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Railway stations across India to go solar

Friday - India’s railways – the leading consumer of power – are to become the nation’s largest producer of solar energy.

Melbourne streets become living transport lab

Thursday - Integrated transport has long been the holy grail of transport engineering. Now, a project set up north of Melbourne’s CBD aims to make it a reality.

London to charge polluting vehicles

Tuesday - Older, more polluting cars will have to pay an extra £10 ($NZ17) charge to drive in central London’s congestion charge zone, the city’s mayor has said.

Volvo aims at first all-electric vehicle in 2019

16 Feb 17 - Volvo has announced that its first all-electric vehicle is coming in 2019 with battery packs up to 100 kilowatt hours.

European trains go down renewable route

13 Feb 17 - Renewable energy is helping to power increasing numbers of the world’s road vehicles. Now several European countries are exploring the potential for using renewables to fuel their trains.

Norway spearheads Europe's electric vehicle surge

9 Feb 17 - Oslo, Norway’s capital, like most of the Scandinavian country’s cities and towns, boasts bus-lane access for electric vehicles, recharging stations aplenty, privileged parking, and toll-free travel for electric cars.

UK plans to get rid of diesel vehicles ... and soon

8 Feb 17 - A scheme that would see the scrapping of diesel cars could be introduced in just months as part of a plan to lower emissions and improve air quality across the UK.

US sees electric vehicle sales soar

8 Feb 17 - Following a 5 per cent decline in sales from 2014 to 2015, US electric vehicle sales jumped by 37 per cent in 2016.

Flights to slip under radar of EU emissions limits

7 Feb 17 - International flights in and out of the European Union could be exempted from emissions limits for at least another four years to give the United Nations time to implement a global system to curb...

E-cars and cheap solar could sink fossil fuels by 2020

3 Feb 17 - Falling costs of electric vehicles and solar panels could halt worldwide growth in demand for oil and coal by 2020, a new report has suggested.

Emissions rules unfair, say coastal ship operators

26 Jan 17 - New Zealand shipping companies say it is unfair they are paying for their greenhouse gas emissions but international companies competing with them on coastal routes are not.

EV charging stations to get standard set-up

26 Jan 17 - The Government is standardising public electric-vehicle charging stations.

Electric cars will not stem global demand for oil, says BP

26 Jan 17 - Global demand for oil will still be growing in 2035 even with an enormous growth in electric cars in the next two decades, with numbers on the road rising from 1m to 100m, BP has predicted.

Paris rolls out driverless bus service to fight pollution

25 Jan 17 - Paris has launched its first driverless electric shuttle bus service, aiming to curb congestion and pollution that many Parisians blame for a whole raft of health complaints.

Toyota dealership strikes diamonds

25 Jan 17 - North Shore Toyota has joined Waikato Toyota to become just the second motor vehicle dealer in New Zealand to gain Enviro-Mark Diamond certification.

Cities unite to price cars for electric fleet

24 Jan 17 - Four of the largest US West Coast cities are asking carmakers whether they can produce "a potentially record-breaking order" of 24,000 electric vehicles.

Big carmakers lead $10b hydrogen investment

24 Jan 17 - Daimler, BMW, and Toyota are leading a group of 13 companies pledging to invest more than $10 billion during the next five years to spur public interest in buying hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

China’s electric vehicles set for bumpy ride

19 Dec 16 - The statistics are impressive: sales of electric vehicles in China are likely to reach 400,000 this year, a more than 150 per cent increase on the figure for 2015.

Hybrid cars join emissions reporting regime

16 Dec 16 - Hybrid cars have been brought into the voluntary greenhouse gas report regime for the first time.

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