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EU countries stall over carbon market reform

21 Dec 16 - After more than a year of negotiations, EU member states have come up short in their efforts to find common ground on a carbon market reform seen as necessary if the ambitions of the Paris Agreement on climate change are to be met.

Climate change puts the squeeze on coffee belt

21 Dec 16 - As a famous old song says, they’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. But if the findings of New Zealand and Australian researchers are right, that will change over the next 30 years.

Red alert as smog shuts down China

21 Dec 16 - A red alert, the highest level in the China's pollution warning system, has been issued in at least 23 cities as smog cancelled flights, shut factories and stopped traffic.

The seven deadly things we’re doing to trash the planet

20 Dec 16 - We weep at the disappearance of endangered species but avert our eyes to the causes of Earth’s destruction.

This year is days away from sealing record-hot spot

20 Dec 16 - In less than two weeks, 2016 will officially be the hottest year on the books in more than 120 years of record keeping by US agencies. It will be the third straight record-setting year — and of the 17 hottest years, 16 have been this century.

EU to cancel one billion pollution permits

16 Dec 16 - THE EUROPEAN UNION will cancel a billion pollution permits under a package of carbon market reforms agreed by EU lawmakers yesterday.

Peruvian loses lawsuit against German coal giant

16 Dec 16 - A climate lawsuit by a Peruvian farmer and mountain guide against energy company RWE has just been dismissed by Essen district court in Germany.

Bloomberg study urges climate financial disclosures

Michael Bloomberg

15 Dec 16 - Climate-related financial disclosures should be part of the public reporting of companies, a major new report says.

Businesses must come clean on carbon, says Carney

15 Dec 16 - Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned that the fight against climate change will be jeopardised unless companies with big carbon footprints come clean about their exposure to global warming...

SANTA SHOCK: Reindeer have become smaller and weaker

15 Dec 16 - It's climate change news the kids didn't want to hear ... Santa's reindeer might not be up to the job this Christmas.

Shrinking glaciers tell the whole climate story

14 Dec 16 - Retreating glaciers clearly document regional climate change over decade-long periods of time, suggesting that today’s shrinking glaciers are conclusive evidence that the climate is changing, says a...

Methane’s rapid spurt puts pressure on climate fight

After the permafrost thaws: Frozen methane bubbles, Alaska.

13 Dec 16 - One year ago today, with huge relief, scarcely able to believe their achievement, world leaders finally agreed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Study shows global power of Antarctic ice

13 Dec 16 - A study published today in the journal Nature reveals just how sensitive the Earth’s climate might be to changes taking place in Antarctica.

Anxious oil countries look at low-carbon future

13 Dec 16 - Squeezed budgets and rising energy demand will significantly heighten the demand and use of renewable and energy efficiency technologies across the Middle East, says a new white paper.

Canada sets first carbon price at $10 a tonne

12 Dec 16 - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that carbon pollution will cost $10 ($NZ10.63) a tonne in 2018, rising by $10 a year until it reaches $50 ($NZ53.16) in 2022.

Earth's bulging wasteline is becoming a problem

12 Dec 16 - In school, we learnt that the tropical zone is defined as the hot region of our planet – between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Climate deniers face scientific pushback

12 Dec 16 - People who argue that climate change is not happening or that the scientific case for it is overstated – climate deniers – should probably start preparing for a more robust response from scientists...

Trump pick to head EPA is climate sceptic

9 Dec 16 - Donald Trump has reportedly nominated an attorney-general who has sued and reviled the Environmental Protection Agency to be the body’s new chief.

Indonesia bans destruction of peatlands

9 Dec 16 - In potentially one of the biggest climate commitments since the 2015 Paris deal was agreed, Indonesia has banned development on its remaining 15 million hectares of peatlands.

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Karen Walker

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