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Global megatrends driving our energy changes

Monday - New Zealand’s energy sector is being transformed from a top-down centralised system to one that is much more interactive, yet also decentralised and fragmented, a new report says.

Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

Monday - Researchers have developed a battery that uses a common food additive to enable abundant solar and wind power to be stored cheaply and safely in homes and offices.

Solar capacity to grow more than fourfold

Monday - Global concentrated solar power capacity will increase more than fourfold by 2020, a new report shows.

Elephant grass could offer viable alternative to coal

Dried elephant grass ... good fuel

Monday - By adapting a tropical grass to grow in the British climate, scientists hope to be able to replace coal in power stations with biofuel.

OECD urges end to policies which support fossil fuels

An 80-foot coal seam in the US: Fossil fuels should not get support, the OECD says.

28 Sep 15 - The world should abandon fossil fuel support policies which belong in a past when healthy economies depended on pollution, say wealthiest nations.

Investors opt out of fossil fuels as climate talks near

The divestment bandwagon is now rolling far and wide.

28 Sep 15 - As momentum builds for a new deal on climate change, investors are becoming increasingly nervous about having their cash in fossil fuels.

Asia-Pacific heads for solar powerhouse status

28 Sep 15 - The Asia-Pacific region will overtake Europe to become the largest contributor to global solar photovoltaic installed capacity, says a new report.

Member's bill demands end to fossil fuels investment

Russel Norman ... economic sense.

21 Sep 15 - A bill requiring public funds like ACC and Superannuation to stop investing in the exploration for and mining and production of fossil fuels has been drawn from the Parliamentary Members’ ballot.

We're a nation of wastrels, says OECD report

21 Sep 15 - New Zealanders consume a lot and waste energy, according to a new analysis of OECD countries’ performance on the Millennium Development Goals.

Report shows up double-standards of G20 countries

Coal mine in Mongolia.

21 Sep 15 - Many G20 countries are spending billions of dollars subsidising the fossil fuel industry while at the same time making commitments to tackle climate change, says a new study.

Renewable energy flexes its muscles

21 Sep 15 - New Zealand’s emissions from electricity generation fell in the June quarter, as renewables take an increasing share of the load.

India in disarray over strategy on global warming

A 'clean and green' sign outside a coal-burning power station near Kolkata.

21 Sep 15 - Researchers in India say its action on climate change is suffering because, unlike China, it has not developed the institutions needed to co-ordinate policy.

Does bioenergy have a green energy future in the US?

An ethanol plant in Iowa: energy from plant residue, apart from corn kernels, can be used to create heat and steam to run refineries.

21 Sep 15 - Bio-derived sources of energy – wood, grass, dung and alcohol – have a rich history, yet have failed to command the “buzz” of solar, wind or even geothermal in public discussions regarding renewable...

World’s first solar-powered airport takes off

14 Sep 15 - The international airport at Cochin in southern India has blazed a pioneering trail by becoming the first to run all its ground operations on solar power.

Efficiency drive can cut a quarter off energy demand

14 Sep 15 - New research shows that saving the planet from global warming by combining renewables and energy efficiency will also save money and create jobs.

Coal town's vote makes rumbles at the port

7 Sep 15 - While an Australian council decision might not trigger divestment from fossil fuels, it is a chance for the world's biggest coal port to consider its future direction.

Stranded-assets threat making mark on business

31 Aug 15 - The risk of being left with stranded assets is focusing business attention on climate change, says the organiser of an up-coming business conference in Auckland.

Shell swims against oil price tide

31 Aug 15 - As the giant Shell oil company begins highly controversial exploration drilling in the Arctic, the price of crude continues to slide.

Solar power takes giant strides as prices fall

31 Aug 15 - Massive solar power stations are being built in the world’s “sun belts” − with the US and India competing to have the largest in the world.

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