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UN faces deadlock over shipping climate plans

Today 9:00am - Countries remain split on a framework for tackling the climate impact from shipping after two days of UN-backed talks in London.

Connected cars could be big energy savers ... or not

Today 9:00am - Connected cars and trucks are intended to make driving safer and easier. The chances of success all come down to humans.

Why you may never need to buy your child a bike again

Tuesday - Imagine Project sets out to cut waste in the industry by renting rather than selling bikes, which can then be returned and refurbished when the child outgrows them.

National electric vehicle fleet grows to 2000

19 Oct 16 - New Zealand now has more than 2000 electric vehicles – twice as many as at the start of the year.

Big business gives big yes to vehicle fleets going electric

17 Oct 16 - Some of New Zealand’s largest businesses are pledging to convert their vehicle fleets to electricity, collectively avoiding more than 3000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year within three years.

Electric cars set to pass two million mark

14 Oct 16 - The number of plug-in electric cars on the world’s roads is set to pass the landmark of 2m vehicles by the end of this year, with industry observers saying the electric car revolution is finally under way.

Investors tell car industry to get a move on

13 Oct 16 - Major investors have warned the automotive industry it needs to accelerate its readiness for a low-carbon world if it is to retain their support and prosper.

Germany wants to see end of gas and diesel cars by 2030

12 Oct 16 - Germany’s Bundesrat has approved a resolution that calls for a ban on new internal combustion engines by 2030.

Europe eyes e-car plug in every new home

12 Oct 16 - Every new or refurbished house in Europe will need to be equipped with an electric vehicle recharging point, under a draft EU directive expected to come into effect by 2019.

Delaying action on ship emissions would kill many

11 Oct 16 - A push by the shipping and oil industries for a five-year delay to curbs on toxic sulphur emissions would cause an extra 200,000 premature deaths from lung cancer and heart disease, says a new report.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Uniti lightweight car

10 Oct 16 - A futuristic electric urban car has met its half-million-euros funding target in less than two days.

Global aviation emissions deal gets wings

7 Oct 16 - A global carbon market for aviation that could see New Zealand offsetting three million tonnes of emissions a year is going ahead.

Tesla setting up shop here

7 Oct 16 - Tesla electric cars and batteries are coming to New Zealand.

Americans buy more EVs than ever before

Chevrolet Volt

7 Oct 16 - US plug-in vehicle sales reached a quarterly record for the three-month period that ended September 30.

Freight operators can make huge savings, says expert

4 Oct 16 - Planning and co-operation could see the freight sector cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, says an international expert.

Airline emissions deal could boost offset bills

3 Oct 16 - A new global market-based measure for aviation emissions could see New Zealand having to offset 3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.

We've pumped out an extra 500,000 tonnes of gases

3 Oct 16 - Last year’s jump in New Zealand's fossil-fuel consumption from transport probably put an extra 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, an expert says.

UN close to landmark deal on aircraft emissions

3 Oct 16 - A UN negotiation is inching towards a landmark deal to curb emissions from airplanes, although environmental groups have warned that the plan will not go far enough to help slow climate change.

Every future Prius might be a plug-in hybrid

30 Sep 16 - Toyota is considering making every future Prius a plug-in hybrid.

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