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Bill Mollison

Farewell to green movement's prince of permaculture

Friday - Permaculture pioneer Bill Mollison, who died last weekend, was one of the true heroes of the modern environmental movement.

Food supply fears spark China's global land grab

Wednesday - China is protecting itself against future food supply problems caused by climate change by buying or leasing large tracts of land in Africa and South America, a leading UK climate scientist says.

Farming mega-mergers threaten food security

Wednesday - Proposed new deals would put the majority of seeds, chemicals and GM traits in the hands of three companies, deepening poverty for small-scale farmers.

What we can do about threats to our food security and feed nine billion people

23 Sep 16 - Can we really feed nine billion people? That’s the estimated global population in the year 2050.

Agriculture emissions continue to grow

16 Sep 16 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture continue to climb.

Lower crop yields test market forces

15 Sep 16 - Food will cost the consumer more as a result of climate change, but it is not at all clear that farmers will profit accordingly, says a new study.

Now it's milk ... minus the dairy industry

14 Sep 16 - A San-Francisco startup believes it has found a solution for the guilty conscience of consumers who love eating dairy ice-cream, cheese and yoghurt, but oppose factory-style farming and its environmental footprint.

Warmer world not healthy for wheat crops

13 Sep 16 - Global wheat production will fall as temperatures rise, a new study shows.

Our best shot at cooling the planet might be right under our feet

12 Sep 16 - Studies suggest that regenerating the soil by turning our backs on industrial farming holds the key to tackling climate change.

Making wine brings a lot of energy headaches

12 Sep 16 - Wine production consumes large amounts of energy and generates a sizeable quantity of greenhouse gases.

Planting flooded paddies raises rice methane threat

12 Sep 16 - Directly seeding rice into fields rather than transplanting it into flooded paddies would dramatically reduce methane emissions and slow down climate change, according to scientists studying the...

FLY BUYS: Insects could be the animal food of the future

5 Sep 16 - While science is racing to develop more drought tolerant crop strains through genetic engineering, there may be a simpler alternative ­­­‑- flies.

Planet paying high price for palm oil profits

5 Sep 16 - Palm oil makes a big contribution to modern life as one of the most widely used substances in food, cooking, cosmetics, medicines and a range of chemicals. But the industry that produces it is...

Countdown to push free-range eggs

18 Aug 16 - The Countdown supermarket chain says it will make supply agreements with individual producers of free-range and barn eggs, giving suppliers greater economic security.

Simple pollination steps help cotton farmers

16 Aug 16 - Cotton is the world’s most widely grown and economically important non-food crop. In the United States alone, farmers grow cotton on 12 million to 14.5 million acres, and produce a yearly harvest...

Why farmers should give up the plough

15 Aug 16 - Farmers need to give up the plough to protect UK food security in the face of climate change, warn government advisers.

Dairy groups blast methane reductions

11 Aug 16 - California’s attempt to curb emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, is facing vocal opposition from a dairy industry that fears government meddling in the flatulence of its cows.

Fonterra turns dairy waste into fertiliser

9 Aug 16 - New wastewater treatment technology at Fonterra’s Edendale site is turning dairy waste into fertiliser that is helping local pastures to flourish.

Landcorp to can palm kernel animal feed

8 Aug 16 - Palm kernel won’t be fed to animals on Landcorp-owned farms after this financial year.

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Children's sunscreen fails tests

22 Sep 16 - Makers of a children’s sunscreen marketed as “organic” have been warned by the...

Child labour not for us, says Karen Walker

Karen Walker

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Farm trust honours regional winners

8 Jun 16 - Supreme winners from the 11 regions participating in the 2016 Ballance Farm...

Canon offers prizes to environmentalists

7 Jun 16 - Canon New Zealand’s 2016 Environmental Grants Programme is open.

School gets first Powerwall battery

16 May 16 - New Zealand’s first Tesla Energy Powerwall battery has been switched on at a...

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