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Why we must remember our debt to the natural world

Tuesday - New Zealand might fail to recognise just how economically dependent it is on the natural world until itís too late, a new Government report warns.

The word is out ... dairying costs more than income

Tuesday - Research claiming New Zealandís dairy industry could be costing the country more than it is making it has been published in an international science journal.

Apparently, we're going to slash thousands of tonnes of emissions by 2020

Factory smoke and winter smog above Christchurch.
Photo Credit: AFP.

Tuesday - The Government expects the Emissions Trading Scheme to cut New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 10,000 kilotonnes in 2020.

NZ emissions figures worse than average, says report

Tuesday - New Zealandís greenhouse gas emissions trend from energy is worse than the OECD average, a new report says.

Govt tells world: Here's how we're going to cut emissions

Jo Tyndall ... NZ committed.

20 Apr 15 - New Zealand will use domestic emissions reductions, forestry carbon sinks, international credits and its CP1 surplus to meet its 2020 emissions reduction target, it has told the world.

NZ's fine on fossil-fuel subsidies, says Groser

Gareth Hughes ... easy win.

20 Apr 15 - New Zealand has been given a clean bill-of-health on fossil-fuel subsidies, the Government says.

Minister happy with dairying emissions progress

20 Apr 15 - The dairy industry is making progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Government says.

Beehive wants us to drive green cars

20 Apr 15 - The Government is looking at how it can encourage New Zealanders to switch to alternative-fuel vehicles.

We could be heading for a multi-billion-dollar carbon hangover

Professor Ralph Sims ... rugby, big cars and beer.

13 Apr 15 - New Zealandís ďrugby, big cars and beerĒ culture could leave the country with an annual carbon hangover edging into the billions of dollars.

More cows means double the gas emissions

13 Apr 15 - Greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cows in New Zealand have more than doubled since 1990.

NZ city leaders lie low on new climate pact

13 Apr 15 - New Zealand cities are not among those signing up to a new compact on climate change.

NZ hangs back as countries commit to carbon cuts

7 Apr 15 - Russia did it. The United States did it. All the countries in the European Union have done it, as have Mexico, Norway, Switzerland and Latvia. Even oil-and-mineral-exporting Gabon, population 1.3...

New environment reporting to sidestep gases

7 Apr 15 - The Governmentís new environmental reporting regime will not include greenhouse gas emissions.

Register shows up changes in carbon market

7 Apr 15 - Changes to the New Zealand carbon market are showing up in traffic through the emissions unit register.

Hydrogen moves could trigger $44 billion green economy, says Toshiba

7 Apr 15 - The carbon-neutral hydrogen economy will be worth more than $44 billion by 2030, says Toshiba Corporation.

New company helps businesses to go green

7 Apr 15 - A new company is helping others to green their supply chains.

Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

30 Mar 15 - The Government is sticking to its guns Ė forest planting is down because of the cyclical nature of the industry, and not because carbon prices are too low to encourage planting.

Third thermal station finds competition too much

Power-less ... Southdown to be dismantled.

30 Mar 15 - A third thermal power station is closing because it canít compete economically against renewables.

We're watching carbon prices, says Government

Tim Groser ... on watch.

30 Mar 15 - The Government says it is watching carbon prices creep higher.

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