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Hillary Clinton ... strong policy needed.

Will the presidential candidates have a substantive debate on climate change?

Monday - Republican New Jersey governor and presidential hopeful Chris Christie briefly made news last week when he said that global warming is real and that “human activity contributes to it.”

World Bank advocates long-term thinking on climate change

Monday - Switching to a zero-carbon economy is more than just a dream, according to the World Bank. But costs will be high for countries that fail to act quickly.

WORLD TODAY: Vast Antarctic ice shelf a few years from disintegration, says Nasa

Monday - * China is on track for the biggest reduction in coal use ever recorded * Merkel calls for global emissions trading system * Tar sands still full speed ahead, but Canada promises emissions cuts * Renewable energy vital for internet lifestyles, says Greenpeace * Charlize Theron: Mad Max landscape awaits unless we tackle climate change

Canadian city wants to be the world's greenest

A touch of green enhances the Vancouver skyline

Monday - Canada has been dubbed an international disgrace for its climate change policies, but now one of its major cities is aiming to be the greenest in the world by 2020.

Weather events taken to extremes by climate change

Monday - As temperatures soar to record heights, blame it on global warming − but only about three-quarters of the time. And when the rain comes down by the bucketful, you can attribute one downpour in five to climate change.

Pope aims to win hearts and minds on climate change

Pope Francis ... keen for church to be involved.

11 May 15 - A declaration at the end of a meeting in Rome hosted by the Vatican made a plea to the world’s religions to engage and mobilise on the issue of climate change.

WORLD TODAY: What does Cameron's election win mean for the environment?

11 May 15 - * Australia PM's adviser: climate change is UN hoax to create new world order * Tesla says Powerwall sold out for 12 months, demand ‘just nutty’ * Canadian water for California’s drought? * South Africa prepares to give shale gas go-ahead * Food waste an enormous economic problem, say G20 ministers * Community energy model is speeding US move to renewables

Farming our forests could be the answer to green-world prayers

Upland women weed their rice fields, an integrated method of agro-forestry, in Laos.

11 May 15 - Forests may be the green investment with the richest returns for humankind, according to new research.

US braces itself for even worse wildfire season

4 May 15 - The firefighters are primed, hoses at the ready. May and June are often the peak months for forest fires in the southwest of the US, and the outlook for this year is grim.

Europe sets timetable to slash plastic bag use

4 May 15 - Single-use plastic bags could soon become a thing of the past in European supermarkets.

WORLD TODAY: Church of England ends investments in heavily polluting fossil fuels

4 May 15 - * Tesla unveils home battery to rev up low carbon transition * US, Japan and Canada miss Green Climate Fund donation deadline * Obama signs energy efficiency bill into law * Solar power plant...

Malaysian authorities seize book on timber corruption

4 May 15 - Malaysia’s Home Ministry has seized an explosive book on timber corruption in the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

It's up to central banks to back the climate change fight

28 Apr 15 - In the aftermath of the 2008/9 global financial crisis central banks around the world pumped billions of dollars into the monetary system to safeguard the world economy.

Call for an end to ‘business as usual’ option on climate

Mary Robinson ... now is the moment.

28 Apr 15 - The whole issue of climate is much too important to be left to governments and their leaders, says Mary Robinson, the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy on climate change.

WORLD TODAY: Hawaii wants to be the first state to run completely on renewable energy

28 Apr 15 - * Will 2015 be the warmest year on record? * Like shale gas, solar power shaking up global energy * Coal faces a day of reckoning in New Mexico * Pension funds failing to manage climate risk...

There’s nothing ‘perma’ about Arctic permafrost

28 Apr 15 - Permafrost - a vast, frozen subsurface layer of soil - covers nearly a quarter of the land in the northern hemisphere. It contains centuries worth of carbon in the form of plants that have died since...

Inquiry takes aim at green charities that get political

Friends of the Earth is among the environmental groups that have been criticised in some quarters as ‘anti-jobs’.

20 Apr 15 - The almost 600 environmental groups that hold tax-deductibility status in Australia are being scrutinised by a Federal Government inquiry, with reports that more than 100 of them face being struck...

WORLD TODAY: Clinton to make climate top of agenda for White House run

Hillary Clinton ... historic first.

20 Apr 15 - * Dutch government facing legal action over failure to reduce carbon emissions * US greenhouse gas emissions spiked 2 per cent in 2013 * Brazil to offer ambitious climate plan with more...

Unhappy birthday for UK's nuclear white elephants

Sellafield ... failure.

13 Apr 15 - A state-of-the-art British plant designed to re-use spent nuclear fuel so as to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to close after years of what its critics call “commercial and technical failure.”

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Fibreboard coffins out, pine caskets in

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Waste Warriors shift the waste

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Competitive edge the secret, say farm ambassadors

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Battery-maker claims world first

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