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To instantly calculate your liabilities for de-foresting pre-1990 land try ValueADD's caculator: The NZ Government site dealing with forestry is here.

Frustrated forest owners quit trading scheme

4 Aug 14 - More than 750 owners of post-1989 forests left the Emissions Trading Scheme over the past year as New Zealandís net forestation rate plummeted.

Foresters leave scheme

27 Jun 14 - Forty-seven participants left the Emissions Trading Scheme over the past year.

The many reasons why wood is the way to go

27 Jun 14 - By CHAD OLIVER, Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Director of the Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry, Yale University.- Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it would be better if we built buildings from wood than from concrete, brick, aluminium and steel.

Foresters could have arbitrage case, says expert

30 May 14 - A litigator turned forest manager says that the Governmentís surprise move to close an arbitrage loophole for forest owners could be legally challenged.

New environment rules keep foresters in line

16 May 14 - A new standard provides forest owners and managers with environmental, economic, social, and cultural criteria that support the sustainable management of forests.

Scientists answer soil microbes questions

9 May 14 - Scientists from the United States, China and Ireland may have settled one big question about climate change: donít rely on the soil microbes to help to damp down the temperatures.

NZUs issued to post-1989 forest owners

2 May 14 - Nearly seven million NZUs have been issued so far this year to owners of post-1989 forests.

At last, we're moving on wood carbon rules

24 Apr 14 - New Zealand is finally moving to recognise carbon stored in wood products Ė two years after it could have done so.

Wooden skyscrapers cool idea in a warming world

11 Apr 14 - By TIM RADFORD.- US scientists have a new green solution to urban construction: chop down trees and use the wood for buildings.

We need a price target range, says forest expert

Peter Olsen ... business needs certainty.

28 Mar 14 - A LEADING forestry services executive is calling on the Government to set a target range for carbon prices.

Not worth it, say international traders

28 Mar 14 - INTERNATIONAL carbon traders say there is little incentive for the private sector to get involved in carbon-sequestering forestry projects.

Carbon price inaction could hurt Nats at poll

21 Mar 14 - National could feel at the ballot box its failure to take action on carbon prices and lack of vision on forestry.

Post-89 emissions returns trickle in

21 Mar 14 - Only a quarter of post-1989 forest owners registered in the Emissions Trading Scheme have submitted their 2013 emissions returns.

Greens have plans for timber buildings

21 Mar 14 - The Green Party in Government will put $1 million toward the cost of the first 10-storey or higher New Zealand building made with structural timber, co-leader Dr Russel Norman said this week.

Wood foam joins the list of insulations

14 Mar 14 - By PAUL BROWN.- Every energy expert and scientist would agree that one of the cheapest and quickest ways to cut fossil fuel use and stave off dangerous climate change is better insulation of homes,...

Reluctant PM fends off $600m iwi ultimatum

John Key ... all would suffer.

7 Mar 14 - The Prime Minister says he accepts that 50,000 new jobs would be created by Maori following through on a promise to plant one million hectares of new forest if the Government lifts carbon prices.

Government says no to national forest policy

7 Mar 14 - The Government is refusing to adopt a national forestry policy, despite relying on tree planting to meet international greenhouse gas emissions reductions obligations.

Labour plan aims to boost forestry

Shane Jones ... go native.

7 Mar 14 - The Labour Party is about to announce a policy using forestry to provide jobs and environmental services.

Government knows how we can be carbon-neutral

Euan Mason ... Government aware of opportunities.

28 Feb 14 - Planting just over half of New Zealandís marginal land in forest would make the country carbon-neutral Ė and the Government knows it.

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