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Sir Jonathon Porritt

Direct action the only way, says protester Porritt

Friday - Direct action by protesters is the only thing that will push politicians into treating climate change as the crisis it is, says the chair of Air New Zealand’s sustainability board, Sir Jonathon Porritt.

Temperatures driving alarming levels of hunger

Friday - The climate crisis is driving alarming levels of hunger in the world, undermining food security in the world’s most vulnerable regions, according to this year’s global hunger index.

We'll see more ebola outbreaks, say scientists

Wednesday - Outbreaks of ebola – the deadly virus that causes severe bleeding and liver and kidney failure – are likely to increase as the climate warms, scientists say.

Big Three oversee $300b in fossil fuel investments

14 Oct 19 - The world’s three largest money managers have built a combined $300bn fossil fuel investment portfolio using money from people’s private savings and pension contributions, the Guardian reveals.

World needs a massive carbon tax, says IMF

14 Oct 19 - A global agreement to make fossil fuel burning more expensive is urgent and the most efficient way of fighting climate change, the International Monetary Fund says.

The 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

11 Oct 19 - The Guardian has revealed the 20 fossil fuel companies whose relentless exploitation of the world’s oil, gas and coal reserves can be directly linked to more than one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the modern era.

Fight for our largest forest (it's not the Amazon)

11 Oct 19 - Cheremkhovsky forest covers a 7900 sq km sweep of terrain, but it is merely a dot in the sprawling 12 million sq km Russian boreal forest, or taiga, the world’s largest forested region.

It seems there's a little bit of the climate denier in all of us

11 Oct 19 - It's easy to spot outright rejection of the facts on climate change. But it's far harder to see our own biases and excuses that lead us to delay or deny the need for real action.

How Extinction Rebellion put the whole world on red alert

XR protesters in Wellington
Photo Credit: Matt Sharpe

8 Oct 19 - Members of Extinction Rebellion have been described in the UK media as ecomaniacs, ecoradicals, dangerous, and a bloody mess.

Human ancestors lived in a low-carbon world

8 Oct 19 - For the entire 2.5 million years of the Ice Age epoch called the Pleistocene, it was a low-carbon world.

Ocean boom picks up plastic for first time

4 Oct 19 - A huge floating device designed to clean up an island of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean that is three times the size of France has successfully picked up plastic from the high seas for the first time.

Drought could hit half world’s wheat at once

3 Oct 19 - The planet’s daily bread could be at risk as almost two-thirds of the world’s wheat-growing areas face “severe, prolonged, and near-simultaneous droughts”.

OUR HEALTH: Should we be worried about microplastics?

3 Oct 19 - Plastic is everywhere – in our food, air, water and oceans. But do we know enough to determine how harmful it is to our health?

Shippers rig vessels with 'cheat machines'

2 Oct 19 - Global shipping companies have spent billions rigging vessels with “cheat devices” that circumvent new environmental legislation by dumping pollution into the sea, a UK newspaper says.

Why you should stop buying new clothes

30 Sep 19 - The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, producing 20 per cent of global wastewater and 10 per cent of global carbon emissions – and it’s estimated that by 2050 this...

Don’t bet on UN to fix climate crisis – it’s failed for 30 years

25 Sep 19 - We’re constantly encouraged to think of the next big climate summit as the most important one, the one that is about to make the all-important breakthrough.

Young climate protesters will force nations to answer to UN

24 Sep 19 - Five members of the G20 are the subject of a complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child for failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The hard truths of climate change — by the numbers

23 Sep 19 - A set of troubling charts shows how little progress nations have made toward limiting greenhouse-gas emissions.

Make phones that last longer and we could cut emissions

20 Sep 19 - Extending the lifespan of smartphones by just one year would significantly reduce carbon emissions in the European Union, according to a new report .

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Ports of Auckland buys world-first electric tug

5 Aug 19 - Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with Dutch company Damen Shipyards to...

Gene editing has crucial role in cutting emissions

Dr Zahra Champion

30 Jul 19 - Gene editing has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions to deal with...

LGNZ gets clear climate message from school activists

26 Jul 19 - School Strike 4 Climate NZ organisers Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder...

New plant makes food packaging from recycled plastic

16 Jul 19 - A new plant to make New Zealand’s first range of food packaging from recycled...

Energy agency welcomes Government moves on e-vehicles

11 Jul 19 - Proposals to get more low-emission vehicles on New Zealand roads could be a...

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