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Trump pick to head EPA is climate sceptic

Today 10:00am - Donald Trump has reportedly nominated an attorney-general who has sued and reviled the Environmental Protection Agency to be the body’s new chief.

Indonesia bans destruction of peatlands

Today 10:00am - In potentially one of the biggest climate commitments since the 2015 Paris deal was agreed, Indonesia has banned development on its remaining 15 million hectares of peatlands.

Climate change threatens risk management

Thursday - The ability of the global insurance industry to manage society’s risks is being threatened by climate change, according to a new report.

Protesters get court to block plans for Polish coal plant

Thursday - Campaigners have won a court case to block construction of a 1.6GW coal plant in northern Poland.

There’s a secret UN climate summit taking place in Mexico

Thursday - There’s a UN climate change meeting involving nearly 200 governments taking place right now in the Mexican holiday resort of Cancun.

Japan's emissions drop to five-year low

Wednesday - Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell 3 per cent to a five-year low in the financial year through March due to lower power demand, growing renewable energy and the restart of nuclear power plants.

Climate change will stir ‘unimaginable’ crisis

Wednesday - Climate change is set to cause a refugee crisis of “unimaginable scale,” according to senior military figures, who warn that global warming is the greatest security threat of the 21st century.

GORE on TRUMP: No time for despair

Tuesday - The urgent threat of climate change means there is “no time to despair” over the election of Donald Trump, according to former vice-president Al Gore.

China sets 2020 target for clean air in big cities

Tuesday - China aims to provide clean air in its largest cities for 80 per cent of each year, or more than nine-and-a-half months, by 2020, up from a figure of 76.7 per cent last year.

GRITTY GIFT: Windborne dust is Africa's export to the world

Tuesday - Climate scientists have identified Africa’s single biggest export – the windborne dust that fertilises the Amazon forests, nourishes life in the Atlantic ocean and softens the noonday blaze of the...

Denmark slashes food waste by 25 per cent in just five years

Tuesday - Denmark has cut food waste by 25 per cent in five years, thanks to a new approach to damaged and out-of-date food.

Soil holds 50 trillion kilograms of carbon

Monday - More than 50 trillion kilograms of carbon could be released into the atmosphere from the soil by mid-century if no moves to mitigate climate change are successful, says a new report.

More and more people are getting into bigger trouble

2 Dec 16 - On average, one person is displaced each second by a disaster-related hazard. In global terms, that’s about 26 million people a year.

Trading group hails EU climate strategy move

2 Dec 16 - The European Commission’s Winter Package is a further step toward harmonising the bloc’s climate and energy strategy, says the International Emissions Trading Association.

Antarctic search begins for world's oldest ice

1 Dec 16 - As the short Antarctic spring ends and long summer days approach, geo­scientists are flocking to the frozen continent to start a new kind of exploration.

EU targets energy waste and coal in new climate deal

1 Dec 16 - Europe will begin phasing out coal subsidies and cut its energy use by 30 per cent before the end of the next decade, under a major clean energy package just announced.

Cement giants get €5b carbon market windfall

1 Dec 16 - The EU carbon market's generous handouts to industries deemed at risk of losing business abroad are undermining the system, a watchdog has warned.

How two clothing tycoons saved Patagonia

1 Dec 16 - Alongside her husband, Doug, Kris McDivitt Tompkins bought up vast swaths of Patagonia to save it from developers.

Americans begin to fear for public lands

30 Nov 16 - Donald Trump’s election portends a major shift in how one of America’s greatest bulwarks against the impacts of climate change will be protected and used for fossil fuel development.

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