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Global warming already causing local extinctions

21 Dec 16 - Climate change is already beginning to alter the natural world. A study of 976 plant and animal species worldwide – freshwater, terrestrial and marine – reveals that local extinctions have happened in 47 per cent of their natural ranges.

EU countries stall over carbon market reform

21 Dec 16 - After more than a year of negotiations, EU member states have come up short in their efforts to find common ground on a carbon market reform seen as necessary if the ambitions of the Paris Agreement on climate change are to be met.

Climate change puts the squeeze on coffee belt

21 Dec 16 - As a famous old song says, they’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil. But if the findings of New Zealand and Australian researchers are right, that will change over the next 30 years.

Red alert as smog shuts down China

21 Dec 16 - A red alert, the highest level in the China's pollution warning system, has been issued in at least 23 cities as smog cancelled flights, shut factories and stopped traffic.

Las Vegas reaches energy milestone

21 Dec 16 - Ten years of effort finally paid off for Las Vegas this week when officials announced the city government will now be powered entirely by renewable energy.

The seven deadly things we’re doing to trash the planet

20 Dec 16 - We weep at the disappearance of endangered species but avert our eyes to the causes of Earth’s destruction.

This year is days away from sealing record-hot spot

20 Dec 16 - In less than two weeks, 2016 will officially be the hottest year on the books in more than 120 years of record keeping by US agencies. It will be the third straight record-setting year — and of the 17 hottest years, 16 have been this century.

Gates suggests Trump will support green energy

20 Dec 16 - Federal support for research and development into clean tech should appeal to incoming president, says Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

Scientists confirm Antarctic glacier is melting

20 Dec 16 - Scientists have published a set of unprecedented ocean observations near the largest glacier of the largest ice sheet in the world: Totten glacier, East Antarctica. And the result was a troubling...

Driverless buses arrive in Australia

20 Dec 16 - Autonomous buses are likely to be better for passengers and the environment, but not everyone is excited.

Green Climate Fund gives millions to help Pacific

19 Dec 16 - The Green Climate Fund board has approved eight funding proposals worth $US315 million ($NZ452m) at a meeting in Samoa.

Queensland gets serious about waste-to-fuel

19 Dec 16 - The emerging biofuel industry is casting the net wide to find solutions to two environmental problems: reducing waste and increasing fuel production.

States urge Trump to kill clean-power plan

19 Dec 16 - Officials in 24 states have urged US president-elect Donald Trump to kill the centerpiece of President Barack Obama's strategy to combat climate change and shut down coal-fired power plants.

Obama makes final climate-change push

19 Dec 16 - With little more than a month left in office, the Barack Obama administration is quietly trying to accomplish one last big thing on climate change: creating a policy for relocating entire towns...

China’s electric vehicles set for bumpy ride

19 Dec 16 - The statistics are impressive: sales of electric vehicles in China are likely to reach 400,000 this year, a more than 150 per cent increase on the figure for 2015.

Green buildings make you work smarter and sleep sounder

19 Dec 16 - People working in green buildings think better in the office and sleep better when they get home, a new study has revealed.

California adopts energy rules for computers

19 Dec 16 - The California Energy Commission has passed sweeping energy-efficiency standards for computers and monitors in an effort to reduce power costs.

New study reveals shattering effect of roads on nature

16 Dec 16 - Rampant road building has shattered the Earth’s land into 600,000 fragments, most of which are too tiny to support significant wildlife, a new study has revealed.

Trump gives Musk advisory job

16 Dec 16 - US president-elect Donald Trump has appointed Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk to his Strategic and Policy Forum.

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Youth hostels reach sustainable milestone

24 Nov 16 - YHA New Zealand is the first accommodation network in the world be certified by...

Sharp's green efforts pay dividend

24 Nov 16 - Sharp Corporation’s efforts to responsibly manage the environmental effects of...

Business network wins sustainability award

10 Oct 16 - The Sustainable Business Network has won the Sustainability Support category in...

Children's sunscreen fails tests

22 Sep 16 - Makers of a children’s sunscreen marketed as “organic” have been warned by the...

Child labour not for us, says Karen Walker

Karen Walker

12 Aug 16 - Kiwi clothing designer Karen Walker has certified that none of its garments are...

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