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Rio Tinto spending $1b to reach net-zero emissions

Today 11:00am - Mining giant Rio Tinto says it wants its globe-spanning operations to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and will spend $US1 billion over the next five years to reduce its carbon footprint.

Skip the jargon if you want people to care

Today 11:00am - If you’re confused what the “circular economy” is, or what it means for a company to go “net-zero,” you’re far from alone.

FIFA aims for carbon-neutral 2022 World Cup

Today 11:00am - FIFA aims to reach carbon neutrality at the next World Cup, to be hosted by Qatar in 2022, in spite of environmental challenges linked to the location of the event.

Crisis could pose catastrophic threat, experts warn

Thursday - Climate change could become a “catastrophic” threat to global security, as people lose their livelihoods, fall ill and battle over scarce water and food, a host of US security, military and intelligence experts have warned.

A third of plants and animals risk mass extinction

Thursday - Within 50 years, a third of all plant and animal species could be caught up in a mass extinction, as a consequence of climate change driven by ever-rising temperatures. What is new about this warning is the method, the precision, the timetable and the identification of a cause.

Newly waterproofed Arctic seed vault hits 1m samples

Wednesday - The Arctic global seed vault has reached the milestone of having one million varieties stored in its deep freeze.

Older people can be mobilised to fight crisis

Wednesday - Older people can be nudged into taking action on climate change by getting them to think about their legacy, researchers say.

Greenhouse gases have a puzzling double effect

Monday - Lustier plant growth as greenhouse gases climb should counter global heating and atmospheric carbon build-up. But it’s not quite so simple.

Oil and gas climate impact worse than we thought

20 Feb 20 - The oil and gas industry has had a far worse impact on the climate than previously believed, according to a study indicating that human emissions of fossil methane have been underestimated by up to...

Renewables could power the world by 2050

20 Feb 20 - Wind, water and solar sources − the renewable energy trio − could meet almost all the needs of our power-hungry society in 30 years.

Climate change could wipe out coral reefs by 2100

20 Feb 20 - The changing climate could destroy nearly all remaining coral reefs by the end of the century, according to new research.

Coal giant eyes 30% fall in carbon emissions

20 Feb 20 - Mining giant Glencore has predicted its carbon footprint will shrink by almost a third by 2035, but will not set climate targets for the company.

Why we must protect 30% of Earth for animals

20 Feb 20 - Governments should sharply expand protected areas for animals and plants to cover 30% of the planet by 2030 to pull back from “the precipice of irreversible loss of biodiversity”, a group of former...

Bezos pledges $10b to save the planet

Jeff Bezos

19 Feb 20 - Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and Washington Post owner, has announced that he is donating $10 billion to save the Earth’s environment – barely a month after it was revealed Amazon threatened to...

Carbon pricing role crucial, say experts

18 Feb 20 - Carbon pricing is emerging as central to international climate negotiations, the Mercator Climate Institute says.

Earth just had its hottest January on record

17 Feb 20 - The Earth had its hottest January in recorded history last month, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

FIGUERES: The only uncertainty is how long we’ll last

Christiana Figueres

17 Feb 20 - Christiana Figueres, leader of the 2015 Paris Agreement, talks about her new book, The Future We Choose, and why it’s crunch time for humanity.

Billions of acres of cropland await the Big Thaw

17 Feb 20 - As the climate warms in the decades ahead, billions of acres, most of them in the northern hemisphere, will become suitable for agriculture and could, if ploughed, emit a massive, planet-altering...

New BP chief vows net-zero emissions by 2050

14 Feb 20 - BP's new chief executive Bernard Looney has outlined plans to cut the company's carbon emissions from its operations and barrels produced to net-zero by 2050.

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NZ winery commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 80 per cent

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - YEALAND WINE GROUP: Yealands Wine Group has today announced its...

Wind energy crucial to EU's carbon neutrality

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE GLOBALDATA: The European Union, whose 28 members collectively...

Mercury Quarterly Operational Update - 3 months to Dec 31, 2019

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE MERCURY: Mercury maintained a prudent approach to risk management...

Vegetarianism in schools is entirely appropriate

21 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE NZ VEGETARIAN SOCIETY: The NZ Vegetarian Society has responded to...

Westpac NZ and Contact Energy agree first sustainability-linked loan

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE WESTPAC NZ & CONTACT ENERGY: Westpac NZ and Contact Energy have...

European cement industry strives for carbon-neutrality by 2050

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE CEMBUREAU: CEMBUREAU, the Association of the European cement...

Air NZ wins sustainable business award

25 Oct 19 - Air New Zealand has been recognised at the New Zealand Tourism Awards for its...

YHA celebrates carbon footprint reduction

23 Oct 19 - YHA New Zealand has reconfirmed its carboNZero certification by celebrating a...

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