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How this science could help us cut emissions

Today 10:00am - A sense of climate emergency is permeating the global consciousness thanks to high-profile campaigning, but many of us have been slow to actually make changes in the way we live.

MORE PLASTIC: Big Oil’s Plan B already in the pipeline

Tuesday - As public concern about plastic pollution rises, the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries are pouring billions of dollars into new plants intended to make millions more tonnes of plastic than they now pump out.

Welcome to 2020: It’s hot – and getting hotter

Tuesday - The year is less than four weeks old, but scientists already know that carbon dioxide emissions will continue to head upwards – as they have every year since measurements began – leading to a continuation of the Earth’s rising heat.

Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight

Tuesday - The Doomsday Clock, a symbol created in 1947 to represent humankind’s proximity to global catastrophe, is now just 100 seconds to midnight for the first time.

The climate is in trouble, but it's not all doom and gloom

11 Dec 19 - Global temperatures are on course to rise by 3deg to 5deg by the end of the century and global emissions continue to increase. But there are genuine reasons for hope.

How to design a forest fit to heal the planet

11 Dec 19 - There's more than one way to plant a tree – and some of the most widely used techniques aren’t up to scratch.

At last, wildlife TV is engaging with the climate

11 Dec 19 - The BBC’s new wildlife television series featuring David Attenborough, Seven Worlds, One Planet, marks a drastic departure from previous programmes.

Biodiversity 2020: the biggest threats and opportunities

6 Dec 19 - Scientists and conservation professionals predict mosquito-killing fungi and a kelp crisis could be among the trends affecting living things next year.

Warming world throws family burden on women

6 Dec 19 - In many countries men are often migrating further to find work, leaving the entire burden of maintaining the family on women.

Climate models have got it right, study finds

5 Dec 19 - Climate models have accurately predicted global heating for the past 50 years, a study has found.

We're heading for the hottest decade on record

4 Dec 19 - The past decade is almost certain to be the hottest on record, weather experts have warned, painting a bleak picture of vanishing sea ice, devastating heatwaves and encroaching seas.

Race is on to find wild relatives of food plants

4 Dec 19 - Seeds from 400 wild relatives of food crops such as bananas, rice and aubergines have been collected to save their valuable genetic diversity before it is lost.

Why science and art should work together

4 Dec 19 - It’s no secret that scientists often struggle to explain their research in the most approachable way.

Where will the climate refugees go?

3 Dec 19 - In the near future, global warming is expected to create millions of climate refugees, and individuals and organisations are already searching for ways to help them.

Warming world could bring earlier babies

3 Dec 19 - Babies could be born up to two weeks’ earlier as the climate warms.

Axa vows to cut ties with coal industry

29 Nov 19 - Insurer Axa has promised to sever ties with the coal industry as part of a climate strategy to phase out the group’s multibillion pound investments and insurance underwriting of companies that back...

Why fossil fuel divestment won't work

27 Nov 19 - Divestment doesn't affect global demand for oil, it just transfers power to state-run oil companies – which have higher carbon footprints. But there are other things we can do.

It took a 60-year drought to end ancient Assyrian empire

27 Nov 19 - It took only a 60-year drought to lay low one of the first superpowers. It crumbled when harvests withered over two millennia ago.

Climate-heating greenhouse gases hit new high,

26 Nov 19 - The concentration of climate-heating greenhouse gases has hit a record high, according to a report from the UN’s World Meteorological Organisation.

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NZ winery commits to reducing its carbon emissions by 80 per cent

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - YEALAND WINE GROUP: Yealands Wine Group has today announced its...

Wind energy crucial to EU's carbon neutrality

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE GLOBALDATA: The European Union, whose 28 members collectively...

Mercury Quarterly Operational Update - 3 months to Dec 31, 2019

23 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE MERCURY: Mercury maintained a prudent approach to risk management...

Vegetarianism in schools is entirely appropriate

21 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE NZ VEGETARIAN SOCIETY: The NZ Vegetarian Society has responded to...

Westpac NZ and Contact Energy agree first sustainability-linked loan

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE WESTPAC NZ & CONTACT ENERGY: Westpac NZ and Contact Energy have...

European cement industry strives for carbon-neutrality by 2050

16 Jan 20 - MEDIA RELEASE CEMBUREAU: CEMBUREAU, the Association of the European cement...

Air NZ wins sustainable business award

25 Oct 19 - Air New Zealand has been recognised at the New Zealand Tourism Awards for its...

YHA celebrates carbon footprint reduction

23 Oct 19 - YHA New Zealand has reconfirmed its carboNZero certification by celebrating a...

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