis that calls for urgent global action.

WORLD TODAY: The Earth stands on the brink of its sixth mass extinction and the fault is ours

22 Jun 15 - * Is Russia moving toward a fracking future? * Carbon emissions from aircraft endanger human health, says US * Venezuela: The climate paradox of the petro-state * It’s Prost v Senna again – and this time the racing really is electric

India blames heatwave deaths on climate change

Sunrise on another baking hot day in southern India, where temperatures have reached 47° this year.

22 Jun 15 - Fierce temperatures in India doubled the heat-related deaths normally recorded in May − and the government insists natural causes are not to blame.

Insurance industry leaders must stand up, says UN

22 Jun 15 - The insurance industry has been told it must play a strong role in shaping a more sustainable future.

The G7 is right to call for fossil fuel phase-out, but it can happen sooner

US President Barak Obama addresses the G7.

15 Jun 15 - The G7 nations, at their summit in Germany, called for “a decarbonisation of the global economy over the course of this century”. Of course, this group of nations is among those most heavily in...

Rich countries’ climate plans leave yawning gap

Greater emissions cuts are needed to reduce the heating effect greenhouse gases have on the planet.

15 Jun 15 - Some of the world’s richest countries are not preparing to do anything like enough to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, according to new analysis.

WORLD TODAY: Pope's environment statement could change the climate fight

15 Jun 15 - * Bonn meeting ends with last-minute compromise on Paris climate text * Nine things we learned at the UN climate talks in Bonn * Planes choking people and planet, says US environment agency *...

Apollo plan asks for the moon in switch to renewables

8 Jun 15 - The vision is simple, the cost would be eye-watering, and the result could stop the growing threat from burning fossil fuels in its tracks.

World leaders urged to kick killer coal habit

8 Jun 15 - Leaders of G7 countries at the summit in Germany are being called on to show leadership by pledging to end all coal burning for electricity generation in the industrialised world.

WORLD TODAY: Norway to ditch $8 billion of coal assets in state pension fund

8 Jun 15 - * Ikea pledges $1b on renewable energy and climate change efforts * Ban rallies support for 'once-in-a-generation' UN sustainability agenda * Bishop rejects Kofi Annan claim Australia a...

China’s investment in renewables soars by a third

Hydropower stations such as the Three Gorges Dam are a major source of China’s renewable energy.

2 Jun 15 - Despite a slowdown in its economy and the continued reliance on coal, China is pumping billions of dollars into its renewable energy industry.

WORLD TODAY: It's time to wean ourselves off the fairytale version of farming

‘At a deep, subconscious level, the farm remains a place of harmony and kindness – and this suits us very well if we want to keep eating meat.’
Photo Credit: Ikon Images/Alamy

2 Jun 15 - * Garnaut: Australia can slash carbon by 40pc at modest cost * Ignoring carbon risk is ‘gross negligence’, says pensions chief * Car makers gear up for next round of CO2 emission cuts * France...

Why global finance must face up to the climate challenge

China is now investing heavily in green industries such as wind power.

2 Jun 15 - The world’s financial system must undergo comprehensive change by 2035 if humanity is to make the transition needed to reduce the threat of dangerous climate change, says a new United Nations report.

Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies

Hydroelectric plants such as Shasta Dam, in California, would suffer from reduced water flow.

25 May 15 - Climate change could mean that things get really tough for people in the US west in the second half of this century, according to new research.

Hungarian leader first head of state to back climate campaign

Janos Ader ... Paris challenges.

25 May 15 - Hungarian president János Áder has become the first head of state to join the Live Earth: Road to Paris campaign that aims to ensure world leaders agree to a binding deal on tackling climate change.

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Canon opens grants programme

8 Jun 15 - Canon New Zealand is calling for not-for-profit organisations and schools...

Japan and Mongolia switch on to planting plan

8 Jun 15 - Panasonic’s international tree-planting project has hit Japan and China.

Artificial grass goes green

8 Jun 15 - Artificial grass just went green with Eco Lawn providing new eco-friendly...

Bank's Auckland office wins green accolade

18 May 15 - Innovative design and exemplary waste minimisation has helped BNZ to achieve a...

Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

11 May 15 - Davis Funerals now uses caskets that are better for the environment.

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