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Deal or no deal … can China and the US deliver?

Monday - It’s been called an historic agreement − a game changer in the battle to combat climate change. But can China and the US fulfill the promises in their announcement of plans to cut carbon emissions?

Does this climate deal let China do nothing for 16 years?

Monday - “As I read the agreement it requires the Chinese to do nothing at all for 16 years while these carbon emissions regulations are creating havoc in my state and around the country.” – US Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, November 12, 2014.

G20 climate challenge calls for a rethink of economics

Monday - Focusing on growth, the Brisbane G20 leaders' summit has not grappled with three key issues - how much more growth the planet can survive, how poorer nations can raise their living standards to parity with the developed world, and how can a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth be realised?

WORLD WEB: Coal industry costs Australia $8 billion in medical bills

Monday - * New Commission floats first 'kill list' of green EU laws * India feels heat as pressure mounts to deliver climate target * Global meat demand ploughs up Brazil's 'underground forest' * Giant batteries connected to the grid: the future of energy storage? * Hyundai, Kia to triple range of green cars by 2020

Australia's green building review adds more uncertainty

Monday - Australia's Commercial Building Disclosure programme is the latest federal environmental policy to be placed under review.

Election rout blow to US climate change role

Republican rise ... firmly in control.

10 Nov 14 - The role of the United States in confronting the global climate crisis has been cast into serious doubt after an election that stacked the deck in Congress in favor of fossil fuel industries.

Environment another casualty of war, says UN

Ban Ki-moon ... complex warfare.

10 Nov 14 - The environment has long been a “silent casualty of war, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said yesterday as he warned that the fast-changing dynamic of conflict required solutions to support peace and sustainable development.

WORLD WEB ... news from the world of carbon

Bill McKibben ... challenges.

10 Nov 14 - * Why the climate movement needs to get confrontational * Govt bid to strip Tasmanian forests of world heritage cover 'disappointing' * The world's 10 biggest tidal power projects * Energy storage...

Why warnings on climate spark aggressive denials

10 Nov 14 - If you don’t like the message on climate change, it seems that the answer is to shoot the messenger.

Leaders must act, says UN after dire climate report

Dire warning ... Ban Ki-moon releases the IPCC report.

3 Nov 14 - If left unchecked, climate change will increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems, says a United Nations report.

At last, there's a glimpse of an ETS in Australia

3 Nov 14 - With the passage of the Emissions Reduction Fund through the Senate last week, Australia's federal government has taken a step toward achieving the country's minimum target to reduce greenhouse gas...

WORLD WEB: We can continue to burn coal, says Australia

3 Nov 14 - * Germany may cut coal-fired energy to protect climate * Banks invest record €66bn in coal sector * Airport solar farm will be world’s largest * Scotland to open remanufacturing hub to cash in on...

Booming cities need sustainable urban planning

3 Nov 14 - Growing urban areas will need better planned and better managed environments or risk exacerbating negative trends, the United Nations has warned.

China-US links could spark emissions breakthrough

3 Nov 14 - Tentative steps have been taken by China and the United States towards co-operating on climate change − mainly focusing on relatively modest technological schemes connected with more efficient...

Insurance industry sleeps through climate alarm calls

3 Nov 14 - Insurance is all about assessing risk, so you might expect companies in the sector to be intimately involved with one of the most potent risks facing the world – the possibility of catastrophic...

Why uncontrolled climate change might limit growth

3 Nov 14 - By JACK PEZZEY.- “But who do you think’s right, Prof? The optimists or the pessimists?” At the end of my sustainability economics course in 2007, students were challenging me to end 20 years of...

New EU emissions goal pits green business against industry

Connie Hedegaard ... world is watching.

28 Oct 14 - A European Union goal to cut greenhouse gases by 40 per cent by 2030 sets the pace for a global deal to tackle climate change, pitting heavy industry against green business.

WORLD WEB: Sweden the greenest country ... so, where is NZ?

28 Oct 14 - * Carmakers prepare to shift to hydrogen fuel cells * New York Green Bank in debut clean energy transactions * Off-grid German village runs on wind and sun * UK to axe solar farm subsidies in...

Oil boom prompts US to push for crude exports

28 Oct 14 - Oil and coal producers in the United States are planning to use mile-long tanker trains to transport vast quantities of fossil fuels to the coast through areas that environmental groups believe...

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