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Finns going carbon-free faster than we are

5 Jun 19 - Finland is outbidding New Zealand in the drive to carbon-neutrality, saying its economy will be effectively carbon-free by 2035 - 15 years earlier than New Zealand plans to get there.

Triumphant Greens demand more radical action

29 May 19 - Europeís Greens, big winners in the weekend's EU elections, will use their newfound leverage in a fractured parliament to push an agenda of urgent climate action, social justice and civil liberties, the movementís leaders say.

Franceís nuclear industry stumbles along

28 May 19 - With its new reactors needing modifications and its older ones awaiting costly updates, Franceís nuclear industry is in trouble.

Climate crisis could lead to nine-hour working week

27 May 19 - People across Europe must move to nine-hour week if carbon levels do not change, says a thinktank.

Climate ambition in balance as Europe votes

24 May 19 - The EUís global climate leadership is at stake as a new political cycle begins amid increasingly polarised public opinion.

Irish schools get a fail on climate change

14 May 19 - Students at Irish schools are being let down by the countryís education system, say lawmakers demanding full climate change literacy.

CARBON BOOTPRINT: Fans set to leave their mark on Europe

13 May 19 - Controversy has erupted over the environmental impact of football fans travelling across Europe in coming weeks Ė to watch English sides play each other hundreds of miles from home.

CO2 to be buried in empty North Sea gas fields

10 May 19 - Three of the largest ports in Europe will be used to capture and bury 10 million tonnes of CO2 emissions under the North Sea.

Chernobyl has become a refuge for wildlife

10 May 19 - More than 30 years after the nuclear accident that scared the world, the Chernobyl is inhabited by brown bears, bisons, wolves, lynxes, wild horses, and more than 200 bird species.

Germany, Italy, Poland snub EU climate appeal

9 May 19 - The names of Germany, Italy and Poland were notably absent from an appeal to boost EU climate action ahead of a major summit on the future of Europe taking place in Romania tomorrow.

Amsterdam to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030

6 May 19 - Cars and motorbikes running on petrol or diesel will be banned from driving in Amsterdam from 2030.

Spainís socialists win with Green New Deal platform

1 May 19 - Spaniards have thrown their weight behind a Green New Deal programme in re-electing the pro-climate Spanish Socialist Party.

Soccer and WWF join forces to boost sustainability

30 Apr 19 - The French professional football governing body and environmental group WWF have signed a partnership to reduce the ecological footprint of football clubs.

Flygskam (that's flight shame) is spreading across Europe

23 Apr 19 - Fears over climate change have led many to rethink the way they travel and, in Sweden, they've even invented a new word for the shame associated with flying.

Europe needs its own Green New Deal

18 Apr 19 - Europe needs its own Green New Deal to stave off the perfect storm of populism, climate change and economic crisis.

Finns vote for party against climate action

17 Apr 19 - A Finnish political party that campaigned against ambitious climate change policies has won the second-highest number of seats in parliamentary elections.

Europeís food imports devour rainforests

10 Apr 19 - Human appetites drive global rainforest destruction. Now science has measured how Europeís food imports leave scorched tropical soils and greenhouse gases.

German Greens want to become the peopleís party

4 Apr 19 - Germanyís Greens want to stabilise their steep rise in popularity and formulate new basic principles. What do they want to do differently?

EU on track for 50% emission cuts by 2030

Miguel Arias Cañete

3 Apr 19 - While Germany and Eastern European countries continue to oppose raising the EUís 40 per cent emission reduction target for 2030, a new analysis insists the bloc will actually manage at least 50 per...

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