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Burning the Amazon forests

CLIMATE ACTION: Meet the good, the bad and the ugly

Today 11:00am - Ahead of next week's UN climate summit, noted Australian climate academic BILL HARE takes stock of the world's best and worst performers on climate action - including some surprise success stories.

Big Oil to woo climate summit delegates

Today 11:00am - Oil and gas executives are holding an exclusive invitation-only forum with delegates to next week's UN climate summit, in what critics have condemned as an attempt to influence negotiations.

Trump to block California car emissions rules

Today 11:00am - The Trump administration is poised to end Californiaís authority to set its own vehicle emissions standards and bar states from establishing their own regulations.

Can a climate-conscious diet include meat?

Today 11:00am - Two new studies are making the case that people in high-income countries need to cut back on livestock-based foods, but they're also suggesting that one-size-fits-all recommendations won't work in all cases.

OPINION: The gloves are off

Wednesday - By TIM FLANNERY | In this age of rapidly melting glaciers, terrifying megafires and ever more puissant hurricanes, of acidifying and rising oceans, it is hard to believe that any further prod to climate action is needed.

CAR WARS: Oil industry v electric vehicles

Wednesday - Electric vehicles could make up nearly half the fleet of passenger cars and trucks by 2040. But oil and gas companies are striking back.

Trollbots swarm Twitter with climate attacks

Wednesday - A new tool is tracking automated and otherwise questionable social media accounts as they sow disinformation, discord and division. Climate change is a target.

Mine protesters tackle All Blacks on eve of World Cup

Wednesday - A petition launched just days before the World Cup opens in Japan calls on the All Blacks to dump their principal sponsor AIG over ties to a controversial Australian coal mine development.

Global warming hotspots pass safe limit

Wednesday - By land and sea, some of the planetís hotspots are already above the temperature agreed by scientists and politicians as the maximum allowable to prevent a disastrous climate crisis.

$1m-a-minute farm subsidies drive crisis, says report

Tuesday - The public is providing more than $1m per minute in global farm subsidies, much of which is driving the climate crisis and destruction of wildlife, according to a new report.

Why the New York climate summit matters

Tuesday - As world leaders converge on New York City for the United Nations Climate Action Summit on September 23, they enter what may be the most consequential week in climate politics since Donald Trumpís...

Trump's plan is to destroy Obama's green legacy

Tuesday - The White House is not only overturning as many environmental protections as it can - it also wants to significantly change the legal landscape to make it harder to reinstate them.

More Australians drown as summers heat up

Tuesday - More Australians are drowning as the country faces record high temperatures, lifesavers have warned.

The 'Lionesses' changed our measure of climate ambition

Tuesday - In 2013, a group of women sat around the kitchen table at Glen House, a country estate in the Scottish borders.

Americans are waking up, new poll shows

Monday - Two-thirds of Americans believe climate change is either a crisis or a serious problem, with a majority wanting immediate action to address global heating and its damaging consequences, a new poll...

Trump ditches water protection policy

Monday - The Trump administration has repealed an Obama-era policy designed to protect US waterways.

Deforestation getting worse, says study

Monday - Big agribusinesses aren't doing enough to stop deforestation in their supply chains, critics say.

Lifting the lid of aviation's black box

Monday - One of the worldís most important institutions in the fight against climate change is also one of the UNís most opaque.

Latest thing in solar panels means more power to Prius

Monday - Itís the ultimate in motoring self-sufficiency Ė an electric car powered by solar panels on the roof.

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Ports of Auckland buys world-first electric tug

5 Aug 19 - Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with Dutch company Damen Shipyards to...

Gene editing has crucial role in cutting emissions

Dr Zahra Champion

30 Jul 19 - Gene editing has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions to deal with...

LGNZ gets clear climate message from school activists

26 Jul 19 - School Strike 4 Climate NZ organisers Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder...

New plant makes food packaging from recycled plastic

16 Jul 19 - A new plant to make New Zealandís first range of food packaging from recycled...

Energy agency welcomes Government moves on e-vehicles

11 Jul 19 - Proposals to get more low-emission vehicles on New Zealand roads could be a...

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