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Corruption and coal rule in Indonesia

Tuesday - Prosecutors have indicted the head of a Indonesia's national power firm and other officials, raising hopes of a dirty energy clean-up.

Residents sue government over ‘world’s filthiest’ air

Friday - A group of citizens is suing the Indonesian government, including the president, over the poor air quality in Jakarta, which in recent weeks has ranked as the worst in the world.

Leftover spy satellites reveal Himalayas melt

21 Jun 19 - US spy satellites that secretly kept watch over the Himalayas during the Cold War are helping researchers piece together the most detailed view yet of the region's accelerating ice loss.

Coal-dependent Japan sets neutral goal

14 Jun 19 - Heavy on tech, light on any plans to tackle its coal dependency, Japan has released its climate legislation.

Students must plant 10 trees to graduate

4 Jun 19 - The PhilippineS Senate has passed a law requiring all students to plant 10 trees in order to graduate.

Malaysia loses last male rhino

31 May 19 - The last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died in a nature reserve on Borneo.

TREATED LIKE TRASH: Asians send back the West's rubbish

29 May 19 - South-east Asia has begun to push back against the deluge of plastic and electronic waste from the UK, US and Australia.

What is sustainable rubber?

23 May 19 - Rubber is one of the world’s most widely used materials, but irresponsible farming methods have led to deforestation and human rights abuses as the sector has grown.

Asian voters want environmental action

18 Apr 19 - Voters across Asia are most likely to usher in governments that take a stronger stance on climate change and other environmental issues, according to surveys released in the lead-up to national...

Melting ice exposing bodies of Mt Everest's missing climbers

25 Mar 19 - Melting glaciers on Mount Everest have begun exposing the bodies of climbers who died on the mountain.

Look what happened when they cleaned up this rubbish beach

21 Mar 19 - Baby-turtles have officially returned to Mumbai - and it's all because one of the world’s largest beach clean-up efforts.

Japanese investors back renewables

19 Mar 19 - Major Japanese investors, including those most indebted to coal, are seeking to back large-scale renewables projects across Asia, marking a “monumental” shift that energy market analysts say is “the...

Two billion people dread the day the Himalaya ice cap fails

8 Feb 19 - At least a third of the huge ice fields in Asia’s towering Himalaya mountain chain are doomed to melt due to climate change with serious consequences for almost two billion people.

Toxic smog forces Bangkok to close schools

4 Feb 19 - Toxic smog has forced Bangkok authorities to issue an unprecedented order to shut nearly 450 schools as authorities struggled to manage a pollution crisis that has stirred widespread concern.

Bali will bill tourists for plastic pollution

1 Feb 19 - Bali has announced plans to implement a tourist tax which targets plastic pollution.

Vietnam milk boom leads to billions of cartons on beaches

12 Dec 18 - More than eight billion Tetra Paks are sold every year in Vietnam – and only a few percent are recycled. It’s having a devastating effect on the environment.

Asia's media ignores air pollution shocker

4 Dec 18 - It's a public health crisis that kills almost five million people in Asia every year. So why isn’t air pollution a bigger story?

Everest's glaciers sensitive to climate change

29 Nov 18 - It's not only glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica that are feeling the effects of a changing climate.

Gas demand spurs race to build tankers

28 Nov 18 - Busy shipyards along the coasts of South Korea, China and Japan are competing for lucrative contracts to build liquefied natural gas carriers.

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