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OPINION: Carbon tariffs are not about Australia

Wednesday - Reports that Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, is considering calling for carbon border levies at the G7 summit to be held in London in June have produced a predictable reaction from the Australian government.

Climate threat in energy regulator's sights

Wednesday - United States federal energy regulators say they will examine threats that climate change and extreme weather events pose to the country’s electric reliability in the wake of last week’s deadly Texas freeze that left millions of people without power.

Serville oranges being turned into energy

Wednesday - A pilot scheme will use methane from fermenting fruit to create clean power for Serville's city water plant

Gas networks eyeing hydrogen

Tuesday - Australia's' natural gas pipeline owners are working to future-proof their $A75 billion in assets amid a global push towards clean energy, running tests to blend hydrogen with gas and produce green methane to replace the fossil fuel.

India’s energy policy is key to the planet’s future

Tuesday - Here’s the bad news: Unless India opts for a totally new energy policy - a revolutionary switch to a clean future - the world has no chance of avoiding dangerous climate change.

How corporations gave politicians permission to deny reality

Tuesday - Big companies donated to climate deniers in the US Congress—even while claiming to care about climate change. When those same lawmakers denied the results of the presidential election, the bill came due.

How can soil carbon cut Australia's emissions?

Monday - The Australian Government is backing soil carbon – drawing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the land – as a major part of its response to the climate crisis.

Questions over Samoa flood defence project

Monday - Flood walls in Samoa financed by the UN’s flagship climate fund are inadequate and could put people in danger, experts warn.

Russian region launches carbon trading plan

Monday - In Russia's remote far east, authorities have launched an unexpected experiment: an effort to try out carbon trading and reach net-zero planet-heating emissions by 2025.

IMF looks at climate credit-scores

Monday - Vulnerability to climate change is bad for sovereign credit ratings, says the International Monetary Fund.

Tax aviation to raise funds for poor countries

Friday - Taxes on international transport could provide finance to help developing countries cut greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the impacts of climate breakdown, a group of climate finance experts...

Amundi to quiz companies over climate action

Friday - Amundi, Europe's biggest asset manager, say it will seek more specifics from companies at upcoming shareholder meetings about their plans to reduce emissions.

Leveraging AI to fight climate change

Friday - International organisations, researchers and data scientists say artificial intelligence and big data are critical to combat years of promises but inadequate action on the climate, biodiversity and...

Oil and gas get emojis, why not wind power?

Friday - Scroll through all the emojis on your phone, and you’ll find a gas pump, an oil drum, and … zero sign of clean energy.

Put a big fat price on carbon, says OECD chief

18 Feb 21 - OECD Secretary General Ángel Gurría is bowing out with a climate-rallying cry, saying action on environmental crises must be the defining focus of wealthy countries after covid.

Green reforms of energy treaty divide EU

18 Feb 21 - The European Union has renewed its push for greening a major international treaty protecting energy investments, after last-minute wrangling and divisions between member states.

Europe pulls ahead in global hydrogen race

18 Feb 21 - Most of the world’s planned hydrogen projects and the biggest chunk of related investments this decade are expected to be in Europe, a new industry report says.

Hopes new WTO boss can calm carbon tensions

17 Feb 21 - New World Trade Organisation head Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala brings an awareness of climate issues to the UN trade body, where member states are set to clash over carbon border taxes.

Millions will die if world fails on climate promises

17 Feb 21 - Scientists have looked at conditions in just nine of the world’s 200 nations and found that − if the world keeps its Paris climate promises, of containing global heating to “well below” 2deg by...

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