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We might have crossed tipping points, say scientists

28 Nov 19 - The world might already have crossed a series of climate tipping points, according to a stark warning from scientists.

Scientists claim breakthrough on gut bacteria

28 Nov 19 - Scientists have used “directed evolution” to turn gut bacteria into a carbon dioxide-munching machine in what is being called a step towards carbon-neutral production of food, fuels, and biochemicals.

New global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasting

28 Nov 19 - Meteorologists say international standards for wireless technology could degrade crucial satellite measurements of water vapour.

Hydrogen has arrived. says Australia's top scientist

27 Nov 19 - Nearly 150 years after author Jules Verne dreamed up a hydrogen future, it has arrived, says Australia's chief scientist Alan Finkel.

'Green' cement step closer to cutting emissions

20 Nov 19 - Scientists have developed a “green” cement that could go a long way to cutting the construction industry’s emissions and making it more sustainable.

Even Nobel Prize winners can get it wrong

19 Nov 19 - William Nordhause was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics. But his predictions of what global heating will cost us are dangerously at odds with the science.

New battery could slash cost of e-cars

13 Nov 19 - A new battery technology that could significantly reduce the price of electric cars and home battery systems has taken a major step towards commercialisation.

Industry sees process heat alternatives

7 Nov 19 - New research shows how everything from wood to ultraviolet light and ultrasound can replace fossil-fuel-intensive heat sources in industrial processes.

Mission Methane will be run from our very own space base

7 Nov 19 - The Government is paying $26m for a ringside seat to an international space mission helping to tackle climate change.

NZ scientists back global climate statement

Professor Jim Renwick

6 Nov 19 - Leading New Zealand climate scientist Professor James Renwick says an 11,000-strong global statement by scientists warning of “untold suffering” as the climate changes should be taken seriously.

Why science must go on a war footing

A 1940 meeting of Manhattan Project scientists

24 Oct 19 - Science, as it’s mostly practised today, is not up to the task of delivering timely knowledge on solutions to climate change.

We're letting down humanity, says climate scientist

23 Oct 19 - As the climate emergency becomes ever more acute, scientists need to alter the way they approach it – or face being part of the problem.

Ozone hole smallest since 80s, thanks to the wonky weather

23 Oct 19 - Wonky weather has given us the smallest Antarctic ozone hole on record since the 1980s, according to NASA.

Stand aside, science, we can solve this in any old kitchen

17 Oct 19 - Forget the laboratory - substances to solve some environmental problems can be easily created in a kitchen, new research shows.

Nobel winner made battery discovery at Exxon

11 Oct 19 - Stanley Whittingham, the Nobel Prize recipient cited for making the "first functional lithium battery," came to his discovery in the 1970s as a research scientist at Exxon.

Insects might be trained to protect our crops

27 Sep 19 - Certain wasps and flies which lay their eggs in specific species such as aphids could be a sustainable form of pest control.

Govt puts faith (and $10m) into smart cows

17 Sep 19 - The Government is putting $10 million into breeding cows that produce more milk and fewer greenhouse gases and can withstand heat.

How healthcare can affect global climate crisis

13 Sep 19 - Healthcare workers backing zero carbon emissions say chemicals used increasingly to anaesthetise patients are potent greenhouse gases.

Bronze Age, Iron Age ... now it's welcome to the Plastic Age

6 Sep 19 - Plastic pollution is being deposited into the fossil record, research has found, with contamination increasing exponentially since 1945.

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