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BILL McKIBBEN: Adani mine is the line in the sand

Today 10:00am - There is nowhere else on the planet right now where the dichotomy between two potential futures is playing out in such a dramatic and explosive way as Australia.

Australia to shut big-polluting power station

Friday - Australia's most polluting power station, Hazelwood, is set to become the ninth coal-fired power station to close its doors, as the nation’s transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy continues.

Pressure mounts on Finkel to consider pricing carbon

20 Mar 17 - The Liberal New South Wales government, major energy users, manufacturers and businesses have urged the Finkel review of the electricity market to consider a price on carbon or a market mechanism.

Turnbull plan strikes at heart of fossil fuel industry

17 Mar 17 - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to spend $2 billion on a hydro scheme that will potentially drive a stake through the heart of the country's fossil fuel generation industry.

Dump all fossil fuels, says Climate Council

14 Mar 17 - Australia’s Climate Council has called for a rapid move away from all fossil-fuelled power sources to reduce the nation’s rising carbon emissions and to protect against worsening extreme weather.

Anxious investors want to see price on carbon

13 Mar 17 - Australia should put a price on carbon or risk investors moving their money out of the country, says a group representing more than $1 trillion worth of investment in New Zealand and Australia.

Climate Institute runs out of money

10 Mar 17 - Australia's Climate Institute will shut its doors after 12 years of providing independent advocacy and research towards climate change solutions, citing lack of funding.

Farmers call for market mechanism to lower emissions

8 Mar 17 - Australian farmers have called for a market-based mechanism to secure clean and affordable energy.

Australia's angry summer rewrites the record books

8 Mar 17 - Australians endured another intense summer, with more than 200 record-breaking extreme weather events driven by climate change, a new Climate Council report says.

Climate impact on Australia might be irreversible

8 Mar 17 - An independent review of the state of Australia’s environment has found the impacts of climate change are increasing and some of the changes could be irreversible.

Australian banks back fossil fuels over renewables

7 Mar 17 - Australia’s big four banks invested three times as much in global fossil fuels as they did in clean energy in 2016, despite pledging to help Australia transition to a low carbon economy.

TRICKY TURNBULL: Trumpian disregard for energy facts

3 Mar 17 - Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has is own solar array and battery storage installation at his own home, and apparently likes to admire how much power is being produced, how much is being...

Sydney not ready for super-heat, say scientists

3 Mar 17 - Scientists say Sydney is unprepared for the knock-on effects of a significant increase in average summer temperatures.

Australia's emissions jump as coal power ramps up

1 Mar 17 - Australia's greenhouse gas pollution jumped in 2015-16 as coal use continued to rise after the scrapping of the carbon price, making it harder to meet its emissions targets.

Gardening in the face of a changing climate

28 Feb 17 - Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased by 0.8deg with large changes in rainfall redistribution. With these changing conditions upon us, and set to continue, gardeners will have to...

Wind, solar and hydro grid cheapest for Australia

28 Feb 17 - A new study by energy experts from the Australian National University suggests that a 100 per cent renewable energy electricity grid – with 90 per cent of power coming from wind and solar – will be...

Australia launches energy marketplace for rooftop solar

24 Feb 17 - Australian homeowners with solar panels and batteries could soon trade their electricity in a digital marketplace developed by a consortium of electricity providers, energy tech startups, energy...

Solar power plants now cheaper than coal

24 Feb 17 - Solar power in Australia is more affordable than new fossil fuel and nuclear power, with costs plummeting by almost 60 per cent over the past five years, a new report released by the Climate Council...

Climate scepticism far-right badge of honour – even in sweltering Australia

22 Feb 17 - It hits you in the face and clings to you. It makes tall buildings whine as their air conditioning plants struggle to cope. It makes the streets deserted and the ice-cold salons of corner pubs get...

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