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Why are millions of trees dying across the US?

20 Sep 16 - A quiet crisis playing out in US forests as huge numbers of trees succumb to drought, disease, insects and wildfire – much of it driven by climate change.

Modified wood aims to save forests from the axe

15 Sep 16 - A hardwood substitute has been developed to effectively end the need to log native forests.

FOREST FIX: Will the government play ball?

2 Sep 16 - Foresters say they’ve got a deal that will get farmers planting trees – but the Government needs to play ball.

Forestry up for Prince of Wales awards

31 Aug 16 - Sustainable forestry in New Zealand is being recognised with two new awards from the Prince of Wales.

Carbon-farming case lawyer under investigation

David Cunliffe

11 Aug 16 - A lawyer who advised a carbon-farming company that was later prosecuted by the Overseas Investment Office is under investigation over the affair.

Europe aims to close loophole on wood energy

10 Aug 16 - European officials are moving to close a loophole that promotes the burning of wood for electricity by an industry that’s felling American trees, and a new report they commissioned has laid bare the urgent need for reform.

Industry slams failure of free-market forestry

Brian Stanley

1 Aug 16 - New Zealand’s experiment with free-market forestry has left it without the forests needed to combat climate change and supply the domestic market with wood, the industry says.

How forestry can make as much money as dairying

25 Jul 16 - Details of a study showing that forestry can be as profitable as dairying have been made public.

AGS forests will bank million tonnes of carbon

25 Jul 16 - Forests planted under the revived Afforestation Grant Scheme this year are expected to store 1.3 million tonnes of carbon.

Major nations spend billions saving forests

18 Jul 16 - Forests straddling the equator are critical to a stable climate because they store vast amounts of carbon, and a new study finds that five developed countries are spending billions of dollars to keep...

Forester urges Govt to remove carbon market risks

12 Jul 16 - New Zealand will not get forestry investment on the scale needed to tackle climate change unless it cuts risk associated with the carbon market, says a company that planted 6500 hectares of carbon...

Portal holds our plantation forest facts

20 Jun 16 - Information about the environmental and social performance of New Zealand’s plantation forests – including their ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere – is now available online.

Norway commits to zero deforestation

31 May 16 - Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation.

Forests to cover 25% of China in eco project

31 May 16 - Nearly one quarter of China will be covered in forest by 2020 if the country implements its "eco-civilization" project.

More work still needed on ETS, say foresters

Brian Stanley

30 May 16 - Phasing out the one-for-two carbon subsidy is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to get the Emissions Trading Scheme working - including bringing agriculture in - says the Wood...

Wary forest investors watch climbing carbon price

Peter Weir

6 May 16 - Gun-shy forest investors are watching with interest as carbon creeps up to the magic $15 mark, but they’ll need at least another $3 a tonne to make up for the political risk of investing in carbon...

Purse strings now open for forest planting

28 Apr 16 - Applications for the second round of the Government’s Afforestation Grants Scheme are open.

Foresters welcome call for more tree-planting

Glen Mackie

26 Apr 16 - Forest owners are welcoming a report recommending doubling the area of planted forest in New Zealand.

NZ court fines Australian carbon farmer

21 Apr 16 - An Australian carbon farming company that used a New Zealander to buy land has been fined $40,000.

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