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CLIMATE CLUES: It all began a long, long time ago

Friday - Continents and oceans in the northern hemisphere began to warm with industrial-era fossil fuel emissions nearly 200 years ago, pushing back the origins of human-induced climate change to the mid-19th century.

Paris Agreement could lock in warming for centuries

Friday - The world has warmed about a degree since the Industrial Revolution, and on our current emissions trajectory we will likely breach these limits within decades.

Human impact might be slowing down

Thursday - Human activities have taken a heavy toll on our environment. But there may be some hope.

When will this massive Antarctic ice shelf break apart?

Thursday - A crack is spreading rapidly across Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf, hastening the loss of a massive chunk of ice, say scientists.

California Assembly approves climate change law

Thursday - A bill extending California’s greenhouse gas emission targets has squeaked by in the state Assembly.

Can a single region show Florida how to adapt?

Thursday - With every passing year, Southeast Florida faces more pressure to adapt to climate change.

Russia poses threat in melting Arctic, says UK

Wednesday - Russian military expansion in the Arctic as a result of the melting ice-cap is a potential threat to the UK, a Parliamentary inquiry has concluded.

How an English village became a climate leader

Wednesday - The English village of Ashton Hayes is different in an important way when it comes to one of the world’s most pressing issues: climate change.

Don’t fear a Jellygeddon ...

Wednesday - Reports of the pending jellyfish apocalypse have been greatly exaggerated.

Forest restoration can turn the clock back

Tuesday - The ecological and carbon cost of rainforest destruction goes on accumulating for years after nations halt the conversion of canopy into farmland, scientists have found.

Here's how homeowners can beat the worry of rising seas

Tuesday - A market-based initiative could help houseowners to escape from coastal properties under threat from rising seas.

Sustainability at the heart of Tokyo Games

Tuesday - Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has declared that sustainability will be a key objective of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Arctic faces boom in shipping as ice melts

22 Aug 16 - The luxury cruise ship Crystal Serenity is embarking on an historic voyage through the Arctic, and it’s likely to herald a surge in similar trips.

Philippines now likely to back UN climate deal

19 Aug 16 - Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has backed down on his threat to ignore the Paris climate deal after a meeting with top US diplomat John Kerry.

Louisiana deluge could be just the start of something big

19 Aug 16 - Warmer air and sea temperatures conspire to add water vapor to the atmosphere, fueling intense rain events like the one that has devastated Louisiana this week.

It's time to listen to the ice scientists

19 Aug 16 - The Arctic’s ice is disappearing. We must reduce emissions, fast, or the human castastrophe predicted by ocean scientist Peter Wadhams will become reality.

Coal burning takes huge toll in China

19 Aug 16 - Burning coal has the worst health impact of any source of air pollution in China and caused 366,000 premature deaths in 2013, Chinese and American researchers said.

Barrier Reef donations could dry up

19 Aug 16 - Australia’s biggest environmental philanthropist says private investment to clean up the Great Barrier Reef reef ‘doesn’t make sense’ with current land clearing.

Japan moves on ratifying Paris this year

18 Aug 16 - The Japanese government has begun preparations to ratify the Paris climate deal by the end of the year.

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