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Market edges higher

Friday - NZUs didn’t trade yesterday, despite two-way interesting continuing to build. OMFinancial reports:

Fourth quarter may bring fresh interest

Thursday - Five thousand NZUs traded at $6.75 yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs settle at $6.67

Wednesday - We saw no trade in carbon yesterday, despite healthy two-way interest on-screen. OMFinancial reports:

Appetite to accumulate NZUs at these prices

Tuesday - Fifteen thousand NZUs changed hands at $6.65 yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

Prices down, but volume up

28 Sep 15 - Action in the carbon market increased last week, with volume improving. OMFinancial reports:

Lots on offer, but patchy biddiing

25 Sep 15 - The pendulum has swung, with the market feeling softer than it has for some time. OMFinancial reports:

$6.50 holding as the low

24 Sep 15 - NZUs settled $6.55 yesterday, with only small volume trading. OMFinancial reports:

Reasonable selling pushes prices

23 Sep 15 - NZUs settled at $6.57 yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

Market in drift mode

22 Sep 15 - NZUs settled at $6.67 yesterday and remain in drift mode, with little interest being shown by buyers or sellers. OMFinancial reports:

Range likely to hold

21 Sep 15 - NZUs traded small volume at $6.70 on Friday. OMFinancial reports:

Market trading sideways

18 Sep 15 - Today we are 6.70/6.80, with modest volume either side of the market. OMFinancial reports:

Market a little quiet

17 Sep 15 - NZUs did not trade yesterday, and today we have opened $6.70/6.75. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs trade $6.75

16 Sep 15 - Ten thousand NZUs changed hands at $6.75 yesterday. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs trading higher

15 Sep 15 - Yesterday we saw more than over 80,000 NZUs trade between $6.75 and $6.85, with the market closing at $6.85 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

NZUs start the week $6.70/6.85

14 Sep 15 - Friday saw some small selling at $6.70. OMFinancial reports:

Local market a little weaker

11 Sep 15 - Spot NZUs have traded small volume at $6.70 this morning. OMFinancial reports:

NZU interest building but prices stagnant

10 Sep 15 - Yesterday’s comments hold true again today; there is good interest on both sides of the market but few are prepared to cross the bid/offer spread. OMFinancial reports:

Mexican standoff goes on

9 Sep 15 - NZUs are holding in the high $6s. OMFinancial reports:

Carbon holds in the high $6 range

7 Sep 15 - NZUs closed the week with no trade. OMFinancial reports:

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