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Bank of England gets green remit

Thursday - The Bank of England’s remit has been changed to include a duty to support the country's net-zero carbon ambition.

Carbon tax would be popular with UK voters, poll suggests

25 Feb 21 - Taxing carbon dioxide emissions would be popular with British voters, polling suggests, as the government moots ways to put a price on carbon that could help tackle the climate crisis and fund a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Ditch GDP and value nature, says report

3 Feb 21 - Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history, says a report calling for a new economic framework recognising the importance of ecology.

Reformed trade rules could help save the climate

26 Jan 21 - Reformed trade rules could provide a climate dividend of the rancorous Brexit process of leaving the European Union.

Pressure mounts on UK to update its UN climate target

4 Dec 20 - Scotland and British businesses are piling pressure on the UK government to set an ambitious 2030 climate target ahead of a summit co-hosted by Britain and the UN on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

UK scrambles to decide first post-Brexit climate pledge

1 Dec 20 - Britain is preparing to announce its first solo carbon-cutting pledge to the Paris climate agreement, in a tight political manoeuvre ahead of an ambition summit on December 12.

Scottish homes will use 100% green hydrogen in world first

1 Dec 20 - Scotland is set to start the world’s first trials of green hydrogen to replace natural gas for cooking and heating in 300 homes.

XR launches campaign of financial disobedience

24 Nov 20 - Extinction Rebellion is launching a campaign of financial civil disobedience aimed at exposing the “political economy’s complicity” in the unfolding ecological crisis.

Boomers are the greenest generation - study

23 Nov 20 - Parents and grandparents, not the so-called Generation Green, are the most likely groups to try to minimise their environmental footprint, a new study finds.

Billionaire investor forcing climate action from companies

23 Nov 20 - British billionaire Chris Hohn is aiming to force hundreds of US and European companies to slash their greenhouse gas emissions by enlisting global investors to demand an annual vote on their climate...

UK must stop sales of fossil-fuel cars by 2026

19 Nov 20 - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to bring forward a ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles by 10 years to 2030 will still not go far enough to meet the government’s own legally...

Thousands of jobs from carbon-capture-and-storage

19 Nov 20 - Developing technology to capture and store harmful climate-changing emissions may create up to 49,000 jobs, a report suggests.

Floating turbines to power the future

18 Nov 20 - Wind turbines floating miles out to sea could one day provide electricity to our homes, experts believe.

Bank of England needs more powers to decarbonise economy, say experts

17 Nov 20 - Urgent reforms of the Bank of England are needed to help decarbonise the financial system and boost green investment as Britain recovers from the covid-19 pandemic, a group of leading academics has...

UK expected to ban fossil-fuel cars by 2030

16 Nov 20 - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to announce a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, five years earlier than previously planned, the Financial Times reports.

Farming faces 'historic' shift to cut GHG emissions

13 Nov 20 - Tackling greenhouse gas emissions in farming will require the biggest change since the shift from horses to tractors, a United Kingdom inquiry has found.

UK follows NZ on compulsory carbon disclosure

11 Nov 20 - Large companies and financial institutions in the UK will have to come clean about their exposure to climate risks within five years under the terms of a tougher regime announced.

Mandatory climate disclosure coming to UK companies...

20 Oct 20 - Current rules on company disclosures to help markets price in risks from climate change will become mandatory, a senior Bank of England official said on Friday.

...and investors say they want it

20 Oct 20 - An influential group of investors is urging UK regulators to make climate risk reporting mandatory for nearly 500 FTSE-listed firms.

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