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BUDGET BOOST: Carbon crashes through $15 barrier

Friday - Carbon has hit the magic $15 mark this morning on the back of the Government’s Budget announcement on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Government to snaffle 1:2 subsidy revenue

Friday - Revenue from the scrapping of the one-for-two subsidy will not be earmarked to fund emissions-reduction policies.

So, what does it mean for climate change?

Friday - What’s in the Budget for climate change?

What they said ...

Friday - Budget – what they said on the removal of the one-for-two carbon subsidy:

$100m water package fails to impress scientists

Friday - The Government's $100 million package to clean up water ways will do little while pollution is allowed to continue, scientists say.

BUDGET 2016: One-for-two goes but price cap stays

Paula Bennett

Thursday - The one-for-two subsidy to emitters will be phased out from January, but the $25 price cap and the allocation of free credits to trade-exposed heavy emitters are staying, the Government has just announced in the Budget.

Carbon prices jump after Budget breakthrough

Nigel Brunel

Thursday - Carbon prices jumped this afternoon on confirmation that the one-for-two subsidy is to be phased out, and could reach $20 by the end of the year.

NATS' 19%: Bennett blames population growth

Paula Bennett

Thursday - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions have gone up 19 per cent under the National Government – and Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett is blaming population growth.

Minister puts figure on hot-air credits

James Shaw

Thursday - More than a quarter of the units New Zealand used to meet its Kyoto commitments were hot-air credits, Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett said in Parliament yesterday.

New report sees world of expanding carbon markets

Thursday - Carbon markets will expand on the back of the Paris Agreement, and carbon prices will need to rise to between $50 and $66 for the world to meet the climate change agreement’s goals, a new survey says.

PARIS PUSH: Pact could be ready to go next year

Jo Tyndall

Wednesday - The Paris Agreement could well come into force next year, says a New Zealander leading work to flesh out the details of the new global climate change pact.

Take a hard look at investments, insurers warned

Wednesday - Insurance companies should be taking a hard look at their exposure to investment in fossil-fuel assets, a new report says.

Road taxes will pay for trains under Green government

Julie Anne Genter

Wednesday - A Green government would fund rail from taxes, with an aim of getting half of the country’s total freight off roads by 2027.

Solar operator slams vested interests in pro-EV report

Andrew Booth

Tuesday - A report that says switching to electric vehicles will do more to prevent climate change than would installing solar panels was funded by the big generators and lines companies with a vested interest...

Punish the dirty drivers, urges e-car advocate

Tuesday - The Government should fine people buying fossil fuel-burning vehicles and give the money to people who buy clean electric vehicles, says Waikato University’s professor of law.

GREEN GOOD: Beware of a business backlash

Tuesday - Making money while doing good for the environment? Be careful how you tell your customers about it, or you might face a backlash.

CARBON CRISIS: Our emissions up a whopping 56%

23 May 16 - New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions – the amount it actually contributes to damaging the climate – rose a whopping 56.7 per cent over 24 years in which it was supposed to be cutting emissions,...

Scientists can't do it alone, says PM's adviser

Sir Peter Gluckman

23 May 16 - The Prime Minister’s chief science adviser has told a United Nations forum that scientists and policy-makers need to work together on issues like climate change.

Climate food shocks not good news for us, says report

23 May 16 - Climate change-induced food shocks will have a negative effect on New Zealand’s economy, researchers say.

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