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Poor nation earns rich praise for emissions target

23 Nov 15 - Analysts say the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world’s poorest countries, has more credible plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions from forestry than several more developed states.

Facts show forestry and dairying can be equal earners

27 Oct 15 - Pricing environmental impacts into agriculture and forestry will not destroy the economy, figures show.

Foresters suggest harvesting bans as solution

Peter Weir

14 Sep 15 - Bans on clear-felling highly erodible lands and on harvesting near waterways when native fish are spawning are among provisions in a new set of environmental rules being put forward by forest owners, environmental groups and some local councils.

Global tree census highlights need to restore forests

7 Sep 15 - Mapping the density of forests reveals that there are far more trees on the planet than previously thought – but humans are destroying 15 billion a year.

Emissions are putting species in lethal danger

31 Aug 15 - Scientists warn that lizards, coral reefs and forests are all seriously under threat unless agreement is reached to reduce drastically fossil fuel emissions.

New figures show foresters deserting tree-planting

24 Aug 15 - More of New Zealand’s post-1989 plantation forests are outside the Emissions Trading Scheme than are in it.

Foresters sidestep Government and go it alone

10 Aug 15 - Establishing a national forestry policy is top of the agenda at a sector meeting in Wellington today.

Wildfire threat spreads across warming world

An experimental forest fire in Canada, where fire suppression costs are mounting
Photo Credit: USDA Forest Service.

3 Aug 15 - As climate change warms the world, vegetation dries, rainfall patterns waver and the threat of wildfire spreads.

Foresters see need for big ETS changes

13 Jul 15 - Major changes will need to be made to the Emissions Trading Scheme if New Zealand wants to meet its just-announced post-2020 emissions reduction target.

PFSI consultation meeting today

7 Jul 15 - Public meetings to discuss changes to the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative kick off in Northland today.

Bio-waste boon for natives on poor pine soils

8 Jun 15 - Bio-waste can be utilised on former pine plantations to generate big economic returns, new research shows.

Forest policy action pleases timber industry

Jo Goodhew ... policy revival.

18 May 15 - The Government appears to be putting in place the ingredients of a national forestry policy, an industry leader says.

Forest grants scheme gets $22m injection

11 May 15 - The Government will put $22.5 million into restarting the Afforestation Grant Scheme, it says.

Forest experts are wrong, say climate change ministers

30 Mar 15 - The Government is sticking to its guns – forest planting is down because of the cyclical nature of the industry, and not because carbon prices are too low to encourage planting.

Memo Jo: Foresters need a bit more than praise

Paul Nicholls ... real carbon price, please.

23 Mar 15 - Forest owners want the Government to put its money where its mouth is on sustainable forestry – and are gathering the numbers to back their case.

Nine billion reasons to get rid of our forest pests

23 Mar 15 - The economic benefits of wiping out possums, rats, mice and mustelids in New Zealand would outweigh the costs, latest research shows.

Forest planting heads for even more pitiful levels

16 Mar 15 - Forest planting levels could be even lower than last year’s pitiful level, says leading forestry company PF Olsen.

Foresters draw up wishlist for ETS review

Tim Groser ... no word on review.

16 Mar 15 - The Emissions Trading Scheme review is likely to be pushed into next year, forest owners say.

Finland declares itself a bio-economy superpower

16 Mar 15 - Finland has launched a research centre for the refining of biomass into biochemicals as part of the country’s drive to double its bio-economy.

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