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Climate change turning Antarctica's snow green

21 May 20 - Warming temperatures in Antarctica are helping the formation and spread of “green snow” that in places can be seen from space.

Largest Arctic science expedition finds itself on thin ice

19 May 20 - Covid-19 is just one of many setbacks for hundreds of scientists pursuing critical climate questions in the world’s most remote and inhospitable environment.

Plastic waste now litters Antarctic shore

13 May 20 - British and German scientists have identified "sickening" levels of plastic waste in the Southern Ocean that washes around Antarctica.

North Pole may be clear water by mid-century

30 Apr 20 - Within 30 years, there could be clear blue water over the North Pole – not good news for most of the planet.

Greenland sheds ice at record rate

16 Apr 20 - The Greenland ice sheet melted at a near-record rate in 2019, and much faster than the average of previous decades, scientists have revealed.

We need not fear ancient methane timebombs

7 Apr 20 - The Arctic is predicted to warm faster than anywhere else in the world this century, perhaps by as much as 7deg.

Earth's deepest ice canyon vulnerable to melting

27 Mar 20 - East Antarctic's Denman Canyon is the deepest land gorge on Earth, reaching 3500m below sea level. It's also filled top to bottom with ice which has a significant vulnerability to melting.

One summer cost Greenland 600 billion tonnes of ice

20 Mar 20 - Greenland lost 600 billion tonnes of ice last summer due to an exceptionally warm season, according to a new study.

Record Antarctic temperatures fuel sea level worry

21 Feb 20 - Sea levels might threaten coastal cities sooner than expected, scientists say, as ice loss speeds up and Antarctic temperatures rise.

Antarctic melt led to 3m sea level rise 120,000 years ago

14 Feb 20 - Mass melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet, driven by warmer ocean temperatures, was a major cause of extreme sea level rise more than 100,000 years ago, according to new research.

Antarctica logs hottest day on record

10 Feb 20 - Antarctica has logged its hottest temperature on record, with an Argentinian research station thermometer reading 18.3deg, beating the previous record by 0.8deg.

Rewilding the Arctic would be a mammoth task

31 Jan 20 - It would be a monumental task to start rewilding the Arctic, but the climate payoff could be mammoth.

What's driving the Antarctic meltdown?

14 Nov 19 - Along with warmer water eating away at Antarctic ice shelves from below, atmospheric rivers are causing trouble from above.

Melting glaciers reveal five islands in Arctic

23 Oct 19 - The Russian navy says it has discovered five new islands revealed by melting glaciers in the remote Arctic.

Antarctica shows 65,000 ‘meltwater lakes’

4 Oct 19 - Blue lakes have been forming in record numbers around the edges of the Antarctic ice sheet as warmer temperatures cause snow and ice to melt and collect in depressions on the surface.

Giant iceberg breaks off east Antarctica

2 Oct 19 - The calving of the 1636 sq km iceberg in Antarctica is not linked to climate change, scientists say, but could speed up further melting.

Changes turning Arctic into economic hotspot

26 Aug 19 - As melting ice opens Arctic shipping lanes and reveals incredible riches, the region is seen as a new geopolitical and economic asset, with the US, Russia, China and others wanting in.

Changing climate traumatises Greenlanders

14 Aug 19 - The climate crisis is causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety to people in Greenland who are struggling to reconcile the traumatic impact of global heating with their traditional way of...

Winds of change driving Antarctic ice melt

13 Aug 19 - Global warming is driving a shift in regional winds around the edges of Antarctica, and that's speeding up the meltdown of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, new research shows.

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