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Dirty 30 ... coal-powered plant in Nottinghamshire.

Germany and Britain top the Dirty 30

Today 10:00am - By KIERAN COOKE.- Itís not the sort of league table that anyone is proud of leading, but a new report on the European Unionís power sector lists the EUís 30 most polluting energy plants Ė all powered by coal.

Europe lacks courage on energy targets

Today 10:00am - In proposing a 30 per cent rather than a 40 per cent energy demand reduction target, the European Commission is increasing the risks that European Union member states face from fossil-fuel dependence and slowing the economic and social benefits of better insulated homes and lower energy bills.

What is the future of coal? It depends on which part of the world youíre talking about

18 Jul 14 - Have reports of coal's demise been greatly exaggerated? It depends which part of the world you look at.

Waste disposal becomes critical as nuclear sites close

18 Jul 14 - Nuclear power is seen as one of the possible solutions to climate change, but the recent closure of five US power stations is forcing the industry to face up at last to the damaging legacy of how to deal with radioactive waste.

Crisis-mauled Montserrat turns disasters to its advantage

11 Jul 14 - The eastern Caribbean island of Montserrat has suffered more than its fair share of natural disasters.

Sydney takes lead role in urban energy drive

11 Jul 14 - Sydney is to head an international network of global cities looking at energy efficiency.

Project sheds light on how we use power

11 Jul 14 - A Victoria University engineering lecturer is shedding light on household power usage, as part of her research into improving the way New Zealand uses electricity.

Asia-Pacific targets $2.5 trillion for renewables

4 Jul 14 - The Asia-Pacific region will invest a massive $3.6 trillion over the years ahead to equip itself with the power capacity it needs for 2030.

Climate target needs new money Ö but not that much more

4 Jul 14 - Climate change will require substantial new investment in low-carbon energy and energy efficiency Ė but no more than what is currently spent on todayís fossil-dominated energy system, according to...

'I shuddered at the thought of connecting my cooking stove with a toiletís septic tank'

4 Jul 14 - Sunita Bote, a 30-year-old housewife from the small village of Kumroj in eastern Nepal, was far from convinced when energy specialists from the capital city, Kathmandu, talked about the benefits of...

Doctors swap fossil fuels for renewables

4 Jul 14 - The body that represents doctors in the UK has voted to end its investments in fossil fuel companies − making it the first national medical organisation in the world to do so.

New solar panel system safer and cheaper

4 Jul 14 - British researchers have found a new way to cut the cost of solar cell manufacture, and at the same time make the process less hazardous.

Coal forever? It depends on what we do now

4 Jul 14 - At the recent midyear UN climate negotiations in Bonn, an unprecedented 60 countries (including Germany) called for a total phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050, as part of a global agreement on climate...

Bioenergy group praises Auckland action

4 Jul 14 - Auckland Cityís Energy Resilience and Low Carbon Action Plan will create green jobs and economic growth, says the Bioenergy Association.

Why blue means better solar energy systems

27 Jun 14 - When it comes to solar power, itís a case of the more blue the better, according to Victoria University of Wellington researcher Dr Jonathan Halpert.

Figures show how coal curbs cut gas emissions

20 Jun 14 - Latest energy figures show the dramatic impact cutting coal-fired generation has on greenhouse gas emissions.

Rivers' turn as Wright fires second salvo at Government

Dr Jan Wright ... Government has failed rivers.

20 Jun 14 - The Parliament Commissioner for the Environment has just fired another shot over the bows of the Government for putting economic interests ahead of the environment.

Hot rocks are a core asset for renewable energy

20 Jun 14 - Many countries with volcanoes have long used hot rocks and steam to generate electricity, but new engineering methods promise a boom in geothermal energy.

Foot-draggers back robust 2030 climate goals

20 Jun 14 - A groundswell of public support for binding EU-wide action on renewable energy and energy efficiency has been revealed by a new poll.

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