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Speculators start to return to NZU market

Tuesday - A quiet start to the week for NZUs, with spot trading at $4 on small volume. OMFinancial reports.

Spot NZUs at $3.95

Monday - Spot NZUs closed at $3.95 on Friday with little traded. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs back below $4

Friday - We saw more trading of NZUs under $4 yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

Local market quiet, but Europe firm

16 Jul 14 - The spot NZU market continues to drift with trading occurring around the $4 level. OMFinancial reports:

Small flurry on NZU market

15 Jul 14 - We saw some action yesterday in the market, with more than 100K of Spot NZUs trading around the $4 level. OMFinancial reports.

Market still quiet

14 Jul 14 - NZUs remain quiet; the market closed at $4.10 on Friday. OMFinancial reports

Little trading in NZUs

11 Jul 14 - NZUs are finishing the week unchanged, with little trading occurring. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs subdued

10 Jul 14 - Another quiet day yesterday for NZUs. OMFinancial reports:

No changes in NZ, but EU moves up

4 Jul 14 - The Spot NZU market is unchanged. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs unchanged

3 Jul 14 - The spot NZU market is unchanged. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs stuck

2 Jul 14 - Another quiet day yesterday for Spot NZUs as the market fixed at $4.17 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

Good support for NZUs in $4 range

30 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs are steady, closing at $4.20 on light volume. OMFinancial reports:

All quiet on carbon front

27 Jun 14 - NZUs remain quiet, with many participants absent from the market. OMFinancial reports:

Looking out to 2015

23 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs finished the week at $4.17. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs trade up to $4.20

19 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs turned around yesterday, trading up to $4.20. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs trade to the low $4s

18 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs continued to trade down on small volume, hitting $4.10 with good volume on the bid at $4 and below. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs sell down on small volume

17 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs have fallen further this morning on small volume, trading at $4.30. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs consolidate in the mid-$4s

16 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs look to consolidate in the mid-$4s as buyers retreat. OMFinancial reports:

Light volume on NZ market

13 Jun 14 - Spot NZUs sold off yesterday on very light volume there is a small amount of NZUs looking for a home. OMFinancial reports:

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