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California cap-and-trade auction falls well short

Friday - The latest auction in California’s cap-and-trade market for greenhouse gases fell sharply below expectations, as buyers purchased just 2 per cent of the carbon credits whose sale funds a variety of state programmes -- notably, the proposed high-speed rail project.

Exxon tried to censor climate scientists

Thursday - ExxonMobil moved to squash a well-established congressional lecture series on climate science just nine days after the presidential inauguration of George W Bush, a former oil executive.

Bayer readies massive cash offer for Monsanto

Wednesday - German pharmaceutical giant Bayer has announced its intention to offer $62 billion in cash to take over agrochemical company Monsanto, as the debate over the use of the pesticide glyphosate continues.

Schools ditch textbooks that question climate change

Wednesday - Schools in Portland, Oregon, have voted to abandon textbooks that “express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities”.

World could warm by 10deg if all fossil fuels are burned

Tuesday - The planet would warm by searing 10degC if all fossil fuels are burned, according to a new study, leaving some regions uninhabitable and wreaking profound damage on human health, food supplies and the global economy.

Early oil company records show patents for e-cars

23 May 16 - The forerunners of ExxonMobil patented technologies for electric cars and low emissions vehicles as early as 1963 – even as the oil industry lobby tried to squash government funding for such research, according to a trove of newly discovered records.

Norway's gas emissions rise despite promised cuts

23 May 16 - Norway's greenhouse gas emissions rose by 1.5 per cent last year, lifted by the oil and gas sector and industry, making it harder for Oslo to keep promises of deep cuts to limit global warming.

What does Trump really think about climate change?

Donald Trump

23 May 16 - So far, Donald J. Trump has said very little about climate change and energy policy beyond his Twitter posts on the issues. But more clues about Trump’s views on environmental issues have emerged...

We might never again see CO2 levels drop below 400ppm

20 May 16 - Just three years ago this month, the carbon dioxide monitoring station atop Hawaii's Mauna Loa reached a significant milestone: the first measurement of CO2 concentrations that exceeded the benchmark...

It looks like this year will be the hottest ever recorded

20 May 16 - Odds are increasing that 2016 will be the hottest year on the books, as April continued a remarkable streak of record-warm months.

Carney backs insurance drive for Paris climate deal

20 May 16 - Bank of England governor Mark Carney has added his name to a high-level list of leading insurers who have committed to help developing countries to cope with climate impacts.

Queen's Speech: Govt will do something, just don't ask what

20 May 16 - The near complete absence of climate change from the UK's annual parliamentary set piece only underscores the sense of drift within government on a host of environmental and energy issues.

Go-ahead Ontario adopts carbon trading scheme

Trendy Toronto

19 May 16 - The Canadian province of Ontario is going carbon trading.

France sets kickstart carbon price floor at almost $50

18 May 16 - France will set a carbon price floor of about €30 ($NZ49.88) a tonne in its 2017 finance bill as the government seeks to kickstart broader European action to cut emissions and drive forward last...

Climate adaptation gap grows wider

18 May 16 - The cost of coping with climate change in the developing world has just gone up. According to a report from the United Nations Environment Programme, it may have increased five-fold.

UN urges speed as records show wild warming

18 May 16 - Record global temperatures, raging forest fires and multiple droughts should spur countries to start ramping up greenhouse gas cuts, the UN’s climate chief warned in Bonn yesterday.

Ontario to spend $7bn on sweeping climate plan

Ontario museum

17 May 16 - The Ontario government will spend more than $7 billion over four years on a sweeping climate change plan that will affect every aspect of life – from what people drive to how they heat their homes...

CHINA: Carbon trading in a non-market economy

17 May 16 - The world's leading emitter of greenhouse gases has spent 15 years scouting the globe to learn from the mistakes of other nations and find the best ways to build a trading system of its own, which...

Trump's new energy adviser is a climate sceptic

17 May 16 - Donald Trump's new energy adviser calls himself a climate sceptic, but he may urge the billionaire celebrity to address climbing temperatures through a hands-off government approach.

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