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John Key ... has failed to listen.

It's simple ... either you believe, or you don't

Tuesday - By editor ADELIA HALLETT.- Voters in this weekendís general election face a simple choice when it comes to climate change Ė you either believe it is a real and massive problem requiring transformation of the economy, or you donít.

Labour vows to build $100m clean-tech fund

David Cunliffe ... wealth fund.

Tuesday - A Labour Government would put $100 million a year into clean-tech companies.

Beehive buys fight with business climate crusader

Phillip Mills ... the worst government since Muldoon's.

8 Sep 14 - The Government has locked horns with one of New Zealandís leading business people over climate change and the new economy.

NZ needs to be in China now, says carbon trader

8 Sep 14 - New Zealand should be knocking on Chinaís door now if it wants to exploit huge potential from that countryís apparent determination to put a national emissions trading scheme in place in 2016, says a leading local carbon trader.

Are we doing an America's Cup on new-tech, asks investor

Nick Gerritsen ... NZ locked in the past.

8 Sep 14 - New Zealand is in danger of seeing its plans to be a leader of the new technology go the same way as our last Americaís Cup challenge, says clean-tech investor Nick Gerritsen.

We've got the world's lowest carbon prices

8 Sep 14 - New Zealand has the lowest carbon prices in the world, the World Bank says.

Labour vows to scrap emitters' one-for-two deal

1 Sep 14 - The one-for-two deal that halves emittersí carbon liabilities would be scrapped by a Labour government.

NZ First backs iwi $600m carbon claim

Mere Takoko ... getting smarter.

1 Sep 14 - New Zealand First supports an iwi leadersí bid to raise carbon prices.

Ten more years is too late, says Nobel winner

Professor Yan T Lee ... out of 10, we're at 9.

1 Sep 14 - Negotiating a global agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol at climate change talks in Paris next year is critical to the survival of society, a visiting Nobel Prize-winning scientist says.

Labour vows to act on agriculture by 2016

25 Aug 14 - There is bad news for farmers, and good and bad news for industrial emitters under Labourís climate change policy, released yesterday.

COMMENT: Jeepers, John, you forgot the environment

John Key ... nothing doing.

25 Aug 14 - Prime Minister John Key launched Nationalís election campaign yesterday without mentioning the environment.

Groser agrees to talk climate with Labour, Greens

Tim Groser ... climate debate.

25 Aug 14 - David Parker, Russel Norman and Tim Groser will go head-to-head on climate policy next week.

Companies call for politicians to get serious about sustainability

Brett Tomkins ... mainstream.

18 Aug 14 - Companies representing a quarter of the New Zealand economy are calling on all political parties to make a long-term commitment to sustainable business.

Business needs to make climate change stand

Dr Suzi Kerr ... major issue.

18 Aug 14 - There is still an element of climate change scepticism in New Zealand business, says a leading policy analyst.

Experts pinpoint what emissions cost economy

Professor Les Oxley ... international price.

18 Aug 14 - For the first time, economists have put a financial cost on the impact of greenhouse gases released by the industrialisation of developed countries.

Ranking shows we are kind to the planet

18 Aug 14 - New Zealand is the seventh-kindest country to the planet, according to a new ranking system.

The climate change world according to Piketty

Thomas Piketty ... act now.

18 Aug 14 - French economist widely debated Thomas Piketty and his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century are a global publishing phenomenon. But while Pikettyís writing on wealth inequality has been widely...

Our leaders missing as world talks climate tactics

John Key ... too busy.

11 Aug 14 - Xi Jinping is going, and so is Barack Obama, but John Key is staying home.

Greens have a tempting carbon tax idea

11 Aug 14 - A carbon price is still the best and fairest way to achieve emissions cuts, but as Australia and New Zealand show, itís not easy to get it right. How could carbon pricing be improved?

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