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Tuesday - OBAMA PROPOSES OIL TAX TO PAY FOR TRANSPORT: President Obama’s proposal to impose a $10 tax on every barrel of oil and spend the money on advances in transportation is one of the most comprehensive attempts yet to address the climate impacts of moving people and freight from place to place.


2 Feb 16 - Copenhagen’s mayor has announced plans to divest the city’s 6.9bn kroner ($NZA1.5b)) investment fund of all holdings in coal, oil and gas.


25 Jan 16 - CITIES FIND WAYS TO NUDGE PEOPLE OUT OF CARS: Home to more than half of the planet’s seven billion people and a large portion of its 1.2 billion cars, cities face a huge challenge as the world strives to meet the Paris climate goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 deg above pre-industrial levels.

America's politics of climate unlikely to change

Donald Trump

18 Jan 16 - In an American lection year, with two parties dug in on opposite sides of the climate issue, perhaps only extreme weather will roil the debate.

The current economic system is looking pretty tired

Bhutan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck ... contentment comes first

18 Jan 16 - It’s increasingly clear that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way humans run the world. There are many contradictions experienced daily that prove this: the widening social gaps between rich and poor, the paradox of obesity next to starvation, and the ongoing destruction of the planet for short-term private profit.


18 Jan 16 - BEIJING TO SHUT POLLUTING FIRMS: Beijing will close 2500 small polluting firms this year in its latest effort to combat pollution, state news agency Xinhua reported.

What we can learn from the rise and fall of climate and civilizations

15 Dec 15 - This year will likely be the hottest on record, beating the previous record set only in 2014. It is also likely to be the first year the global average temperature reaches 1deg above pre-industrial temperatures (measured from 1880-1899).

US town faces watery end from rising sea

Tangier island

15 Dec 15 - The United States, a strenuous doubter of the facts of climate change, will lose an entire town to rising sea level within the next century.

What in the world's going on ...

Mark Carney

7 Dec 15 - * Bloomberg to head global taskforce on climate change * Carney: Businesses should aim for net zero emissions * Four cities lead world on climate action * New York aims for vast e-car fleet *...

UN report counts human cost of changing climate

30 Nov 15 - A new study informs delegates to the Paris summit that extreme weather in the past two decades has claimed well over half a million lives and cost trillions of dollars.

What in the world's going on ...

Christiana Figueres

30 Nov 15 - * Christiana Figueres: the woman whose job it is to save the world * Gates to launch clean energy project in Paris * Unilever vows to go 'carbon positive' by 2030 * Malaysia targets cut in...

Reporters risk lives on environment front line

Paris deomonstrations

30 Nov 15 - As the Paris climate talks begin, Reporters Without Borders has released a report called Hostile Climate for Environmental Journalists that examines the often tragic difficulties for reporters...

Brazilian drought adds to impact of dam collapse

23 Nov 15 - Reduced river flows in Brazil, as global warming intensifies the drought there, mean more damage from a burst dam, scientists say.

The Big Apple puts bite on all corporations

23 Nov 15 - In a move that is potentially transformative, the New York attorney general is investigating Exxon for financial fraud.

What in the world's going on...

23 Nov 15 - * Pacific temperature data shows El Niño gathering record strength * Super-rich Qatar delivers target-free UN climate pledge * Britain calls for closing of coal-fired power plants by 2025 * Egypt...

What in the world's going on ...

16 Nov 15 - * Paris is safe, France assures climate talks visitors * EU scientists advise higher safety limits on glyphosate * Science Museum ends sponsorship deal with Shell * World’s largest ocean clean-up...

Cash is key to success at Paris climate talks

9 Nov 15 - A former key figure in UN climate change policy-making says economists now see that development without destroying the environment is the only way forward.

What in the world's going on ...

9 Nov 15 - * Pacific Islands make last-ditch plea before Paris * Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline * Canada gets first climate change minister * IMF to factor climate risk into forecasts * Renewable energy...

Life in the pedestrian fast lane is no life at all

9 Nov 15 - Everyone has experienced it. Striding along in a purposeful hurry, your progress is thwarted by a slow-moving pedestrian, dawdling along the pavement. Perhaps they’re talking into their mobile phone,...

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Toyota dealers save on energy costs

30 Nov 15 - Toyota dealers around the country have saved a total of $125,000 in energy...

Eco tours operator impresses judges

12 Oct 15 - A successful business driven by the ethos of inspiration through adventure is...

Green cleaners no better than water, says watchdog

7 Sep 15 - Manufacturers of laundry balls market them as an “environmentally friendly”...

Kia remains our only CarboNZero certified car company

7 Sep 15 - Kia is the only car company in New Zealand that has gained certification by...

Accounting for your Meridian bill takes Xero energy

7 Sep 15 - Xero and Meridian Energy have announced a partnership that will save Kiwi...

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