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Are we finally about to get an aviation emissions deal?

Today 9:00am - Delegates from more than 190 nations today will begin an 11-day meeting in Montreal to determine the final form of a scheme to reduce greenhouse emissions from the aviation industry.

Carney backs green finance to cut emissions

Mark Carney

Today 9:00am - Bank of England governor Mark Carney has thrown his weight behind the fledgling market in green investments to help cut carbon emissions and boost global economic growth.

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Today 9:00am - No 2: Ninety-three per cent of the heat from humans’ global warming has gone into the ocean, along with 25 per cent of the carbon dioxide.

Burning existing fossil fuels will break the Paris bank

Today 9:00am - Burning all the carbon in existing coal mines and developed oil and gas fields will push the world past the Paris Agreement climate limit.

Name your price at market stacked with waste food

Today 9:00am - Customers pay what they like at the first waste food supermarket to open in the UK.

Scientists find better way to run gas turbines

Today 9:00am - Molybdenum silicides can improve the efficiency of turbine blades in ultra-high-temperature combustion systems, researchers at Kyoto University have found.

A green and happy holiday? You can have it all

Today 9:00am - When you’re on holiday, relaxing on a beach or soaking up a vibrant city’s culture, the last thing you want to think about is your responsibility to the planet.

SCIENCE AT WORK: Measuring the meltwater

Today 9:00am - During the past decade, American scientist Joel Harper has spent nearly a year of his life on the Greenland ice sheet to study how meltwater impacts the movement of the ice.

France bans plastic plates, cups, cutlery

Today 9:00am - France has become the world’s first country to pass a law banning plastic plates, cups and utensils unless they contain a large proportion of compostable or biologically sourced materials.

Ten things you should know about climate change …

Monday - No 1: New Zealand has the longest carbon dioxide record in the Southern Hemisphere.

Polluted rivers become deadly threat to millions

Monday - More than half the rivers of Asia, Africa and Latin America have become more dangerous in the past 20 years, with steep rises in organic and pathogen pollution.

China to slow green growth after boom

Monday - After installing more wind and solar farms than anywhere else on the planet, China is ratcheting back the pace of growth in an industry that’s helped lower the costs of green energy worldwide.

Obama orders climate risks be counted

President Obama

Monday - US president Barack Obama has signed a presidential memorandum establishing that climate-change impacts must be factored into the development of all national security-related doctrine, policies and...

Sometimes the research doesn't do the job

Monday - Research has shown that models used by economists to calculate the effects of climate change policies can produce polar opposite recommendations.

We can't blame the solar cycle for global warming

Monday - European scientists have dug deep to dismiss once again the old argument that climate change might be a consequence of solar radiation rather than atmospheric chemistry.

AT YOUR SERVICE … what you need to know

Monday - Frustrated you can’t see behind the headlines in the Carbon News daily newsletter? Take a FREE WEEK’S TRIAL subscription now and see the information your competitors are getting.

NZ will join aviation emissions agreement

Friday - New Zealand will join an international market-based system to reduce aviation emissions, the Government has just announced.

Soil carbon storage not the fix we thought

Friday - Hopes that large amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide could be buried in soils appear to be grossly misplaced, with new research finding that the ground will soak up far less carbon over the...

What we can do about threats to our food security and feed nine billion people

Friday - Can we really feed nine billion people? That’s the estimated global population in the year 2050.

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Children's sunscreen fails tests

Thursday - Makers of a children’s sunscreen marketed as “organic” have been warned by the...

Child labour not for us, says Karen Walker

Karen Walker

12 Aug 16 - Kiwi clothing designer Karen Walker has certified that none of its garments are...

Farm trust honours regional winners

8 Jun 16 - Supreme winners from the 11 regions participating in the 2016 Ballance Farm...

Canon offers prizes to environmentalists

7 Jun 16 - Canon New Zealand’s 2016 Environmental Grants Programme is open.

School gets first Powerwall battery

16 May 16 - New Zealand’s first Tesla Energy Powerwall battery has been switched on at a...

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