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Changing rainfall could mean more locusts

18 Nov 20 - Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan are trying to contain the worst locust invasion in more than 70 years.

KENYA CALL: My land is now owned by lions

29 Jun 20 - PARSOLOI KUPAI'S home, situated on the edge of Ol Kinyei conservancy near the Maasai Mara game reserve, is no different from any other Maasai homestead – oval-shaped huts with an almost flat roof and walls plastered with a mixture of water, mud and cow dung.

Congo drilling could release vast amount of CO2

2 Mar 20 - Drilling in one of the greatest carbon sinks on the planet could release greenhouse gases equivalent to Japan’s annual emissions.

Africa poised to lead way in global green revolution

12 Nov 19 - Africa is poised to lead the world’s cleanest economic revolution by using renewable energy sources to power a massive spread of urbanisation, says a new report.

Amazonians knew tricks of saving forests

27 Aug 19 - The Amazon’s trees, soils and mysterious earthworks tell the story of the millions who lived there before European arrival and suggest a way of life that can sustain large populations while still conserving biodiversity.

No pot of gold for locals as China mines Sierra Leone

26 Aug 19 - Like many African countries, Sierra Leone has courted foreign companies which pay governments big fees for mining rights, while locals often feel they have no say nor benefit.

China Oil threatens major African nature reserve

7 Aug 19 - One of the largest nature reserves on continental Africa might soon be destroyed by the China National Petroleum Corporation in the name of oil exploration.

Ethiopia gets busy and plants 350 million trees in one day

2 Aug 19 - Ethiopia has set a new world mark by planting more than 350 million trees in just one day.

Cattle out, camels in as farms forced to fight climate change

15 Jul 19 - Farmers are switching from cattle to camels as some parts of Africa are getting hotter and drier.

Drought forces Namibia to sell wild animals to highest bidder

18 Jun 19 - Drought-hit Namibia has authorised the sale of at least 1000 wild animals – including elephants and giraffes – to limit loss of life and to raise money for conservation.

African city heat set to grow intolerably

13 Jun 19 - The entire African continent faces lethal weather conditions for many of its people.

South Africa signs carbon tax into law

29 May 19 - In a first for a developing country, South Africa will put a price on pollution, but campaigners say it is not high enough.

How the lion lost its mojo

2 Apr 19 - The legacy of colonial hunting has made the king of beasts genetically feebler and more vulnerable.

Energy and oil majors turn to rural Africa

19 Mar 19 - Armed with solar panels, lanterns and mini-grids, European energy giants hope to capture the data of hundreds of millions of new, increasingly wealthy customers in rural Africa.

South Africa set to introduce carbon tax

22 Feb 19 - South Africa is on course to put a price on carbon pollution, after the National Assembly this week passed a long-awaited Carbon Tax Bill.

E-car demand fuels rise in Congo child labour

7 Nov 18 - Demand for electric vehicles is fuelling a rise in child labour in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, experts said this week, urging companies to take action as the industry expands.

Dreaded tsetse flies wilt in Africa’s growing heat

5 Nov 18 - Global warming might have done one good thing for the Zambezi Valley: it may have done for the tsetse flies, with conditions soon too hot for them to breed there any longer.

New tree named ... in time for its headstone

18 Sep 18 - A tree species discovered in Cameroon nearly 70 years ago has been named -just in time to etch that name on its headstone.

Rich countries pushing dirty energy in Africa

25 Jul 18 - WEALTHY governments have been accused of promoting fossil fuel development in Africa at the expense of clean energy.

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