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How's the carbon market going? Experts can't agree

Tuesday - Government officials say that New Zealand’s carbon market is liquid – but Westpac’s economists say it’s not.

Why Paris might lead to shortage of NZUs

Tuesday - The supply of NZUs could be about to become tighter, a new report says.

Govt's ETS stand has dangers, say economists

Tuesday - Excluding agriculture from the Emissions Trading Scheme might be economically inefficient, say Westpac economists.

Foresters will do deal on carbon price cap

Tuesday - Foresters want the $25 carbon-price cap gone – but they’d live with it if there were a price floor, says a Government-commissioned report.

Senate orders carbon risk disclosure probe

Tuesday - Australia’s Senate has ordered an inquiry into carbon risk disclosure, following on the heels of a Financial Stability Board task force on the issue.

Why post-Paris businesses must get moving

Emma Herd

2 Feb 16 - Emissions Trading Scheme measures protecting industries from the full impact of carbon pricing have had their day, says an organisation representing a trillion dollars worth of investments.

Carbon questions lie in wait at Waitangi

2 Feb 16 - The Government is likely to face tough questioning at Waitangi this weekend over carbon prices.

Our leaders suddenly silent on climate change

Winston Peters

2 Feb 16 - The world’s leaders might have been talking big on climate change in Paris in December, but our local versions have been remarkably quiet on the subject in their state-of-the-nation speeches.

Labour setting sail to test the waters of the Pacific

2 Feb 16 - Labour is sending a task force to the Pacific to investigate the impact of climate change on fresh water supplies.

Canberra pulls plug on emissions funding

2 Feb 16 - Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund is expected to run out of money by the end of the year, after the Government said it won’t put in any more.

NZ unlikely to act on emissions conditions

25 Jan 16 - ­New Zealand is unlikely to activate its conditional 2020 emissions reduction target, officials say.

Keystone pipeline case holds warning for NZ

25 Jan 16 - The Keystone oil pipeline case is the type of challenge New Zealand could face if it signs the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a new analysis shows.

We need fearless leaders, says Clark

Helen Clark

25 Jan 16 - Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is calling for “fearless leadership” to get global agreements implemented – including the recently negotiated Paris Agreement on climate change.

Kiwis might be cool, but the heat is still on

Professor James Renwick

25 Jan 16 - Last year might not have been especially hot in New Zealand, that but doesn’t mean the country isn’t experience the impact of climate change, experts say.

Eight submitters lead in the charge on ETS

18 Jan 16 - Just eight people and organisations have so far made submissions on the latest review of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Carbon closing in on $10 mark

18 Jan 16 - Carbon has started the year with a bang, trading good volume at prices pushing toward $10.

Target in sight ... but we're dining on leftovers

18 Jan 16 - New Zealand will meet its 2020 emissions reduction target – thanks to a surplus of units left over from 2012, latest government figures show.

ETS hits the highway

18 Jan 16 - The Government is going on the road to hear what people think about the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Businesses' biggest headache is the climate

18 Jan 16 - Climate change is now the single biggest issue facing business, according to a new global survey.

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