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Backyard battery recycling biggest chemical polluter

Wednesday - The backyard recycling of lead-acid car batteries is the number one source of chemical pollution in the world’s poorer nations and leads to millions of years of healthy life being lost, according to a new report.

Britain becomes nuclear showroom to the world

Wednesday - The UK has laid out a welcome mat for any nuclear operators in the world who want to showcase their latest designs in Britain − the one exception being the Russian state company Rosatom.

Pope's climate message falls flat in America, says report

Wednesday - Pope Francis' landmark statement on climate change and his call for more work on the issue failed to sway conservative American Catholics, according to a new study.

Antarctic glacier biggest threat for rising sea levels

Tuesday - US and British science agencies have announced a multimillion-dollar research mission to study an enormous and exceedingly remote Antarctic glacier, one that they say could hold the potential for major sea level rise before the end of the century.

UN approves urgent global warming report

21 Oct 16 - Top climate scientists have just under two years to deliver assessment of dangers and avoiding strategies for warming of 1.5deg.

UN tells Bangladesh to halt coal plant

21 Oct 16 - The UN’s world heritage body has made an urgent intervention to stop the construction of a coal power station in Bangladesh.

Why has climate been ignored in US election debates?

21 Oct 16 - Climate change has been the elephant in the room during the three US presidential debates. Ignoring this issue would be more understandable if this metaphorical pachyderm weren’t about to rampage through the lives of Americans, causing upheaval on a scale not seen since the start of human civilization.

Emissions fall as EU cuts surplus carbon quotas

20 Oct 16 - Greenhouse gas emissions from the main sectors covered by the European carbon market fell between 2014 and 2015, according to the European Environment Agency.

Why is the US Green Party so irrelevant?

20 Oct 16 - Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it.

Millions more facing extreme poverty by 2030

19 Oct 16 - Up to 122 million more people worldwide could be living in extreme poverty by 2030 as a result of climate change and its impacts on small-scale farmers’ incomes, a major UN report warns.

What if nature had the protections of a person?

19 Oct 16 - The world has taken notice of a radical approach taken by New Zealand in 2014 when it adopted the Te Urewera Act which granted an 821-square-mile forest the legal status of a person.

It's been another hot one

18 Oct 16 - September set a record with temperatures 1.6deg above normal, besting the previous mark set in September 2014. It’s the latest in a run of months — and years — where freakish global warmth has become...

EU parliament backs carbon market reform

17 Oct 16 - The industry committee of the European Parliament has voted 45 to 13 in favour of a compromise for reforming the EU’s carbon market.

Global ‘bright spots’ offer climate change hope

17 Oct 16 - We are constantly bombarded with bad news about climate change and the state of the planet – to the point where problems can seem so great that we feel powerless to do anything about them.

Comet collision could have caused rapid carbon rise

17 Oct 16 - Evidence collected along the New Jersey coastline suggests that the collision of a comet or other extraterrestrial body 55 million years ago coincided with an intense warming period that is the...

Industry calls for support in coolant crisis

13 Oct 16 - Financial support and technology transfer are critical to tackling a climate timebomb in the chemical coolants sector.

Al Gore rides to Clinton's rescue on climate change

13 Oct 16 - Retired Democratic warhorse Al Gore was trotted out at a rally in Miami with Hillary Clinton to highlight an issue he has long championed — combating climate change.

Climate impacts double number of forest fires

13 Oct 16 - Climate change has already doubled the number of forest fires in the western US since the 1980s − and it is a trend that will continue to increase, according to new research.

Climate change worsens Brazil’s drought

11 Oct 16 - A recently published study suggests that the droughts which have traditionally affected Brazil's semi-arid northeast are being worsened by the effects of climate change.

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