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Brazilian drought adds to impact of dam collapse

Monday - Reduced river flows in Brazil, as global warming intensifies the drought there, mean more damage from a burst dam, scientists say.

The Big Apple puts bite on all corporations

Monday - In a move that is potentially transformative, the New York attorney general is investigating Exxon for financial fraud.

What in the world's going on...

Monday - * Pacific temperature data shows El Niño gathering record strength * Super-rich Qatar delivers target-free UN climate pledge * Britain calls for closing of coal-fired power plants by 2025 * Egypt to go nuclear using Russian money * Senators move to block Paris deal * Geely aims for 90% of sales to be green by 2020 * Kia wants range of 11 green cars by 2020 * Methane becomes electricity becomes Toyota cars

What in the world's going on ...

16 Nov 15 - * Paris is safe, France assures climate talks visitors * EU scientists advise higher safety limits on glyphosate * Science Museum ends sponsorship deal with Shell * World’s largest ocean clean-up operation one step closer * Impact on oceans needs urgent attention at talks * Animal poo fuels a French zoo's biogas unit

Cash is key to success at Paris climate talks

9 Nov 15 - A former key figure in UN climate change policy-making says economists now see that development without destroying the environment is the only way forward.

What in the world's going on ...

9 Nov 15 - * Pacific Islands make last-ditch plea before Paris * Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline * Canada gets first climate change minister * IMF to factor climate risk into forecasts * Renewable energy to double in major economies by 2030 * Clean energy investment fell by 31% under Tony Abbott * Goldman bets $150b on being green * Tesla buoyed by third-quarter results * State now produces all electricity from renewables

Life in the pedestrian fast lane is no life at all

9 Nov 15 - Everyone has experienced it. Striding along in a purposeful hurry, your progress is thwarted by a slow-moving pedestrian, dawdling along the pavement. Perhaps they’re talking into their mobile phone, looking lost or just plain taking their time. It can drive you mad.

How to build a city fit for 50deg heatwaves

Middle East heat

2 Nov 15 - The Persian Gulf is already one of the hottest parts of the world, but by the end of the century increasing heat combined with intense humidity will make the region too hot for habitation, according...

What in the world's going on ...

2 Nov 15 - * MEPs vote to cap some agricultural emissions, but not cow burps * World's climate pledges not yet enough to avoid dangerous warming * VW's ‘dieselgate’ puts spotlight on electric cars in Germany...

Is holding back on climate change a political liability?

Justin Trudeau

27 Oct 15 - Climate reformers woke up last Tuesday with a reason to smile. North of the 49th parallel, Canadian voters turfed out the decade-old government of Stephen Harper.

Humanity at climate crossroads, warns Stern

Lord Stern

27 Oct 15 - Lord Stern, an expert on the economic impacts of climate change, says the stakes have never been higher for radical action to be agreed at the Paris summit.

Hurricanes wreak economic havoc as world warms

27 Oct 15 - Analysis of insurance data convinces environmental economists that climate change is pushing up the cost of dealing with the disastrous effects of extreme weather events.

What in the world's going on ...

27 Oct 15 - * One month to Paris, nations cannot agree on meaning of decarbonisation * Paris climate deal unlikely to need Senate approval, says US envoy * Europe entering the era of ‘precision agriculture’ *...

Wages set to fall unless warming is tackled

27 Oct 15 - Researchers say the economic costs of failing to take action on climate change will be much greater than previously thought – with average global incomes cut by almost a quarter.

Climate cash flow to poorer nations still too slow

19 Oct 15 - Rich countries are failing to fulfil pledges to make billions of dollars available to help the developing world to tackle climate change.

Why some companies are becoming green activists

19 Oct 15 - Clothing brand Patagonia gives 1 per cent of its sales “to support environmental organisations around the world”.

Europe faces a big chill, warn climate scientists

19 Oct 15 - Double jeopardy as the slowing of ocean currents threatens to combine with global warming to create scenes resembling those in the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

What in the world's going on ...

19 Oct 15 - * Antarctic ice sheets face catastrophic collapse * Bonn set for fireworks as UN climate talks resume * Toyota aims to nearly eliminate gasoline cars by 2050 * Norwegian PM demands global carbon...

It's time for the hard work to begin

12 Oct 15 - Recent trips by President Obama highlight the costs of adapting – or responding – to climate change that we are paying today and will pay tomorrow.

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