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April was second-hottest on record

Today 10:00am - Last month was the second-hottest April since records began in 1891, rivaled only by April 2016.

Inside the long war to protect plastic

Today 10:00am - Single-use plastic is clogging oceans and landfills. The industry that makes it has waged a decades-long campaign to keep it on the market.

OPINION: Only radical measures will work

Gaia Vince

Today 10:00am - By GAIA VINCE | A four-degree-warmer world is the stuff of nightmares and yet that’s where we’re heading in just decades.

To get climate crisis talked about, get Corrie on the case

Today 10:00am - The topic of climate change features on television about as often as that of zombies, urine, or rhubarb.

Glasgow aims to be UK’s first net-zero city

Today 10:00am - Glasgow has committed to being the UK’s first net-zero city.

New York aims to create green union jobs

Monday - Efforts to build offshore wind turbines to power up to sx million homes will create more than 10,000 jobs under Climate Jobs New York's plan.

How billions of gamers could help us fight the climate crisis

Monday - The 2.4 billion people worldwide who play video games present an opportunity for boosting environmental awareness and action, a new report points out.

Bob Hawke and a climate change 'what if'

Monday - Since the news broke of his passing last week, former Australian leader Bob Hawke has been feted as the “environmental prime minister”.

California bans pesticide linked to brain damage

Monday - California has banned a pesticide that has been proven to cause brain damage in children.

Disasters put pressure on human survival, says UN

Friday - Increasingly complex, growing and related risks, from global warming to pollution and epidemics, threaten human survival if left to escalate, the United Nations has warned.

How mismanaged waste kills million people a year

Friday - Mismanaged waste is causing hundreds of thousands of people to die each year in the developing world from easily preventable causes, a report has found.

Let's face it, building in glass was never a very good idea

Friday - Glass has always been a notoriously energy-inefficient building material – but an obsession with aesthetics led architects to ignore its shortcomings.

These strange beasts are our cars

Friday - Widespread automation, electrification, and connectivity are set to revolutionise the car of the future.

Agriculture emissions put Wales on the outer

Thursday - Wales' farming emissions have been put in the too-hard basket by the UK Committee on Climate Change.

Clean up or pay up, New York warns Trump over buildings

Thursday - US President Donald Trump faces fines of more than $2 million a year unless he reduces carbon emissions from his New York buildings.

States fight rollback of Obama lightbulb rules

Thursday - US States are preparing to fight back as the Trump administration moves to erase Obama-era standards for lightbulbs.

New orchards offer new life to wild species

Thursday - New orchards are appearing across the UK to stop the widespread decline of rare insects and birds, and to slow down climate change.

Pollution research points finger at Coca-Cola

Thursday - Coca-Cola bottles and cans are the most commonly found items of packaging pollution on British beaches, new research shows.

Islanders sue Australia over climate inaction

15 May 19 - Torres Strait islanders are about to file an unprecedented legal complaint against Australia, accusing the government of breaching their human rights by falling short on its Paris Agreement pledges.

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Finland using circular economy of textiles

Today 10:00am - In Finland, end-of-life textiles no longer end up in landfills, but there is...

Adidas launches 100% recyclable footwear

26 Apr 19 - Adidas has launched a 100 per cent recyclable shoe aimed at unlocking a...

Whangarei likes electric vehicles

16 Aug 18 - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand...

Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

7 Mar 18 - Mercury has taken a step to inspire New Zealanders to embrace the future of...

Calix gets finance for carbon-captue project

1 Feb 18 - Australian technology company Calix says it has secured 3.4 million euros in...

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