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Stakeholders next up in ETS review

2 Feb 16 - The Emissions Trading Scheme review moves into stakeholder meetings this week.

SBC chief off to work for the Government

Penny Nelson

2 Feb 16 - Sustainable Business Council executive director Penny Nelson is leaving to work for the Government.

Sick seas paint picture of how our future could be

2 Feb 16 - For billions of years, life on Earth remained relatively simple. Only single-celled organisms that could live with little or no oxygen were able to survive in the seas.

Solar club builds up powerful alliance

2 Feb 16 - The foundation stone of a new solar power club of 122 nations has been laid in Gurgaon, India, by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande − cementing an agreement the two leaders made at the Paris climate talks last December.

Could a levy on air and shipping fuel sink emissions?

2 Feb 16 - Global agreements to aim for “well below” 2deg warming are nice enough, but now it’s time to develop some detailed policies to help us to get there.

How planning helps these farmers to beat the climate

2 Feb 16 - South Africa’s Western Cape plays an important role in the agricultural economy, but is particularly vulnerable to a changing climate.

New oil and gas wells will wait for price rise

2 Feb 16 - Billions of gallons of oil and huge quantities of gas, already discovered and which companies were about to extract, are currently being left unexploited because of the plunge in oil prices.

High-tech power lines seen as solar solution

2 Feb 16 - Wind power and solar power are ways to reduce carbon emissions, but these generation sources are dependent on the vagaries of the weather, which means neither wind nor solar can produce electricity...


2 Feb 16 - Copenhagen’s mayor has announced plans to divest the city’s 6.9bn kroner ($NZA1.5b)) investment fund of all holdings in coal, oil and gas.

Ancient plankton give up secrets to science

2 Feb 16 - Scientists have for the first time determined how and when more than 2000 species of ancient marine plankton became extinct, and a potential indicator for which current species might be vulnerable to...

Stand by ... it's another rough ride for forests

25 Jan 16 - The past year has been a momentous time for the world’s forests, with both good and bad news. Fasten your seat belts, because 2016 promises to be another roller-coaster ride.

Sydney makes a plan to win the climate war

25 Jan 16 - Sydney has announced a series of measures to help the city to cope with soaring temperatures, worsening storms and rising sea levels.

Pakistan turns to coal to keep factories running

25 Jan 16 - To tackle chronic energy shortages Pakistan plans to mine and burn millions of tonnes of coal, helped by China’s money and expertise.

Carbon capture technology needs urgent help

25 Jan 16 - Call for governments to give financial backing for technology that could help to save the world from overheating by preventing CO2 escaping into the atmosphere

What is a garden city – and why is money being spent on building them?

25 Jan 16 - The British government is investing more than £300m ($NZ659m) in building what Chancellor of the Excheque George Osborne has described as the first “proper” garden city in nearly a century, near...

Climate-conscious cities take lessons from New York

25 Jan 16 - Up to two-thirds of the world’s population – some six billion people – may live in cities by 2050.

The last time it was this hot hippos lived in Britain

25 Jan 16 - It’s official: 2015 was the warmest year on record. But those global temperature records only date back to 1850 and become increasingly uncertain the further back you go.

Out-of-touch traffic modelling drives policy madness

25 Jan 16 - According to all the data, urban car use has peaked, but official traffic modelling forecasts a remarkable reversal.


25 Jan 16 - CITIES FIND WAYS TO NUDGE PEOPLE OUT OF CARS: Home to more than half of the planet’s seven billion people and a large portion of its 1.2 billion cars, cities face a huge challenge as the world...

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Toyota dealers save on energy costs

30 Nov 15 - Toyota dealers around the country have saved a total of $125,000 in energy...

Eco tours operator impresses judges

12 Oct 15 - A successful business driven by the ethos of inspiration through adventure is...

Green cleaners no better than water, says watchdog

7 Sep 15 - Manufacturers of laundry balls market them as an “environmentally friendly”...

Kia remains our only CarboNZero certified car company

7 Sep 15 - Kia is the only car company in New Zealand that has gained certification by...

Accounting for your Meridian bill takes Xero energy

7 Sep 15 - Xero and Meridian Energy have announced a partnership that will save Kiwi...

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