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TEN YEARS ON: How An Inconvenient Truth made its mark on climate debate

Today 11:00am - Ten years ago, An Inconvenient Truth opened in cinemas in the United States.

G7 pledges to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025

Today 11:00am - The G7 nations have for the first time set a deadline for the ending most fossil fuel subsidies, saying government support for coal, oil and gas should end by 2025.

Is the real rich v poor climate battle about to start?

Today 11:00am - Two weeks of UN talks in Bonn underline the scope and scale of the challenge facing governments as they work out the implications of the 2015 Paris deal.

Norway commits to zero deforestation

Today 11:00am - Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation.

Forests to cover 25% of China in eco project

Today 11:00am - Nearly one quarter of China will be covered in forest by 2020 if the country implements its "eco-civilization" project.

How fracking can contribute to climate change

Today 11:00am - Leakage of natural gas from drilling and pipework means more methane is entering the atmosphere.

Green Climate Fund has more money than projects

Today 11:00am - The UN’s flagship climate fund says it will miss a target to approve $2.5 billion of new projects in 2016 unless more countries submit proposals.


Monday - Spot NZUs were $14.95 bid/$15.10 offered on CommTrade this morning, with the last fix at $15.05.

Exxon chief: Ending oil production not acceptable

Monday - Rex Tillerson, the boss of oil giant ExxonMobil, said cutting oil production was “not acceptable for humanity” as he fought off shareholders’ and activists’ attempts to force the company to fully...

We’re kidding ourselves if we think we can reset Earth’s damaged ecosystems

Monday - Earth is in a land-degradation crisis.

Why energy crops have been a major flop with farmers

Monday - Whatever happened to energy crops? A decade ago, the UK authorities confidently expected farmers to devote swaths of land to growing the likes of short-rotation willow and poplar and perennial...

Nanotechnology can help us to grow more food

Monday - With the world’s population expected to exceed nine billion by 2050, scientists are working to develop new ways to meet rising global demand for food, energy and water without increasing the strain...

Australia’s low-emissions roadmap a trip to nowhere

Monday - The Australian Government on Friday made a low-key announcement of its new Low Emissions Technology Roadmap. To be developed by the CSIRO, it will aim to “highlight areas of growth in Australia’s...

Under the sea, life's good in the octopus’ garden

Monday - Squid are on the move, octopus are going up in the world, and cuttlefish have made themselves at home in a changing ocean.

Trump: First on fossil fuels, last on climate change

Monday - Donald Trump has vowed that if elected president he would dismantle the Paris global treaty and maximise the production of coal, oil and natural gas.

Australia scrubbed from UN climate change report

Monday - Every reference to Australia was scrubbed from the final version of a major UN report on climate change after the Australian government intervened, objecting that the information could harm tourism.

UP or OUT: Which way for our growing cities?

Friday - We almost expect that any large-scale, big impact inner-city development will be a skyscraper, but for smaller cities in the UK these proposals can still appear as fairly extreme, and their approval...

World of clean energy soaks up 8 million workers

Friday - More than 8.1 million people worldwide are now employed by the renewable energy industry – a 5 per cent increase from last year.

Exxon rejects shareholder climate demands

Friday - Following the recommendation of the ExxonMobil board of directors, shareholders voted against six resolutions that would have addressed climate change at the company's annual shareholder meeting in...

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School gets first Powerwall battery

16 May 16 - New Zealand’s first Tesla Energy Powerwall battery has been switched on at a...

Small meat producer wins help from the experts

28 Apr 16 - A specialist pork and beef producer has won a nationwide competition to have...

Business incubator has high hopes for Northland

7 Apr 16 - Ranui Sustainable, a Whangarei-based business incubator with the mission to...

Sunny days bring out new storage battery

1 Apr 16 - Wellington’s sunny weather has attracted a nationwide solar power company to...

Kaimira wins wines sustainability award

31 Mar 16 - The debut Organic Wine Awards Sustainable Vineyard of the Year title has been...

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