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LSE reclassifies oil and gas producers

4 Jul 19 - Oil and gas companies listed on the London Stock Exchange have been reclassified under a non-renewable energy category in a move designed to distinguish between heavily polluting companies and greener producers.

Farm co-op makes it 100 for climate coalition

24 Jun 19 - Farmer co-operative LIC is the 100th organisation to join the Climate Leadersí Coalition.

KELP KILLING: Fortunes being made from seaweed harvest

13 Jun 19 - Growing awareness of the climate crisis and a shift to plant-based diets have turned kelp farming into a thriving industry.

Only one firm signs up to investor guidelines

6 Jun 19 - Just one New Zealand company has signed up to international guidelines on disclosing climate exposure to investors.

Why scarred millennials want to punish business

29 May 19 - Years of economic uncertainty, growing inequality and fear of an inhospitable planet have created two generations prepared to punish companies whose motives they suspect, a new survey shows.

Bosch pledges to be carbon neutral by 2020

14 May 19 - The German conglomerate Bosch has promised to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2020.

Investment firms issue climate warnings

13 May 19 - Two major financial companies are issuing warnings to investors over climate change.

Banks hear they can't ignore climate dangers

Mark Carney

23 Apr 19 - The global financial system faces an existential threat from climate change and must take urgent steps to reform, the governors of the Bank of England and Franceís central bank have warned.

Carbon market pioneer Thomas Song dies

Thomas Song

16 Apr 19 - A New Zealand carbon market pioneer has died.

Amazon employees push Bezos to get busy

15 Apr 19 - More than 4500 Amazon employees have urged the company to take aggressive action on climate change and reduce its carbon footprint.

Reserve Bank joins Pacific climate initiative

8 Apr 19 - New Zealandís Reserve Bank is joining central banks across the Pacific in preparing for the impacts of climate change on the regionís monetary systems.

Power companies eye EV-charging potential

8 Apr 19 - With electric vehicle sales climbing, utilities are investing in thousands of new EV charging stations, recognising that if they don't move now, they could lose out on a growing and increasingly...

Saudi oil company world's most profitable business

4 Apr 19 - Saudi Arabiaís state oil company has emerged as the most profitable business in the world, racking up profits of $111.1bn in 2018 to overtake Apple.

What Warren Buffett thinks about climate change

26 Mar 19 - Warren Buffettís home state of Nebraska is dealing with the aftermath of record flooding, but donít expect the billionaire investor to jump to the conclusion that climate change is responsible.

Big emitters join hands to buy carbon forests

15 Mar 19 - Four of New Zealandís largest emitters are joining forces to supply their own carbon credits to meet obligations under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Sorry, says expert, but Bitcoin can't be green

15 Mar 19 - Bitcoin canít be green Ė even when it is powered by renewable energy, an expert says.

Report puts boardrooms on carbon liabilty notice

26 Feb 19 - The days of ignoring carbon prices and the risks associated with climate change are over, businesses are being told.

Insurers warn of slump in property prices

26 Feb 19 - Insurers say there is a risk of a climate change-related slump in property prices leading to financial turmoil.

Sustainability grows on private equity companies

26 Feb 19 - A new PwC survey has found that responsible investment and sustainable development are become more of a priority for private equity companies.

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