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Countdown to push free-range eggs

18 Aug 16 - The Countdown supermarket chain says it will make supply agreements with individual producers of free-range and barn eggs, giving suppliers greater economic security.

Simple pollination steps help cotton farmers

16 Aug 16 - Cotton is the world’s most widely grown and economically important non-food crop. In the United States alone, farmers grow cotton on 12 million to 14.5 million acres, and produce a yearly harvest worth nearly $25 billion.

Why farmers should give up the plough

15 Aug 16 - Farmers need to give up the plough to protect UK food security in the face of climate change, warn government advisers.

Dairy groups blast methane reductions

11 Aug 16 - California’s attempt to curb emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is facing vocal opposition from a dairy industry that fears government meddling in the flatulence of its cows.

Fonterra turns dairy waste into fertiliser

9 Aug 16 - New wastewater treatment technology at Fonterra’s Edendale site is turning dairy waste into fertiliser that is helping local pastures to flourish.

Landcorp to can palm kernel animal feed

8 Aug 16 - Palm kernel won’t be fed to animals on Landcorp-owned farms after this financial year.

Trees clear winner as carbon farmer cashes in

Neil Walker

5 Aug 16 - Carbon credits have netted a dairy farmer more than he could have ever made from running livestock on his Taranaki hill country.

BEE WARNED: Agriculture stands to lose millions

3 Aug 16 - New Zealand agriculture stands to lose $295-728 million annually if the local honeybee population continues to decline, according to a new study into the economic consequences of a decline in...

Farming fund looks for new customers

2 Aug 16 - The 2017 round of the Sustainable Farming Fund is open for applications.

How right price, right credits would suit farmers

Dr Levante Temar

29 Jul 16 - A carbon price of $25 and a 50 per cent allocation of free credits would make the Emissions Trading Scheme viable for some farmers, a new report shows.

Irish agriculture faces emissions dilemma

26 Jul 16 - Ireland is facing a classic conflict, pitching economic growth targets against the need for action on climate change.

Solar farms offer bonus for tropical crops

19 Jul 16 - Research in England shows that solar farms reduce local temperature and provide shade, enabling crops in hot and desert climates to flourish.

DROUGHT-DODGER: Let's hear it for the humble bean

18 Jul 16 - Scientists have found that some varieties of beans − a vital food crop grown on every continent except Antarctica − have developed ways of coping with the climate-related droughts that...

FULL OF BEANS: Pulses should fill the food basket

7 Jul 16 - Three years ago, the United Nations passed a resolution declaring 2016 the International Year of the Pulse.

Do cows get seasick? Here comes the floating dairy farm

6 Jul 16 - Do cows get seasick? It’s not a question farmers often ask, except in the Dutch city of Rotterdam where a team of developers plans to build a floating dairy.

What do you do with 162 million tonnes of manure?

4 Jul 16 - Americans' access to cheap meat comes at a cost: Millions of tonnes of manure and toxic pollutants which threaten some of the nation's most important waterways.

How science can strengthen endangered plants

27 Jun 16 - As the human population swells – and in the face of a changing and unpredictable climate – the demand for natural resources increases. This leads to distressing rates of deforestation to prepare land...

The race is on to feed a warming world

24 Jun 16 - Scientists warn that plant breeders will need to accelerate development schedules if they are to ensure the ever-growing population can be fed as global temperatures rise

Can robots cut farming’s carbon footprint?

23 Jun 16 - Drones, satellites and weed-killing lasers could slash the energy used to grow crops, say experts.

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Child labour not for us, says Karen Walker

Karen Walker

12 Aug 16 - Kiwi clothing designer Karen Walker has certified that none of its garments are...

Farm trust honours regional winners

8 Jun 16 - Supreme winners from the 11 regions participating in the 2016 Ballance Farm...

Canon offers prizes to environmentalists

7 Jun 16 - Canon New Zealand’s 2016 Environmental Grants Programme is open.

School gets first Powerwall battery

16 May 16 - New Zealand’s first Tesla Energy Powerwall battery has been switched on at a...

Small meat producer wins help from the experts

28 Apr 16 - A specialist pork and beef producer has won a nationwide competition to have...

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