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Southeast Asian mangrove destruction is rampant

20 Mar 20 - Southeast Asia’s aggressive development to spur economic growth are stripping the region’s coasts of mangrove forests at rates faster than anywhere.

India finally takes climate crisis seriously

19 Mar 20 - With financial losses and a heavy death toll from climate-related disasters constantly rising, India is at last focusing on the dangers of global warming.

South Korea wants Green New Deal

18 Mar 20 - South Korea's ruling party has announced its ambition for the nation to adopt a Green New Deal and deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Bali does battle with plague of plastic

24 Feb 20 - Indonesia is the world’s second-largest ocean plastic polluter, after China.

Singapore joins drive to phase out fossil fuel vehicles

24 Feb 20 - Climate-vulnerable Singapore will part ways with fossil fuel vehicles within the next two decades and throw its weight behind cleaner vehicles.

Malaysia’s banks buck trend against coal

19 Feb 20 - Malaysia’s major banks are bucking a global trend toward the decarbonisation of the finance industry by continuing to finance new coal-fired power projects in Southeast Asia, a new report has found.

Mining leads to flooding in coal capital

11 Feb 20 - Major flooding from just a few hours of heavy rain in Samarinda, Indonesia’s coal-mining capital, has underscored the severity of the environmental degradation being carried out by the industry, officials say.

Japan races to build coal-burning power plants

7 Feb 20 - Just beyond the windows of Satsuki Kanno’s apartment overlooking Tokyo Bay, a behemoth from a bygone era will soon rise: a coal-burning power plant, part of a buildup of coal power that is unheard-of...

Asian countries spurn and burn waste imports

3 Feb 20 - Two years after China’s ban on other countries' waste, Southeast Asian nations are struggling to deal with import surge, and are enacting bans of their own.

China, India face crticism over potent pollutants

29 Jan 20 - A new study suggests that China and India might not be living up to recent pledges to dramatically reduce emissions of a greenhouse gas nearly 13,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

City buses might moove to dung-drive

29 Jan 20 - Not in their wildest dreams did the residents of Karachi’s Cattle Colony think that the filth they were living in for more than four decades would generate wealth as well as energy.

Indonesia forest fires cost $5.2 billion

13 Dec 19 - The total damage and economic loss from forest fires in Indonesia this year amounts to at least $5.2 billion, says the World Bank.

Big Energy boosts coal in Philippines

28 Nov 19 - Coal expansion by the Philippines’ biggest energy companies could lead to the fossil fuel’s share of the energy mix growing from 52 per cent today to a whopping 75 per cent by 2025.

Vietnam has a remarkable wind-energy story

21 Nov 19 - Vietnam is rising as Southeast Asia’s new wind hero, with power capacity soon to dwarf that of all other Asean nations.

Myanmar hands over forests to oil palm producers

15 Nov 19 - Myanmar has handed out more than 400,000 hectares of oil palm concessions to 44 companies, some of the land overlapping with proposed national parks.

Coal is still king in Southeast Asia

10 Oct 19 - Not only will coal continue to be the dominant fuel source in power generation in Southeast Asia, its use will grow and peak in 2027 before slowing, according to a new study.

Can indonesia avoid a capital distaster?

6 Sep 19 - Indonesia will build a new capital city from scratch in a jungle-covered area with little to no infrastructure and it could be an environmental disaster.

Most Southeast Asia banks ignore climate crisis

27 Aug 19 - Most Southeast Asian banks are indifferent to climate change in their lending operations, a new report has found.

IKEA IDEA: Inspired firm aims to electrify a million boats

27 Aug 19 - A Singapore startup on a mission to replace a million polluting diesel-powered boats in Southeast Asia has been inspired by Ikea.

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