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Whole ecosystems could fail within 10 years

Thursday - Global warming is about to tear big holes into Earth's delicate web of life, pushing temperatures beyond the tolerance of thousands of animals at the same time.

Scientists blame poor soil for carbon limits

Thursday - Issues like poor soil fertility are limiting the ability of mature forests to store carbon and help reduce climate change, scientists say.

New mutant enzyme recycles plastic bottles in hours

Thursday - A mutant bacterial enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles for recycling in hours has been created by scientists.

Atmospheric methane increase greatest in five years

Wednesday - The average level of methane in the atmosphere increased last year by the highest amount in five years, according to new data.

New renewables capacity hit record in 2019

Wednesday - Almost three quarters of new electricity generation capacity built in 2019 uses renewable energy, representing an all-time record.

Australia closes in on hydrogen economy

Wednesday - Australia says it is a step closer to a hydrogen economy, with new research into a “nanobelt” catalyst for breaking down water.

Tropical forest damage spreads catastrophically

Wednesday - Human inroads into tropical forests stretch far beyond oil plantations or the edge of cattle ranches and are a wider threat to conservation.

Oceans could rebound in 30 years — if we act now

Tuesday - The glory of the world’s oceans could be restored within a generation, according to a major new scientific review.

Poles attract marine life avoiding rising heat

Tuesday - In a warming ocean, some species will swim, others sink. But all agree: the poles attract marine life without exception.

We need not fear ancient methane timebombs

Tuesday - The Arctic is predicted to warm faster than anywhere else in the world this century, perhaps by as much as 7deg.

Spain obeys, but others drag the chain

Tuesday - The Spanish government has submitted its energy and climate plan for 2030 to the European Commission, three months after the deadline, while five EU countries, including France, still need to turn in...

Airlines bailouts should come with climate conditions

Monday - Financial help from taxpayers to airlines hit by the coronavirus crisis must come with strict conditions on their future climate impact, green campaigners have said.

Virus could trigger record fall in carbon emissions

Monday - Carbon dioxide emissions could fall by the largest amount since World War Two this year as the coronavirus outbreak brings economies to a virtual standstill, according to scientists.

A second Dust Bowl would hit world food stocks

Monday - The next time the fertile soils of North America turn to dust, the consequences will hit food stocks worldwide.

San Francisco bans reusable shopping bags

Monday - San Francisco is banning reusable shopping bags to prevent outside germs from entering grocery stores.

UN postpones COP26 climate talks in Glascow

3 Apr 20 - Green campaigners vowed to keep up the pressure on governments to make stringent new commitments on the climate crisis, as the COP26 climate summit was delayed until next year.

Will this coronavirus kill off the oil industry?

3 Apr 20 - Analysts say the coronavirus pandemic and a savage price war means the oil and gas sector will never be the same again.

Obama urges voters to 'demand better'

3 Apr 20 - Former US president Barack Obama has urged voters to "demand better" of the government after the Trump administration rolled back a key Obama-era fuel standard intended to combat climate change.

Blue energy revolution comes of age

3 Apr 20 - The amount of energy generated by tides and waves in the past decade has increased 10-fold. Now governments around the world are planning to scale up these ventures to tap into the oceans’ vast store...

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