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South America

Supermarket chains threaten Brazil boycott

21 May 20 - British supermarkets have warned Brazil they might have to boycott its products if lawmakers there pass a contentious bill that could enable faster destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Bolsonaro sends in his soldiers

13 May 20 - Brazil has deployed thousands of soldiers to protect the Amazon rainforest as the government mounts a response to surging deforestation ahead of the high season for forest fires.

Chile sets new target of peak emissions by 2025

14 Apr 20 - Chile has committed to peaking its greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, in an updated national plan presented virtually to the UN.

Big Money firms back Amazon oil boom

17 Mar 20 - Five large financial firms from the US and UK are bankrolling an oil boom in the western Amazon, says a new report.

Military man takes command of the Amazon

Hamilton Mourão

3 Feb 20 - President Jair Bolsonaro has caused widespread dismay by appointing an ex-military colleague to oversee protection of the Amazon.

Amazon fires are melting Andes glaciers

2 Dec 19 - Black carbon from Amazon rainforest fires is settling on Andes glaciers and making them melt faster, according to new research.

Bolsosnaro accuses DiCaprio: You're burning the Amazon

2 Dec 19 - Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro has accused actor Leonardo DiCaprio of bankrolling the deliberate incineration of the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon deforestation soars to 11-year high

20 Nov 19 - Deforestation in Brazilís Amazon rainforest this year rose to its highest in over a decade.

Casualties mount in Bolivia's battle for white gold

20 Nov 19 - The overthrow of Bolivian president Evo Morales shows how the politics of environmentalism and social justice intersect in a silvery-white metal.

Argentina changes waste rule and opens doors to plastics

4 Nov 19 - Argentina has changed its definition of waste in a move that could allow it to import millions of tonnes of plastic waste discarded in the US.

Catholic church denounces Amazon policies

1 Nov 19 - The Catholic church in the Amazon has denounced attacks on the environment and the life of indigenous people ó setting out on a collision course with Brazilís president Jair Bolsonaro.

JUNGLE BUNGLE: Brazil pushes Amazon to 2021 tipping point

25 Oct 19 - The destructive policies of Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro could push the Amazon rainforest to an irreversible tipping point within two years.

Sorry about that, says Ecuador, and reinstates Big Oil subsidies

18 Oct 19 - Calm has returned to the streets of Quito after Ecuadorís government agreed to reinstate fuel subsidies following 11 days of nationwide, violent protests.

Pope v president as Amazon burns

8 Oct 19 - Two of the most powerful forces in Brazil, the president and the pope, are pulling in opposite directions on an issue critical to climate change.

'CHAOS, CHAOS, CHAOS': A trip through Bolsonaro's inferno

11 Sep 19 - From afar, it resembles a tornado: an immense grey column shooting thousands of feet upwards from the forest canopy into the Amazonian skies.

Central America climate change driving people out

10 Sep 19 - Droughts and damaging storms are impacting smallholder farmers in Central America and driving higher levels of migration from the region.

BOLIVIA BURNING: Itís not just Brazil's forests that are ablaze

29 Aug 19 - While the world watches the Brazilian Amazon burn, across the border in Bolivia itís also ablaze.

Without our help, the world's forests would not be burning

26 Aug 19 - Fuel is everywhere in rainforests, but it seems unimaginable that such humid ecosystems could ever catch fire. And without human intervention, they donít.

Outcry goes global as Amazon forests burn

23 Aug 19 - The environment minister of Brazil, where wildfires have been sweeping the Amazon rainforest, was booed at a climate event yesterday as celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ariana Grande...

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